Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 5

Momma Graf with us.

Momma Haag with Little Momma Graf. We know, we know...little?

Hi everybody. Things have really stabalized a little bit, and there is really nothing new to report on the baby front. We will tell you about the mommas visit so far, with a little of the hospital stay mixed in.
This is our view from Moni's hospital room. Very pretty, especially at night.

Yesterday, Day 4, Marsha and my mother got up around 5 a.m. They are obviously still on "Dub time." They really felt like they were sleeping in. I DID NOT feel like they were sleeping in. That was okay though I guess, I couldn't be mad at my mamas. So we went out to get them some coffee. I took them to the QT closest to my house (because QT has the BEST coffee I am told). We got up to the hospital around 9 a.m. Moni had to do her hydro so we left to run to Sam's. After Sam's we called Moni, and she told us that they were going to do a sono after lunch. She told us to go to lunch and then come up. I took the mammas to Hazelwoods (Moni and my sports bar). They loved it.

We got to the hospital at noon, and Monica was just eating her lunch. The sono was supposed to be some time after that. We decided to start a little pitch series. Moni and I are damn near unbeatable...just ask Karen and Becky. The moms won the opening game. Moni and I came back to take the next two. We took a break. Later in the night, the run of the crappiest cards in the history of cards began. Our first three games in the series were decided by less than 5 points. The mothers hammered us in the evening session. We could NOT draw a card.

This picture is in no way related to cards...we just wanted to show how cocky they were together. Look at my mom's face. I wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley...And Marsha...obviously one of the luckiest women in the world.

The sono had not arrived yet. Monica received her dinner, and then another great surprise of the week occurred. They had an extra dinner plate. I ate it. Moni and I finished our dinners. The sono still had not hapened, and the nurses had called down yet again. Still no answer, and the nurse left another message to sono. At this time we started another round of pitch. This is when the crappy card run began. That killed another couple of hours. Still no sono.

We asked yet again, and they said that OB Triage had closed. Moni was on the list and she was number 4. We couldn't figure out how we were still that far down on the list. The mothers and I decided to leave because Moni WOULD NOT go to sleep if we were there. We called Becky and went to Becky's favorite Mexican restaurant, Macayo's, for dinner. Dinner was great. We got home and went to bed. They did finally do the sono at 3 a.m., everything looked great. Moni was happy with it, so she didn't call to wake us up.

I woke up this morning (Day 5), at around 8. The mothers were awake at around 6, but stayed in the bedroom so I could sleep a little a longer. We got up to the hospital at around 10. When we got there, Moni and I decided that we were going to return to the dominance. Boy, were we wrong. The crappy card run continued. I am not sure that you all know anything about pitch, but here are a few examples of what I am talking about: mom asked for three cards, she got three in that suit. I got set on a bid 5, and I was holding the K,Q,joker, joker, and a was already full with the three. Ridiculous. There are many more examples, but I will not bore you all any longer. As you all can tell, I hate to lose. After pitch, we decided to play some "Mexican Train" dominos. Marsha's crazy luck continued throughout the game, until the final hand and Moni stuck her mom with a ton of points. Monica won. I lost again. Basically, I am a loser.

Moni was starting to wear down, and she still had to do her hydro and monitoring. We left because as I have told you she won't go to sleep if we are there. As you can all see, nothing has really happened with the babies, but we are having a grand time with our mammas.

Billy and Moni

P.S. A GIANT thank you to Mrs. Judy Rapp (my mom's school principal), and Bishop Carroll to lending Moni and me our mommas.

Another P.S. Thanks to Erin, David, and Quinn for the GREAT framed artwork. We are going to hang it in our hospital room. And to everybody else for all the cards, well wishes, and prayers.


Stacey Faber said...

Hi all!
I'm so glad that the babies are hanging in there and resisting the urge to come out and meet their Grandmas while they're visiting! Fabe did call BS on the whole "Vicki in the closet for an hour" deal. He said there was no way because if Vicki had been on a plane, she would have had 2 or 12 "beverages" and she wouldn't have been able to be in a closet for that long without major discomfort! I reminded him that it was VERY early in the morning but he said it's never too early for Vicki to enjoy a Bloody Mary! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time together in spite of the whole pitch debacle. It's nice that you're being gracious hosts and allowing your guests the enjoyment of winning. And blogging about it to add to the authenticity--brilliant! (You might have overdone it with the sore loser thing, though. Who could possibly believe that? Ha!) Enjoy each other because I know the happiness and laughter you can find in each day is so important to the babies' health and continued improvement. A happy mama on the outside makes for happy babies on the inside! Words to live by from the VOR. Love you all! Stacey

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy,Monica,vicky amd Marsha
I have enjoyed your blog so much it has sure kept this srecial event in the middle of the circle of so many people. God must certainly realize those Graf quads and their parents are pretty special to so many people as many prayers that are coming to him each day. Marcia you still have that beautiful smile. Billy I love your sense of humor, our lovable Billy.Love you all Aunt Laverna

Anonymous said...

Marsha you have a beautiful smile too, but meant Monica so much for checkimg before sending. You all have a great day. Laverna

EMO said...

Yeah! I am glad you got the frame in 1 piece. Thanks for the update, everything sounds great!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Andria said...

I'm a bit jealous of your hospital view...looks more like Florida to me! I'm thinking it's time for a new deck of cards..those were rigged! Hope your game gets better! How's Danna's position from that last sono? Still looking good I hope! Keep afloat!

Quick one said...

Hi Mamma's (and Billy, too),
I got tickled thinking about Marsha and Vicki winning in cards. Guess all those years of practice (and a lil luck) do pay off, huh Marsha! It's great you are all together and having fun passing time awaiting for those little quads .... Love and laughter really is the best medicine. Week 28!
Hugs and prayers for all,
Judy Q.

Anonymous said...

Luck???? I don't think so!!! Vicki and I are just good! We are having a great time and laughing more than I have in a long time. I can't believe how Moni keeps up with everything....she is REALLY getting big, yet so sweet and pleasant. Everyone is right, they do check this site all the time. Billy calls Moni when he gets home and reads it all to her. What a nice guy. I know he doesn't want me to say this, but cousin Mark is awesome and a wonderful caretaker. Thanks for everything, Mark!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

We are having a great time. Marsha and I are kicking butt and taking names at Pitch. Stacey you are right Billy or for the matter Moni didn't take the losing very well. We don't need to worry about the 4 little ones being competetive, I think that runs on both sides of the family. Fabes, I actually got on that plane without a beverage, but after having to fly and sitting in the closet, I was definitely ready for one. I'm with Marsha I have not laughed this much or this hard for a long time. It has been wonderful news on the babies, great being with the kids, and my friend Marsha. Mark and Becky have both been awesome. Missing everyone back home. Love, Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy & Monica...and little babes! I've been reading the blog for sometime now, and I thought I better get a post in before those babies come out! Monica, you are looking fabulous! I'm beginning to miss being's funny how fast your forget all the morning sickness, weight gain, puffiness, etc! You'll soon forget it all too when you have those precious babies to hold. Hang in there and give those babies a little while longer! I'm also starting to miss pitch after reading your last entry! Billy, last pitch I went set on a K, Q, J, Joker, and some other don't feel so bad!

Hi to the mommas! You both seem to be really enjoying your stay!

Best of Luck!
Katie Ricke (O'Keeffe)

Anonymous said...

You all are doing a wonderful job of keeping those babies growing ! I love to get on your blog and see what is going on! Moni your pumpkin belly should win a contest somewhere!! I'm so relieved that Danna is doing better, she will show her brothers that girls rule!Glad to see both gramma's had a nice visit! Keep on smiling and know we are praying for all 6 of you everyday. Love, Rosie Duling

Anonymous said...

I miss my sis, but am so glad she is with you and you are having fun. Danna is a trouper like her name sake. But, tell Pius, Forrest and Laine that we never have "little favorites"!!!Love to all of you! Aunt DD

Anonymous said...

Atta girl Danna! Guess she (as Moni would say) decided to put on her big girl panties and fight those Graf boys back. She is going to be one tough little cookie.
Everyone looks so happy. Glad mama's were able to come to see you.
We still miss you terribly and all of our love, prayers and daily thoughts go with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello all!!! I know, I know. You have both been extremely depressed because you have not heard from your favorite person in a very long time. But no worries you guys. I am back. It just took me some time to recuperate from the small pony comment. But I decided that I better start writing again because I don't want those little angels to forget who their favorite aunt is!!! But to be honest, I'm really not too worried because I'm pretty much set in that position!! Haha, I love you Haag girls!! Just for the record, Bucko does come back tomorrow and I am definitely praising God for that. I sure do wish you two still lived in this house so that you could have animal-sat for those two hellions!!! But most importantly, I am so happy to hear that Danna and all of those darn boys are doing so well!!! Good work guys!! I miss you big time! And I love all six of you!! And you better be taking care of my momma because I miss her!! And of course Marsha too!! Love, Auntie Lainie!!

Jennea said...

Sounds like you ladies are having a wonderful time and I'm happy you could be there for Billy and Moni. I'm grateful that the babies are doing well too. Prayers help! Praise be the lord! Love ya all!