Friday, November 2, 2007

28 and 3

It will just be a quickie, as Moni and I really don't have anything new to post. Everything continues to go well with the babies and the Moni. She is doing a great job with eating, and her state of mind. I am so, incredibly proud of her.

Really the only thing to really post about is what we have been doing with our mamas. We have made a comeback in the pitch series. My point, that their only chance to win is incredible luck, has been proven. I think tonight in two games we set them 5 times. We are having a blast playing with them, and the series is now tied 5-5. We will let you know who takes the series in the next couple days.

Becky and I have taken them to three different Mexican restaurants for dinner so that we know for sure where to take Grandpa Stubby when he comes to town. We have found that all are good, but price does play a small role in our vote. We will continue to explore around to find somewhere to take the Stub.

Moni's sister Emmy is coming to town tomorrow. She is able to make a quick stop in Phoenix before she goes back to the Dub for the big wedding. Monica is so excited to see her little sis, and probably give her some advice on husband-training. I think she almost has me whipped, but I still try to keep her on her toes from time to time.

Also, we received a couple packages in the mail recently. Deb and Dave White, Moni's friends from work, sent us some children's literature. We got The Velveteen Rabbit, Oh Baby the Places You'll Go, The Giving Tree, and The Dangerous Book for Boys (I have been particularly enthralled with the last one). I am going to go build a go-kart when I get home. Aunt Rose Marie sent us four receiving blankets which we know will come in handy as soon as they get here. Thank you to Aunt Cathy for Moni's pajama top and the candy. She really likes it, and is going to wear it as soon as she gets up the energy to change into it.

We love all, and we can't wait to see you all. We truly thank God that we are now at the 28 1/2 week mark, and the most interesting thing we have to post about is pitch with our moms. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts.

Billy and Moni


Anonymous said...

Just got home from work, and thought I would see what was happening. Glad everything is going well. Moni, love the outfit!
Debbie W
oh yeah...1st to post....Championship

Kel Kel said...

I love the Giving Tree! Great job book senders! Not much going on here in Ta. Excited for Emmy's wedding. I'll probably just show up to the church around 9:00 am because I don't remember what time the actual ceremony is. I love the new pic Moni - you are all belly! Geet een my belleh! Keep up the good work eating and Billy, keep up the good work supporting. You guys are a great team. Love you more than Russ' cream puffs (and that's a lot because they are spectacular!).

EMO said...

Awesome side view belly picture. Wow! I can't believe how long your mama's get to be there with you. That is so cool! Have fun with Emmy.
Love Erin

Andria said...

Still loving the blog updates. Great new picture (was the Security shirt planned?) Very fitting! Happy 28w3d!!! Yeah!

Andrea said...

There's not enough comments so I thought I would leave you one :) Hope all is going well and you guys are enjoying yourselves. I posted a picture of Caleb and Hannah in their costumes. Feel free to check it out at Love you guys--Andrea

Maria said... guys are making me hungry for Mexican food. Every time I visit your blog I'm overcome with the urge to go to Red Mesa here in Wichita. Too bad it no longer exists.
Have fun with Em, and give her a big hug from the Freverts. We can't wait till' the wedding!
I continue to be amazed at how GREAT you 6 are doing, Billy and Moni (and bambinos). When I think back about all the bitching and complaining I did during my pregnancies I feel a fool! Back ache? Pffft! I got nuttin' on Moni, yet she handles it with such grace.
Love you guys!


Anonymous said... guys are kind of freaking me out that there has not been a new update in almost 3 days. Please, please, please hook us up!! I hope everything has continued to go well!!

On the edge of my seat,


Me & Madi's life said...

I have spent the last 2 hrs reading your entire blog & it has made me laugh & brought tears to my eyes! I don't know you all very well, seen Monica a few times & of course Billy bartending at the Oasis! I want to say Monica you look absolutely amazing, I didn't know it was possible to look that beautiful while you were pregnant but you have certainly pulled it off. I also, would like to make an offer to some of you & your friends & family, I work for Mesa Air Group so I have buddy passes, I realize they are stand-by flights, but they do run 2 flights daily from ICT-PHX & back on a CRJ-900 (holding 86 people) so it isn't as hard to get out & back. If anyone would like a buddy pass I think I have 6 at home & your family & friends are more than welcome to them! My number is 316-518-3034, by the way my name is Raenonda. I will keep checking in on your blog you all are doing great & hope to see you back in ICT soon!!! Lots of hugs from Wichita -Raenonda & Madilyn Grace

Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica,
Hi! I have enjoyed keeping up with your progess. You are about to hit the 29 week mark. This is when our little angel was born. Dan and Janelle had Jayden on June 5 at 29 weeks. We hope to bring him home by Thanksgiving. We have a web page at - Jayden Bradley Woydziak.
Hope all continues to go well with Monica and the babies. We love the pictures and updates.
Thinking and praying for you guys.
Brad and Barb

Elizabeth said...

ok u two....little worried! Just let us all know that things are ok! Or else! Love you both