Friday, November 9, 2007

29 and 3

29-2 was a completely uneventful day. We know that these days are very good to have, we are probably running out of uneventful days for the next 19 years, and we really do cherish them. About the only thing to report from 29-2 was that Danna scored a perfect 8 of 8 on her sono! She pulled the 8 of 8 in about five minutes. Great job sweetie.

Today, 29-3, was uneventful again (with the exception of Jackie coming to visit Moni and bringing her magazines) until the sono. Danna broke her record of quickest 8 of 8 in the world, by knocking an 8 of 8 in about three minutes today. We even got our first profile picture of her. She has a face (Moni and I were starting to get worried).

All four heartbeats were good, and then today Danna was scheduled for a doppler (checking of the umbilical cord) so we began that part of the sono. We thought disaster was striking. I thought I was going to be a daddy tonight. Our sonotech checked, rechecked, called for Dr. Clewell, rechecked again, and the same reading kept coming up on the screen. Moni and I could see the screen, and we have been to enough sonos to know that that reading was not what we wanted to see. Our limited knowledge, and the tech's overall silence, was telling us that we were seeing reverse flow. They checked from many different positions and angles and kept getting the same thing.

All of this was happening until Dr. Clewell walked in the room. It was like Danna heard his voice, and decided the joke was up. She showed us all exactly what we wanted to see. In fact, she had her highest score on a doppler since we were told of her placenta's condition.

Side note: It reminded me so much of the time my dog, Goldberg, got ran over by a four wheeler. He lied there like he was dying until he heard our neighbor, Bud, cock his gun to put him out of his misery. The second Goldberg heard that gun cock he was up running around like he was saying, "I'm fine! Don't shoot me!"

Danna had played her little joke, and it had us all fooled. The sonotech even went back and doublechecked it to make sure that she hadn't accidentally switched babies. Dr. Clewell said that it is normal to get that reading when you looked too close to the baby's bellybutton or the baby's placenta.

I think Danna is just a little mischievous, Monica thinks she already likes to push the envelope. Either way, we are both SO relieved. She is a little brat, though, and she will be grounded when she is born.

After the sono, uneventfulness resumed, but we learned that when we push Forrest, he pushes back. A.J. or Ryno might have to teach him how to fight. We also learned that Jackie's husband, Torrey, does really exist. He came up tonight, and we got to meet him for the first time. He is an extremely nice man, but a few of his ideas are a little skewed, e.g. his love for LSU over Bama. Also, he pointed out my downfalls as a husband, e.g. I haven't found a Chick-Fil-A for Monica yet, and I haven't shaved Moni's legs (she won't let me though, I've tried). What a jerk I am! Moni and I talked after they left, and we are really excited because we think we may have made dear friends for life.
Grandma Vicki, Moni's "Ouch" shirt has finally got a little snug.

This is one thing I can do that Torre can't. I can pop a wheelie.

As for Moni, her contractions have increased. They gave her a medicine called Nyfedipine (Procardia) to help the Terb control the contractions. They didn't want to mess with the Terbutaline, because the step up from Terb is mag, and everyone wants to avoid that. They also found a small amount of protein in her urine, which means she is in the beginning stages of Preeclampsia. Don't panic all you med people and mamas out there. We all knew it was coming, and it is only in the beginning stages. They will continue to monitor her blood pressure which has been slowly creeping up.

As for me, I love the QT for their patience and understanding. I love all of you for your caring. I love my family for the unconditional love and support. I love Pius for watching out for Danna. I love Forrest for his ADHD and humor. I love Danna for her little sense of humor (which I will try to help her understand good practical jokes and bad ones. I love Laine for his contentment. I love my wife for her strength. What a stud!

More to two days.

P.S. Erin, tell the Eagle that some of us have a family to tend to.
P.S. Delane, we are sorry for pointing the accusatory finger at you. We whole-heartedly apologize.


Tubre Quads said...

First to post - championship!

Tubre Quads said...

o.k. now that I got that first to post out of the way...

I want you all to know how GREAT Moni looks! She is doing such a wonderful job. Those days in the hospital are hard and she is such a trooper. Billy is doing a fantastic job keeping her spirits high and making her laugh (be careful playing around in that wheelchair Billy - we wouldn't want to cause Moni any stress - ha!). We so enjoyed our visit with you tonight. Thank you Graf family for letting us be a part of your journey - we are looking forward to many more years of sharing stories and a great friendship. That should give us plenty of time to convert you to an LSU fan so you can cheer for a real football team.

Praying for your continued health and many more weeks of healthy cupcake baking.

Jac & T

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - you both look great. Keep up the good work Monica! And Billy - you look as ornery as alway!

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes that was me that just said Hello. I don't trust this thing working for me and wanted to test it before I wrote a big long Hello. First of all I decided if Bucko and Ron Zane could figure this out I can. (No offense you two) Also Bill when you get back I know you're gonna be busy but could you please help Bucko on her English, grammar and spelling i.e. Montie. Makes me laugh. Oh Bucko we love you. Things in the ICT are wonderful just missing you guys. I hope I can make it down there after the QUADS are born. That would be sweet. Bill also I'm glad you can pop a wheelie. I think if that were me I would fall over backwards. I love this site and I think its great there have been over 30000 hits. That is impressive. And I'm sure it will hit 6 figures before you guys get back. And what is this first to post B.S. Oh well I'll be best to post. Moni you look like you are in great spirits and that is wonderful. And your husband has been a great partner through the process. What a man. We knew he was a tough cookie cuz not even a semi could take him out. Also little Mr. Ryno has it all wrong, I have a date with Frank the Tank on Saturday. Uh oh sounds like rumble at the C.K. over Frank. It's also great that the other families who have had QUADS are posting on here also. And yes Bill the Q.U.A.D.S need a pep talk cuz we stink. Me and Stubby, we carry our load and we're big guys but them other two, wow they're getting heavy. Anyway that's enough for now. Peace out. And since you two can't be at the wedding I'll drink your share too. Peace out and We love you.


A.J. Selenke a.k.a. "The Juice"

and of course

Austin Selenke a.k.a. "Little Man"

P.S. Moni hang in there it's gonna be well worth it yes I'm back to church so I am praying for you.

P.S.S. Bill were almost to the 30 week plateau I predicted. Now lets make it to 32.

Quick one said...

You both are such GREAT parents already! It's unbelieveable how beautiful and radiant Moni looks with all the changes happening to her body. It must be uncomfortable but no complaints. You are quite the lady! You two have done a fantastic job keeping the blog interesting. It was great learning the babies personalities and the pics are great. You make us all feel part of this wonderful experience.
Bless you all,
Judy Q

Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! I was beginning to get worried with no new posts. Billy, you are doing a great job here. Keep up the good work. It's so much fun to get your insights and read your comments.

Emily and Andy are holding up well this week too. It's been fun to be a part of it. It's been a while since we had a family wedding in town. So far my video attempts, Hero's and cake baking haven't been very successful but I'm going to get the hang of it before the real thing starts.

We love you and miss all of you. Hang in there. Give Becky a hug from us. Love Aunt Bertie

Anonymous said...

You cheated!!! Jackie ... I am protesting the first to post. I know how those two (Billy & Monica) work...they told you to POST!! I'm over it. You all are gonna make me work for it. Expect more from me this afternoon! Ryno

Anonymous said...

First off I have to say I'm proud of you A.J. for posting. I am so happy to hear about how well my grandbabies are doing. We are all getting geared up for the big wedding. I hear the cake baking was interesting. We miss you all. Love, Mama Vicki

Tubre Quads said...

I can't believe you Ryno - suggesting that I cheated on my first to post! I am just that good - no inside information needed. Ha! You are just mad that I beat you at your own game. Billy warned me about you...

Andria said...

LOVE the picture with the Tubre's! What a friendship to have with them. How awesome. Now, with all the talk of Danna being grounded she might come out kicking and screaming. Watch out! Her high scores have already proved she's a genius!

I'm loving your blog, and don't want to get stuck in that "first to post" game...WOW! That's competitive stuff! Congrats to the Tubre's!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Good news in the kept me busy for a few minutes. Moni dear, I don't know how you have done this for so long. Such a long story! I am going to call, I swear--I know...I am such a liar!

As for the accusatory finger...I can take it...especially for all the things in life I didn't get caught doing! I am SURE I deserve it!

You guys rock. Moni you need to send me manual on how to get thru all of this!!

Talk to you soon!!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

geTo whom it may concern:
It is with dignity and class that on this day, with sound mind, I accept defeat to the Tubre's. I will hold my head high knowing I will someday soon fight back with every inch of my heart and will leave other hearts broken in the process. Whatever!...forget the schmuck...I still want this victory to be reviewed by the commish. I think it is a very understandable protest. But I will give the Tubre's their props on the victory eventhough it will go into the record books with an asterik.
Juice...Frank the Tank is all you better back off or there will be a "wedding brawl" fo sho.
Onto a more serious note...I do want to extend a special Thank you to the Tubre's for all they have done for my bro and sis. They talk very highly of you guys...and I think it is cool as a polar bear's toe nails the bond you all have formed. I want you guys to know that all of us here in the ICT are thinking about you and praying for you eventhough you cheated (Jackie). But I'm let that sh*t go...just this once.
Seriously...Thank you!!!

Bill and Monica...I had a great idea that popped into my head while I was pondering on last night. I got some great pictures of Andy's bachelor party that I think you all should post on your site. I think it would be a treat for all of his "future" family to see what they are gonna have to put up with. Jk. That guy is the man...I have never seen anyone take as many shots that guy did...and was still standing (swaying) at the end of the night. Un freakin Real!!!
I am gonna leave you all with this note from the famous words of Jim Rome "If you ain't ain't tryin" (Tubre's)

Until next time my friends and enemies (Tubre's) Ryno is out like a fat kid in dodgeball.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I sure am getting to know you better. I like it! Anyway, Monica and Billy, here's my poor attempt at a joke: What did the one Graf quad say to the other Graf quads?

(drum roll)

Let's wait for each other until we're all out then, with loud voices, sing "Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun" (sorry) Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

Hey Monica,
Hold on till Monday and I will be there with the Sprint wireless again !!!! I am so glad everyone is doing so good. I am so proud of you.
Quads are the greatest.
DeeDee (Jaclyn Tubre's Mom)

bexx said...

I am very thankful that everything is progressing the way it's supposed to. I grew up in Wichita but was transplanted up north after graduating from college. I will continue to pray for your little ones to make it into this world safely and healthy! Prayers from South Dakota.

Anonymous said...


If no one has told you, the BC v Great Bend game was TOUGH and stressful!
We scored fairly quick. Then we were back with 1st down on the 2 yard line or so and we got a penalty and then turned the ball over, I think on a fumble. Anyway, we did not score. Then they scored right at the end of the half to tie it up.

The second half was full of penalties, many, many big penalties. Anyway, we scored a field goal to make it BC 10 - GB 7. I was feeling good about it, but then GB scored a touchdown to make it BC 10 - GB 14. Seems like all kinds of crazy things happened, you will have to watch the film, but we FINALLY scored with a hook and ladder play to make it BC 17 - GB 14 with 30 seconds left!!! I was sure we had it won, but it is unbelievable what a team can do in 30 seconds. It was a VERY long 30 seconds. They made it back to our (?) 35 with 3 seconds on the clock. They lined up for the field goal and, by the way, they had a kicker who could kick REALLY far. He had been proving that all game. He kicked it and it was going...going...but fell just short. WE WON!!!

My account does not do the game justice. You will have to hear it from a football guy or get game film, but it was AWESOME! WAY TO GO BC!

Next week we play Salina Central. If we can win that we are in the state championship game.

Just thought you would want to know if you hadn't heard already.


Kel Kel said...

Seriously, what did people do before the Internet? I love reading the updates and comments. The relationship you're forming with the Tubre family is such a blessing and I am so grateful for their love and support of you six (Thanks Tubre family!).

I'm excited to go to Em's wedding today and happy I got invited (Score!). I'll bring my whistle in case I need to referee the fight over Frank the Tank.

Tomorrow we're going to go see the Bee movie but I think our group will be the real entertainment - Steph, Cole, Russ & I will have our hands full with Tegan, Jackson, Eason, Paige and Addison (5 under 5 - while already sympathetic to your plight, I will become more so after the movie). Luckily Russ' daughter Hannah (age 11) will be there to help herd the cats. I just realized that she's almost babysitting age. Score again!

I start my new job on Monday (Thricely Scored!) and am uber-excited. Not looking forward to Sunday night though. I will sleep like poop and have dreams about sleeping through my alarm and showing up to work in my jammies. The price one pays.

Well, that's about all I got. Louis says hello and that he's excited to meet the litter (granted, it will probably be a couple years before he gets access to them, but he's pretty patient). Speaking of litters, I'm reminded of the cartoon I cut out for you. That was funny.

Love, love, love, love, love, love
(One love for each of you)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Bill and Moni. Not Monica cuz of the Lewinsky scandal and no Bucko not "Montie". It's Moni. Anyhow I have won the first battle in my war over Frank the Tank. He is coming to my place so he can arrive at the wedding in my arm. I do believe this will be a war though because I am dealing with a little man who has a bunch of pinned up anger. And Kel Kel can bring her whistle but she won't have time to blow it before he hits the ground. And not necessarily from me hitting him. It might be from the 47 beers he has in him before the I do's.

Anyway enough of that talk. I'm glad Snook and Donner made it down there to see you both. It is probably nice to have company. Tell them congrats by the way from the Juice. Well i better go start getting ready for the shindig at the C.K. so I can go cut a rug on the dance floor. I think me and Frank are gonna do a little two steppin tonight. Then probably a little slow dancin. Yes we will leave room for the Holy Ghost. Peace out. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!


A.J. Selenke a.k.a. "The Juice"


Austin Selenke a.k.a. "Little Man"

Anonymous said...

Monica & Billy
It was great talking to you last night Monica. You sounded so good and you always have such a beautiful smile I know you must be very mesirable,what a great trooper you are, and Billy you are still our Billy creating action (with the wheelchair) don't fall and give poor Monica another concern. You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day. With so many praying "God" knows how special these " Graf" quads really are and I am sure PaPa is pleading too, he would be so proud, probably would even help rocking them. You have done a wonderful job posting, it is wonderful knowing and not wondering how things are going for you. I have been keeping up with the Tubre quads, they seem to be growing fast and include them in my prayers also. I love you all.
Aunt Laverna

Karen said...

That may be the best news I heard all day...let Danna know that she's a doll and we're very proud of her! In other good news, my sister got engaged. And another surprising turn, the HUSKERS rocked the cats today - I mean absolutely demolished them. I hope you saw some of the game. I tell you what, today was just an all-around awesome day. I do have a question, though. Did the sonotech do measurements on the babies? Do you know their approximate weights? Looking forward to the next post or the next phone visit...Later! -Karen

Anonymous said...

Anyone that would name there dog Goldberg has got to be insane, so I think you babies have great parents, and thank Goodness you didn't decide to name one of them Goldberg.

Momto3plusoneonthewayinMN said...

It been 2 days now. Ive been waiting and waiting for a new update. I really think an everyday update should be in the works, now that Monica is so close to having the Quads, i think you need to keep us up to date everyday.Hoping that the 6 of you are doing great.

Jennea said...

Go Broncos! YEEHAW they put it to the Chef's! How's that Bill-do? I like the Bronco's way more than the Chef's. Anyhow, way to go...and I hope you are all doing fine. Love ya'all.


Lindsay & Matt said...

Bill and Monica-Its Matt Niedens and Lindsay Molina-yes we are still not married, but one of these days!! I heard you guys were posting all of this online and I hunted down your website and found it! Just wanted to wish both of you the best of luck with everything. All of your babies look adorable and I know you will be great parents to ALL of them! Gosh, we just had our 2nd, he is now 4 months old and i thought we had our hands full. got me beat. It seems just like yesterday Monica when I was at the ER and got to have you as my nurse back when I was still prego! Boy how time flies! Again best of luck and I really enjoy reading and checking out the pictures of all of you. Hang in there! Our prayers are with you and your family. Matt, Lindsay, Aiden and Drew
Bill-when you get time, hahah, send me you and Monica's email address-I want to send you a picture of our two boys, you have one mini-me and one mini-matt! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better, Sweetie! We are praying for all of you.
Love, Mary Ann