Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The countdown continues...30 and 1

Day 30-0 began with a little tinge of pride and accomplishment. We were so excited to have passed this giant milestone. I woke up and went to work. Moni's friend Deb White, and her grandmother from Phoenix, came to visit Monica again. Deb got Moni caught up on the latest happenings around the ER back home. Moni was so excited she got to make it back up one more time before she had to return home to "the Dub." I was happy when they let me off work an hour and half early because we were supposed to have the big growth sono. I got up here around 12:30, and our wait began.

We had time to play some gin and I hammered Moni four times in a row. She was just like Snook and Donna and kept coming back for more. I was so proud because Moni has had the upper-hand for the past couple of years but I am making a comeback. I am only down by about 200 games overall now.

We continued to wait for the ultrasound and Becky came up after a class around 6:30. We were visiting when we had another couple of visitors. Jaclyn Tubre and her mother DeeDee came bearing gifts. They brought us four of the neatest monogrammed playblankets to put over the babies' incubators when they are born. They are nice and big and will serve their purpose well. We will add pictures of these and Deb's visit tomorrow.

DeeDee also brought her computer that has internet capabilities (which is what we are using to post with right now) up for Moni last night. I was pumped because now I don't have to call her and read all the comments (not that there were that many to read). Plus, now Moni can pay the bills and balance the checkbook and I won't screw it up and send Moni into labor. Now just looking at the finances might send her there.

Our visitors left around 9, and we continued to wait for the ultrasound. While we were waiting with the Tubre ladies, Moni and Jackie made bets on what the babies would now weigh in at. Our nurse called ultrasound every hour to bug them about getting us in. I guess Veterans' Day had flooded the ER and in turn, tied up the sono tech. They were able to finally squeeze us in for Danna's BPP at around 1 a.m. this morning, but as the growth sono takes about two hours we had to wait until today for it. She got a 6 of 8, but it was basically a 7 1/2 because she lost her two points on her fluid pocket by a mere 0.14 cm (they want them to have at least a 2 cm pocket).

This morning, we were awakened by THE Dr. Elliott. He was very encouraged by the babies and the mama's progress. He said that if everything continues to go well, we might be able to make it to our original goal of 34 weeks. Monica wanted to punch him....Just kidding...kind of. Everything continuing to go well is a big if, but only positive thoughts come out of Good Sam Room 511.

We finally got our growth sono this morning at 9:00. When we got down to sono, we were very glad that we had had to wait because we got our favorite sonotech, Olava. We started with heart rates (all of which looked good), and did an "unofficial" BPP on all of the babies. They all scored an 8 of 8. Then we moved on to the measurement portion of the sono. The results are in:

Pius James: At 28 weeks, he weighed 2 lbs., 11 oz. He now tips the scales at 3 lbs., 7 oz. That is a weight gain of 12 ounces. What a fatty!

Forrest Michael: At 28 weeks, he weighed 2 lbs., 10 oz. He now weighs a svelte 3 lbs., 5 oz. That is a weight gain of 11 ounces. He would probably weigh more, but he is really exercising and trying hard to get in shape for Frosh Football tryouts at BC in 2021.

Danna "The Little Brat" Lynn: At 28 weeks, she weighed 1 lb., 7 oz. She now weighs an even 2 pounds. She gained 9 ounces! You go girl.

Laine Ryan: At 28 weeks, he weighed in at 2 lbs., 1 oz. He now weighs 2 lbs., 8 oz. He gained 7 ounces. He obviously will be the point guard of our little troop.

Not all the news was great. Danna's doppler showed us the reverse flow that we have been hoping to avoid for the past couple months. Dr. Clewell told us that they would keep an eye on it, but as long as she keeps scoring well on the BPPs, we are going to be full steam ahead. We really think that we owe all of our progress to everyone's prayers and God's grace. Please keep them coming.

Until next time...


Tubre Quads said...

First to post again - championship!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
That is soooo good news!!! I know you are looking forward to your family coming for Thanksgiving, Billy! How awesome! I'll bet Vicki will miss me! ha! We are still just kind of holding on until we hear that delivery will upon us. Our Thanksgiving plans are unclear as of today.
Keep up the good work, Moni and we will keep up the good prayers!!
Love you guys!!!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Opps! I meant to type "until we hear that delivery will BE upon us." My silly fingers!

Tubre Quads said...

So first of all way to go Moni! You are such a great oven! I can't believe the weight gain in only 2 weeks time. I am so glad I lost the bet on the weights - they went above and beyond my expectations. You CAN make it to 34 weeks if Danna will let you. I know you can. Your babies won't need the play blankets as incubator covers - they are going straight to open cribs when they are born at 34 weeks - I just know it! Hang in there sweetie - you are amazing and continue to do an amazing job. Billy - you just keep being the sweet, funny, loving husband you are and let Moni win at cards every once in awhile - lol.

Ryno - where you at? I'm working on a hat trick on first to post.

Anonymous said...

I have been checking in on you and your babies for a few weeks now, found them from Asher and Jacob's page. I'm glad they are doing so wonderful! I don't check everyday and when I do I am happy that you make it one more day towards healthy big babies! I am the mother of four (not all at once), they grow up so fast! Mine are
24, 22, 20 and 18! Cherish every minute with them! Laurie (www.caringbridge.com/visit/tim)

JoAnn Tubre said...

Billy & Moni,
Just wanted you both to know that when I pray for the "cupcakes", I pray for the Grafs. You both seem to be walking the same road as Jac and Torey and it looks like God has his hand over your little ones also. So happy that ya'll have become friends and will get to compare quad-experiences over the years and I'm sure there will be many.ha! Hang in there, you are doing great!!!
JoAnn (Torey's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Was just reading through the posts and thought I would say it's great to hear how well the both of you are doing. Again, it's amazing how many people ask me about your progress, and the two of you barely know me.

Getting to attend the wedding last Saturday was a great experience, as was meeting many of your family and friends (even Goertz). You have surrounded yourselves with some very incredible people.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Wow, terrific reports. This is a good sign that all 4 will excel at taking tests. I am getting excited for Dec, when I get to visit and meet the quads in person. At this rate, I might just make it for the delivery celebration. Keep up the good work, continue to play, laugh and grow. Hey, I think I have heard that before (maybe on a toy commercial). Think about your journey often while I am working and how so ahead of the game your babes will be already. Positive vibes and prayers to you. Melody

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you guys made it this far! Congrats! Hope everything continues to go well for all of you.
Erin Barthelme

Anonymous said...

What great news. So glad they are growing so well. Monica, beautiful as always but you do look a little tired. Imagine!? Is it all you're going through or just playing cards so much. I know our bridge playing marathons can wear me out. Hang in there! You are all doing a wonderful job.

The wedding was super and so much fun. We are trying to get the pictures and videos downloaded so TJ can get started. He's fast and it will be worth the wait when you see it. Maybe it will help you feel that you didn't really miss out. You were sure with us all day in thought and spirit. So many funny and neat things to share with you. I'll jot some down for you but tonight it's too late for my brain to work that well.

Much love and prayers. We are just waiting to share the joyous event. God Bless. You guys are such an inspiration!!

Love Aunt Bertie.

Anonymous said...

Look at them grow! It's fantastic! They are doing so well. You guys are AMAZING! I am so happy for you all. It's like a marathon and you guys are trucking through to the finish...ok...so a really, really, REALLY long marathon, but hopefully you know what I mean! I am so glad you guys have visitors keeping you company.

Try to get some good rest, before those sweet troopers make it out! Take care of all of you! Talk to you soon!

Delane and Dan

Cameron said...

We are so excited that Forrest is going to try out for the Bishop Carroll footbal team in 2021!! Hopefully we can make some games.
Love, Cameron & Alex

Anonymous said...

OK Bill and Moni, I'm gonna have a little talk with Danna and tell her that the flow is supposed to go the other way. She will listen to me. The other weight gains are great and Moni you are doing awesome. What a wonderful trooper. Bill I love the blog updates and I think your strength is carrying over to your four new babies. Also your appetite. Sorry I had to throw that one in there. Anyway we are making it to 32 weeks for sure. And the QUADS won 3 tonight due to the pep talk from our outta town captain.

A.J. Selenke

Anonymous said...

that is great news! i found the perfect gift to send you guys since moni cant always play cards if billys not there!!! it will be on its way soon! I did have a question, how long do you guys think you will be in Arizona? any guesses?
Katie Strunk

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear all your great news! Keep it up! They'll be here before you know it! Moni-are you a nurse? What area do you work in?

Anonymous said...

Moni, I am sure YOU are ready to deliver those babies, but know that it is best for the babies to stay put for a while longer. I feel your pain. (OK, maybe not quite.) Hang in there. The day will come again when you can move like a normal person and you will appreciate it like never before. Sounds like you have lots of distractions with all the visitors you have. That is nice. I am glad the babies are growing and hope Danna gets that flow thing fixed. I am also glad to hear your Dr is back.


P.S. I am with Ryno about the Jackie Tubre's first to post. I think she definitely has insider information. Aren't there rules about using insider information for personal gain? However, according to Ryno (apparent 1st-to-post expert), Jackie gets a cookie for winning and I think she probably deserves it.

Moni Graf said...

To answer your questions... Katie, not sure when we will get to leave AZ. Usually preemies are kept in the nursery until they've reached what would've been their 36th week in utero. They have to meet certain criteria, like maintain their body temperature, master the fine art of suck-swallow-breath while feeding, and probably other things that I'm not sure of right now. But as soon as they are discharged from the hospital, we're heading back home!
"Anonymous", yes, I am an RN and I work in the ER. I miss my coworkers a ton! I just hope I don't lose my skills from being off work so long! You know, people only like nurses who have great skills - like numchuck skills, computer skills.... Sorry, had to bust out a little Napoleon Dynamite on that one. Later!

Moni Graf said...

P.S. Jac DOES NOT have insider info! She's just a true fan and checks often(like so many of you are and do)! If anyone is cheating, it's Ryno.... should I tell them all your secret, Ryan? Well, Billy used to call or text Ryno as soon as we wrote a new post. That way, he could hurry up and be the first to comment. There's something to be said about suspicious minds and a guilty conscious. Truth is out. HOLLA!

EMO said...

Wonderful news!!! Remember when you were worried you would have the babies when Dr. Elliot was out of town? I am so thankful to the Tubre family for letting you borrow their computer, and for the great friendship. I can't wait for more pictures. But I will because I am practicing patience... Is grandma vicki going to cook a delicous thanksgiving meal for you two? "talk" to you soon!


EMO said...

Oh yeah, I was wondering if the Tubre's have cute Southern accents?

Also am I the only one who gets the damn word verification letters wrong half of the time? It drives me crazy.

Tubre Quads said...

Thank you Moni for clearing the air on that one!

As for you Ryno - if this computer had a web cam you would see my best head shaking look of disappointment. I should have known when you accused me a cheating that you were in cahoots with Billy’s sneaky self. Shame on you two. (ok that was my best attempt to sound like a teacher or other responsible figure – how did I do?).

Oh and Moni on the discharge from NICU date – they also have to master the art of weight gain which from you sono results yesterday your kiddos will have zero problem with! Yes, I am calling your kids fat and that is such a good thing! 1600 grams (about 3 ½ pounds) is the absolute min, but they will be there in no time! Mastering the art of jujutsu is an optional requirement – mine had that down in utero and it sounds like yours do to!

I’ll let Moni comment on the cute Southern accent question because I would love to hear what she has to say on this one, but we try our best! Yall (trying now) are great!

P.S. This is my third attempt to post this since I keep messing up the word verification. Do they have to slant the letters where you can't read them - is that a q or a g - I can't tell. Oh well here we go again.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is great news about the babies weight! Monica you look wonderful!!!! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with the crazy Graf clan from kansas...I will be anxious to get back and check up on how things are going out there in the Pheonix sun. Lana

Anonymous said...

Wow! You all just totally busted my balls! I am over it and no longer a fan! Holy freakin toledo! Can't believe you guys! It is on like Donkey Kong now! so you all best check yo selfs before you wreck yo selfs!
As for you JAC of all trades! I don't know where to begin! Let's start with saying First to post was a stupid game anyways...In all actuality I started that game just so I can make Bill and Monica feel good about themselves and get a few extra hits here and there on their freakin free counter! It takes a big man to admit cheating and yes I did partake in some. But with that being said...I do pat myself on the back and do take some of the credit(most) for their hits!
As for you Frank...we are through!

Tell those Tubbies to keep the wait gain increasing so someday they might be able to be like their idol (Uncle Ryno).

Ryno's thought for the day!... Don't HATE...APPRECIATE


Not the Best POST master ever, but the best Livin!

Jennea said...

I'd love to be in the same room when Ryno meets the Tubre's...lol. Remember Ryno, don't hate! I know you're not a hater! Love you all and am continuing to pray for the safe delivery of the babes!


EMO-I've never had trouble with the word verification! Lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, somebody call the whaaaaaaambulance, it sounds like Ryno can't take the heat, especially since he got busted. I think all your "1st to posts" should have an asterisk by them Ryno. As for us being through, I thought I made it clear that AJ was my choice since you left me at the wedding. I am a little upset with AJ for making me sit in the cry room with him at the wedding though. He sit in there for 5 minutes with Austin and then left me with a bunch of little kids that decided I was a big tree or something and wanted to climb all over me during church. Thanks AJ!!!Ok, I guess I will talk a little bit about Bill and Monica now. That is great news about the babies weight gain and it sounds like Danna is really hangin in there. Tell the babies to rest up because it's going to be a 4 day party when I come down to visit them and their awesome parents. Maybe I can meet the Tubre's too, they sound like great people and they sure know how to humble Ryno. Have a good day and look forward to seeing you guys in a week.


Dice said...

Hey Bill and Monica,
I'd think twice before letting Fun Bobby around you and your children. But seriously, you guys look great and I hope everything continues to go well for you. Billy, I expect you to report to Gamecocks Spring Training in tip-top shape this February. You and Ted will once again be sharing a bed, just like old times. our thoughts and prayers are with you.
-Dice and Carli

Anonymous said...

Asterik...smashtrik! for all you hata's out there you can kiss my glass! Like I said earlier in many of the posts...Don't hate the playa hate the game! (Frank, Jac) Looks like I punked all you earlier ... and I got a lot of cookies for doin so! Not like I needed them, but they were melt in your mouth tasty! You all best recognize you are barkin up the wrong tree! Frank...you didn't have any moves like the "bushes and trees" did. Tell MR. 007 (AJ) I didn't appreciate the Bond like manuevers. You were really playa hatin. What goes around...comes around. You all have been pimped! From one playa to the next...Pimpin ain't easy. Until next time hata's, Ryno is Out!

Monica and Bill just for the record I am goin to teach Pius how to be the world's biggest PIMP like his Godfather.

Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica, I'm going to teach Forrest how to use proper English, unlike his Uncle Ryno. Just kidding Ryno, your posts are cracking me up. AJ, I have never seen someone "waddle" from car to car as fast as you did when you were messing with Ryno.

Frank the Tank

Anonymous said...

Now your gettin personal Frank!!! Don't bag on my English...its all about street smarts not book smarts! Tank! You teach your godchild all you want, but who's always gonna be closin! I think his name is Pius!!! I am going to give him an education that can't be taught in school! Don't you forget that. Pius will swear by his Godfather and all the life lessons he is going to teach him.
School is out sucker! Frank your always two steps behind!


Anonymous said...

Ain't that right Andy? Always be closin!


Anonymous said...

Oh Moni! I get goosebumps reading about how things are going. Keep on keeping on!!!

Love to you (and Billy too) from all the shoo shoo girls


Anonymous said...