Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quickie...30 and 2

Hi everyone. We told you we would post the pictures. Here they are...

This one is Moni, her friend Deb White, and Deb's grandmother.

This picture is of Laine's blanket from the Tubres. It makes sounds and everything.

As for what happened today. Danna's BPP was great. She was moving all over, and she scored an 8 of 8. Moni's contractions were good today also. She only had five during her monitoring session. Great job, Babe!

Today the Tubre ladies helped to distract Moni for awhile. They busted her out of her room, and took her to see the Tubre cupcakes. Moni was going to get to feed Abbey, but Abbey didn't want to wake up to eat. They just fed her through the tube for her 2:30 feeding.

Moni and I are doing well, the babies are doing well, we are getting excited, and Moni's story of seeing and holding the cupcakes makes us even more so. We think that with yesterday's doppler of Danna, and our conversation with Dr. Clewell, that we are officially day to day. We hope that today's great day isn't the calm before the storm. Hopefully another couple weeks.

Until next time...

P.S. Ryno...Jackie knows you are coming for Thanksgiving, and expects her cookie for "first to post...championship" award. As you would say, "Don't sing it, bring it."


Anonymous said...


Guess whos back!!!

Anonymous said...

Back in the game hata' hat trick for you Jac!!! Sorry...not!! Psych!!!


Barron Triplets said...

I found your website through the Tubre's. We live in Texas and my husband works for QT. We have b/g/b triplets that are almost a year old. It sounds like you are doing great, keep up the good work!

Tubre Quads said...

I'm so glad Danna did well on her BPP today. She is going to keep it up for a few more weeks - no worries! Thanks so much for visiting the Cupcakes today Moni! They must have enjoyed seeing you today because they did well on their eye exam and all took whole bottles tonight - you got them pumped up! I think they are trying to set a good example for their little friends Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine. Give Laine an extra loving pat from me for letting Abbey put her big butt on his head today! Ha! Keep on keeping on Moni, Billy and babies!

Ryno – I have nothing to say to you – I am still completely disgusted with you. Your first to post is meaningless – did Billy call you or text you this time? Ouch!

Anonymous said...

Hang in their, Moni, you are holding up great!!! You and Billy are going to be such wonderful much love and patience toward your little ones!!Do you think you might have any warnings or prep time before you deliver...or has the doctor said?
If I can't be there when you deliver, my heart will be heavy with love and desire to be near by you.
Love you guys!! Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Hi again, guys! I just checked the Tubre site. Loved the pictures! Those babies are precious.
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

I love the blanket. We are all getting so excited for our trip. Dad, Bucko, and I are leaving Friday night and going part way. Yes, Marsha I am going to miss you. Maybe you can swing on down after Colorado Springs. The Tubre pictures are adorable. After meeting the Tubre cupcakes,I am even more excited to meet our little angels if that is possible. Well time for work. Love you all, Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Whats up Billy & Moni? Great day for yall (you like that Jac?)yesterday. Keep it up. Looking so forward to seeing yall (working on it) this weekend. Anyhow, the reason I am commenting is because Billy reamed me yesterday and told me he would quit calling if I don't post. Jackie yall (do you say that when yall are talikng to one person?) can rest assured knowing that Billy and Ryno don't play fair. How do yall (I'm going to risk that yall do say it when yall are talking to one person)think Billy always wins at cards? And it hurts me so to know that he has brought Moni right along with him in them cheating ways. I refuse to play any games against Billy & Moni. I just say lets save time yall(I'm getting pretty good at it) win. Anyhow, Billy and Ryno get that from Mama Vicki. Yall (singular) know, yall (singular) met her. Well I've got to get to work. Jac I am so looking forward to meeting all the GOOD Louisiana folks. Yall (plural) keep up the great work. See yall (plural) later. Love yall (plural).

Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

Ryno, I looked up "hata" in the dictionary, but couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe the letters on your keyboard are mixed up or something because I see a lot of words in your posts that I can't find in the dictionary. It almost looks like you are trying to type in the "word verification" in your posts. There is a slot for the word verification at the bottom of the screen, so you don't have to keep typing them in the "leave your comment" section.

Congrats on the 1st to post though, hopefully you didn't cheat!!!

Billy and Monica, sorry to get away from the big picture and the purpose of this blog, but I did want to say its been good talking to you the last few days Billy. Also, it sounds like the both of you have made some great new friends (the Tubres). Jaclyn, it sounds like you and Ryno are in a real battle for the 1st to post, but I would say Jaclyn has the upper hand because she keeps her cool under pressure and Ryno just calls everyone "hata's" when he loses. I'm staying neutral, but Ryno, can you take me off your "hata" list.

Look forward to hanging out with the Graf clan and hopefully meeting the Tubres in a week.

Frank the Tank
Fun Bobby

Anonymous said...

Frank there is one thing about me...once your on my hata list...your never coming off! So dont even step. STEP - 2 a (1): an advance or movement made by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere (2): a combination of foot or foot and body movements constituting a unit or a repeated pattern a dance step (3): manner of walking : stride. Also slang for don't even front.

Ryno's thought for the day - Sh*t on me once...shame on you!...Sh*t on me twice...shame on me! (Pius will live by these words!...If Moni and Bill will let him)

See you all on thanksgiving,

Quick one said...

Wonderful news on Danna and the boys! I am so excited about your babies. I read your blog daily, check on the Tubre and other quad blogs and have even watched Jon & Kate + 8. What's up with that, huh! Continue taking such good care of each other and your babies.
Judy Q.

Maria said...

I wish I could hitch a ride down with the Graf's next week just to see what goes down when Jaclyn and Ryno meet. I see storm clouds a brewin'!

We are ever so slowly working on compiling a wedding dvd for you guys. We ran into some technical glitches (such as, filling up our memory cards before we got to put Ryno or Lainie in front of the camera), but we will have it completed and on its way to AZ asap. If any of you reading this have ANY short avi's from the wedding that Billy and Moni would enjoy please let me know and we'll add them to the dvd. By the way Moni, everyone loved your video message! There were a lot of eyes leaking, as my Dad would say. We missed you guys, but we kept you close in our hearts and minds.

30 weeks!!! You guys are soopastars! CONGRATS on hanging on this long, and here's to a few more weeks (I'm raising my beer to you...yeah it's only 1pm but whateva!) To those of you whose children I might be bbsitting right now, I'm not really drinking beer. ;)

Love you guys and we can't wait until you can come back home with the 4 wee ones!!!!

Maria and familia

Tubre Quads said...

Grandpa Stubby – what wonderful Southern grammar you have! Are you sure you aren’t from the South? That may explain Billy’s undying love for Bama – I’ve been searching for an explanation on that one and can’t seem to put my finger on it. You would think if someone from Kansas was going to follow an SEC team they would at least pick a good one like LSU. But I digress, back to the fine art of Southern slang. Y’all (I normally spell it yall cause I’m too lazy to put the apostrophe thus making slang more slang – can you do that?) is definitely intended for plural use only. While I do love to use it as much as possible, even us Southerners have to draw the line at only plural use. I give your first attempt a strong “B”. We can go over a few pointers when you are here next week for Turkey Day – can’t wait to meet you! We are big huggers in the South so get ready for a good ole fashioned Southern squeeze from me! As for Ryno, he is going to get a good ole fashioned Southern butt whoopin for his bad behavior! I’m thinking about twisting his arm behind him till he cries “Uncle” and admits I am the true first to post Champion!


Anonymous said...

BC wins....Going to STATE!!!!!!!!!!It's been 30 years since this has happened.

Anonymous said...

so, the end is really in site and it does sound very encouraging. I truly think it is an answer to all the prayers. God is good!!! But we won't stop just yet. Does this mean I might get to help with them when we come down? Boy, I can hardly wait. We love you guys and I, for one , am very proud of your strength and courage. Aunt Cathy