Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Steph, Kelly and I thought it'd be fun to paint the babies and see if you could pick them out. Guess which one isn't a real pumpkin! Also, I had to display the witch hat my sister, Emily, sent in the care package. The mini pumpkins were courtesy of Maria and TJ Frevert and family. Thanks everyone! We had a good time!

Now we're getting ready to eat Chipotle again for Billy's birthday lunch. I'm not a big fan, so he picked me up some Red Brick Cheese Pizza and a chicken caesar salad, instead. Yum!

Billy and Moni


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, how do come up with this stuff? I am so glad you are having a good time with your friends and family. I know we all enjoy your comments and very entertaining pictures. You both should write a book...really, you are very entertaining. I am so glad you are doing well. Saw Liz and her cute little guy at Velvets wedding last night....beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and groom it couldn't have been better.
Take care of still look wonderful. Think of you often. I have a book I will be sending your way, It is called the Dangerous book for Boys...have you heard of it? I love it, hope you do as well.
Hope to see you in a couple of weeks, if you are up to it...I have written down both your and Billy's phone numbers. I didn't mean I would bring In and OUt Burger...something more healthy (of your choice of course, from a restaurant). Again take care and keep up the great blogging.
Debbie W

EMO said...

That is a perfectly round, beautiful pumpkin! I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love your belly...errr...I mean pumpkin! That is great! You guys have mad skillz! I am glad to see you are still at home. I haven't been able to check the blog out for a couple of days! It was good to talk to you the other day, thanks for calling. Keep us posted on the pumpkin!!


Anonymous said...

From Janeen:

I love the pictures!!!So cute. The kids loved them and Becca laughed so hard. This is what the kids wanted to say to you:

"You are so funny." Becca Smith (age 7)

"You are the wierdest person I ever seen." Trey Smith (age 5)

"Dora" Reagan Smith (age 3) (Yea, I don't really know why either).

Anonymous said...

Oh no...D.--=Delane! Sorry the initial thing is a bad habit!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh if those aren't the neatest pictures, I think you win the pumpkin contest. And the bathing beauty contest too. Do you think you'll ever be that skinny again, (as your cousin?) It looks like you had a great time, I'm so glad you are getting alot of company. I live here in Wichita and probably don't get much more than you. Well, maybe from my bridge cronies. By the way, are you learning any bridge or did Becky destroy the book? Good luck tomorrow at the hospital or your appt. I pray all goes well. Love you allllll(7) very much ,Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

Well, that art work should certainly be turned in to some contest! It is so great seeing that you are all having so much fun! I'll have Nancy take it to Stovall's'll probably win best costume!
Love you and miss you!!!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

I am testing something for my computer illiterate mom :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Mom got it figured out.
Those pictures are so funny!!! You are just adorable, and witty to boot :)
You guys need to figure out a way to print out this entire blog and keep it forever. The babies will absolutely love it when they're older. And when you have 4 kids and your memories start to go, you will appreciate it, too :)


Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to you all to come up with such a fun idea. You look adorable. Love Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Billy! It's so good to see both you and Moni doing so good. Everyone from the "O" is really pulling for you guys and we all wish the best for you and we can't wait for all 6 of you to come home.

Best wishes,
Korey and Stacy

Anonymous said...

I had to call Vanessa and make sure she saw the bikini photos and the punkin photos. I was laughing so loud my pup thought he had done something really great and the cats went into hiding. Thought for sure there would be a post about the Bronco win, but oh well, who cares because the SOXs are going to the World Series. I will probably be up until late again tonight since I am still dancing around the house. Also thought you might appreciate knowing I turned on the fireplace tonight for the first time. How is that pool? Can't sit still any longer, gotta dance. I almost forgot, Billy, I like you more and more all the time. When I get to Phoenix not only will I buy you a birthday cool one, I will buy the Chipolte. By then, Moni, you get a cool one too just because you are a great Mom. Good night, Melody

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin is probably the coolest one I've ever seen! haha. I have a couple friends/co workers who are pregnant and are constantly bitching and not very happy. I'm glad that you are having fun and smiling! Take care! can't wait until the quads are in Wichita! Good luck this week. I know you'll be in the hospital soon.

<3 Mallory Williams
ps. Lainie had a fun birthday. She sports a tiara very well...I'm sure Danna will too! Bill, hope yours was good too!

Anonymous said...

Moni I am continually floored/impressed by how amazing you look! I've been working tirelessly to get one of the 2 offices to sponsor a visit for me down there to no avail. Billy if you want to do some manual labor (consider it, chubby - jk) depending on how long you'll be down there give me a buzz and I'll make sure you get hooked up. I love you guys, and good luck at the hospital this week! PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS and good thoughts to ALL of you! Here's to Danna punching her way through that maze of bullies! COME ON, KIDDO, I GOT YOUR BACK!!!

Hugs - Emily S.