Sunday, November 4, 2007

28 week 6 day update

We are soooo sorry for not posting in THREE days. Holy mackerel people. Can we have a life? Can we enjoy our visitors? Can we just chill for a sec? Sheesh.

Friday evening my mom and I went and picked Emmy up at the airport. She flew in from her station in Germany. We dropped off her gear, and headed up to the hospital. We hung out there for a couple hours, and made plans for the next day.

Saturday morning I took the girls up to the hospital. They spent the majority of the day there. They had a lot of fun, and played pitch basically the entire day. Moni and Emmy put the moms in their place. Moni said that they really put it to the mammas. Because of fear, the moms wouldn't play against Moni and me for the rub-off. I went home to watch Bama's big game against LSU. Bama lost a heartbreaker, but I think that the LSU fans might have been a little dismayed at their glance of the future. Roll Tide.

After the game, I went up to the hospital and picked up the moms, Emmy, and Becky for dinner. We met Mark at Oregano's. It is an Italian restaurant, and it is VERY GOOD. We all enjoyed it. I took Emmy back to the hospital, and she spent the night so that Moni could spend some time doing sisterly bonding stuff and sleeping.

This morning, I woke up and went to pick up Emmy. After her and Moni's sad goodbyes I took her to the airport. I got done with that in time to hit 7:00 a.m. mass. I went home to get the mamas, and take them to the airport. I thought I was doing alright, but that didn't last too long. My mom has to get back to work, and Marsha and Emmy have a busy wedding planning week ahead of them. I hugged them both, and then cried my way over to the hospital.

Moni and I had a date to watch the Broncos. The Broncos really sucked. The only consolation we could find for the a**-kicking the Lions gave us, was that all the teams in the AFC West lost, so we didn't lose any ground. We play some team, from somewhere, next week. That team really sucks. Hopefully we will be a little more prepared next week.

As for the mini-Broncomaniacs, they are still cooking. We do the daily sono on Danna, and in the past few days, Danna has been scoring 6 out of 8. One day she lost points for not "practicing" breathing, and one day she lost points for low fluid. She was under 1 cm. Today, she started our day off well. She knocked an 8 of 8 out of the park. She was doing great. Her heartrate was good, and everything else looked very good. Her amniotic fluid sac went from under 1 cm, to 2.33 cm today! Great job, Danna!

The boys continue to do well. They just continue to grow, and haven't caused us any worries yet. We also met another doctor from the Phoenix Perinatal Associates this morning. He came in during the game, but as you people who watch football know, he wasn't interrupting much. His name was Dr. Strong (think Edward Norton, he looked, sounded, and moved just like him). He reassured us that everything still looked positive, and he wouldn't be surprised at 32+ weeks. 32+ weeks? Sweet!!! Still every day and week in the rear view is GREAT.

Today Moni and I decided that we would give you guys our thoughts on the babies' personalities. It has been so much fun watching them everyday, and we really think we might have a read on what kind of kids they will be. Plus, it will be fun to document what their actions are inside the womb, and then compare it to what they are like in real life. So here goes:

First of all, Pius and Laine are always quick to pose. They LOVE the camera. Grandmas Budda and Vicki will love those two guys. We finally got a picture of Forrest today. It is pretty clear that he is a human. Whew!

Pius James-Think John Coffey off The Green Mile. He seems to be the gentle giant. He really takes care of his sister. He moved over to give her more room, and he kicks Forrest and Laine back whenever they kick her.

Forrest Michael-I say to my family/friends, "think Billy Joe when I was three." Moni says, "think Roger Rabbit on cocaine." We call him our little ADHD boy. He can not sit still. It doesn't matter what the others are doing, he is constantly "partying like a rock star."

Danna Lynn-Think a low-maintenance, less vocal Aunt Lainie (Sorry Lainie. We couldn't think of anybody else.) She is our little snuggler. She is always curled up, and will show us that she can move, but does not prefer to. She will definitely be comfortable in a corner of a crowded house. She is our little, low-maintenance princess.

Laine Ryan-Think Shrek, minus the size. He seems to be very content to be left alone. He easily has the most room, but only uses what he needs. The only difference between him and Shrek is that he does seem to love the camera, and always gives us good pictures.

With the arrival of Emmy we decided we could reveal the Godparents. We didn't want it to leak to her across the pond.

Pius James-Uncle Ryno & Auntie Em

Forrest Michael-Goertz (a.k.a. "Frank the Tank") & Aunt RaeRae

Danna Lynn-Juice & Aunt Lainie

Laine Ryan- J.D. & Aunt Mollie

They must be growing as Moni still is. She now measures 53 1/2 inches around the belly. The nurses continue to spoil us. Porsche took over for Tallie on the weekend shift.

29 weeks...CHAMPIONSHIP!

P.S. Just so everybody knows, Moni and I do work on the posts together in the hospital. We make notes and then I come home to compose it.


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Papa and Budda are the first! Championship!!!! And I just got back in town! Had a wonderful time...laughed more than I have in a long time.
More later...very, very tired.
Love Ya!
Mama Budda

Cameron said...

is it true that Arizone does not participate in the whole time switch-a-roo thingy?? ps, monica you look absolutely radiant in every picture. glowing!

Cameron said...

ooh i meant Arizona. really i did.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the post...we are thinking about you all everyday...and without these little mind tends to make up information! I am glad to see you guys are looking forward to 32+ weeks! I am also slightly jealous that Moni gets a Dr. that looks like Edward Norton!! I will call you this week Moni with any news (hopefully good) from my multiple dr's appointments.

Talk to you all soon.

Dan and Delane

Anonymous said...

Wow, Billy I tried to cheat the system and still couldn't even win. I'm sure everyone is wondering what I'm talking about, so here it is...I was trying to be the 1st to post, so I could win this coveted "1st to post championship" that Ryno somehow hooked people onto. Anyways, I told Billy to text me right when he got done posting, so that I could be the first to post, but as everyone can see I couldn't even fulfill that task!!! I'm going to be a good, responsible godfather, huh???

Anyways, I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I have been keeping up on you guys. I am very excited that I am going to be able to visit over Thanksgiving. It might get a little crazy with all the Graf's down there. I can't wait to hear grandpa Stubby sing "You don't want to mess with Stubby..." to all the newborns. Billy and Monica, hopefully you have invested in some earmuffs for the kids.

Monica, keep hangin in there, it sounds like you are doing great!!! Hopefully Billy is not too grouchy since Denver and Alabama lost this weekend. By the way, is Emily moving to Phoenix or what? I couldn't even fit all the clothes I own in all the bags shown in that picture.

Well, I will try this whole "1st to post" thing again on the next post, and maybe I won't try to cheat next time.

My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you and can't wait to see you in three weeks.

Brad "Frank the Tank" Goertz

Tubre Quads said...

Great News! Keep up the good work Moni, Billy and babies!

32+ weeks it 'em Moni! You look beautiful and those babies are getting bigger and stronger everyday...keep'em cooking.

Torey and I will be by to bug you sometime this week.


Bucko 43 said...

Hi Billy Monica, Pius Forrest,Laine, Dana, I'm so excited for those little guys. Hopefully they'll make it until we get there.I miss you so much. My trip was great . Really glad I went. It makes me really appreciate all we all have and how lucky we all are. Vicki and Marsha had such a good time out there. I think that was great. Had a good time at J.D's and Ashleys party. I only wish Papa could be here for all this. I went to Jeromes 91 birthday today. Met lots of his nice friends and relatives. Mons.Gileson was there. He is really a nice person and lots of fun. Your house is still standing and I think all is going well. Love you lots. Monica you look great and always seem so Happy. Keep up the good works. YOu two are doing great on this blog. Finally know what a blog is Ha ha. Keep us posted on the Turbe quads. Sorry I know that is not spelled right. Love Bucko

Anonymous said...

Great blog post - I am amazed at how well Billy is handling his teams' losses this season - must be the time spent in church and realizing there are more important things (i.e. people) to think about. I was heartbroken watching the LSU/Bama game - I thought about you the entire time, Bill, but didn't want to text you because I figured everyone else was. How bout them Jayhawks? I never thought I would ever see the day the Hawks would pound the Huskers. Learned how to play Texas Hold Em this past weekend - fun game, I'm a bit too competitive. Won $150 playing Blackjack at a casino, though. Really exciting to have a bunch of red chips in front of me - I can't wait to apply the money to my credit card :) I'm so glad you were able to spend such quality time with your mamas - isn't it amazing God always sends us whom we need? Love to you and Moni - tell Mark I said hello.


Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! It's a toss-up between my biggest heart smiles: Monica's radiant face and belly or your thoughts regarding the munchkins' personalities. Btw, I had it written on my calendar that the AVERAGE birth of quads occurs in the 28th week ... here you are, 28 weeks and 6 days. Course, we've always known that there isn't anything average about the two of you! xoxoxoxoxoxo, Aunt GGr and Cuz Sam

Anonymous said...

hey dudes!!! I'm writing this right now on Andy's computer which is all in German. It's ridiculous!!! But
I just want you to know how excited I am to be Danna Lynn's godmother!! Ahh!! I'm pumped!!! But I just want you to know that you better wait!! Danna will take after her lovely aunt and you better just love it!! She will be one talkative little lady, cuz I will make her!! haha! I'm so excited about how well all the babies and Monica are doing!! I can't wait to see you guys! I can't believe it is only three weeks away!! I am so excited!!! I love you guys more than anything!! Lovec, Aunt Lainie!!!

EMO said...

One of my favorite posts ever! Great news, and wonderful descriptions of the babies. The whole thing brought tears to my eyes. (except the part about a 3 year old Billy being compared to Roger Rabbit on crack, because that made me laugh out loud, because it brought back memories of when Billy was little- so true)
Keep up the good work!

Christy, Gene, Chase, & Paige Thomas said...

Fantastic update! We're so glad all is going well. Good game on Saturday with LSU/Bama. I think the rivalry only gets better from here...Geaux Tigers! :)

Wow...32 weeks! You are DA WOMAN! Keep it up, girl...that's wonderful!

Have fun with the Tubres! We are anxiously awaiting their return from the desert here. What a blessing to have "neighbors" though, huh?

Many prayers from the swamp!

christy thomas said...

PS...can you please tell me what the heck is "pitch?!?" I'm so curious. Help a poor Louisiana girl out!!

Anonymous said...

That was a great game...but Bill did you break it to the Tubre's that they better enjoy this one cause they are going to lose Les Miles to Michigan after this year. Just wait til Saban gets his players in there...its lookin like it could get ugly in the SEC. Anyways glad to hear everything is going well...and I need to step my game up on the 1st to post. Looks like ole Ryno got a target on his back. Oh well...If 50 percent of the people hate me and 50 Percent of the people love me that = 100% right?? All you people don't sing it BRING IT!!! I sure miss you guys and can't wait for you to come home. Since you have been gone Frank the Tank has just been insane! You need to get that boy some pills!!! Much love coming from the 2 1 5 Click! PS Bill and Monica...will you take ma back for awhile? jk Ma you know I loved you and missed you. Monica you keep up the weight gain and I think you can make it in the guiness book of world records! Holy Mole guacamole! Didn't mean to make you hungry by saying gaucamole. JK I sure do miss you a ton (no pun intended). I miss you giving me flack. Peace Up Dub town down. YEAAAA boy. Ryno
I will step my game up for all you haters out there. Don't hate the playa hate the game.

Anonymous said...

I really miss you all. I loved my time out there with you and Mama Budda. It was great. Laughter really is the best medicine. Keep growing! I loved how you described each of our little ones. It was nice meeting the Tubres also. What a great friendship you've developed. Love you, Mama Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hey all!
Just thought I'd let you know that Lainie was suuuuuper excited to be the godmother of Danna. She wrote me just to tell me that fact. If anyone can comfort your little princess being surrounded by little boys, it's Lainie! Glad you are doing well. Monica, you are an angel for carrying all those babies! When they act up you can DEFINATELY pull the "I carried ALL of you in my womb for 32 (hopefully) weeks" card.
xo Mallory Williams

Anonymous said...

You guys are such good writers and so good to share all of this with us. You are going to be one big happy family. You all deserve the best.

Was fun to meet Ang at the airport and see her walking with the two Gramma's. She so enjoyed being with them and hearing all about you.

We'll miss you so much this week as we celebrate Andy and Emy's wedding but as always you'll be in our thoughts and our prayers.

Love and Prayers, Aunt Bertie.

PS Tomorrow I'll make another run to Enid, this time for a successful trip, I hope.

Karen said...

Hey friends - Loved your impressions on the little ones...have you thought about astrology and fortune telling? I hear it's a big market. Moni, you look fantabulous. How are you feeling? From the pics you'd think you're on top of the world. I'll give you a call later on...Miss you a ton! Karen
PS Go for the gold! (And by gold, I mean 32 wks!)

Anonymous said...

OK we need another update, im having withdrawls lol

Anonymous said...

I have been asking about you....decided to check for myself.
You all look great! Wishing you all the best. I'll just sit back here and watch from afar.
Thinking of you
Tami Burris(Aaron's mom)