Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy 1 Week Birthday!

We'll try to get everyone up to date on the goings on over the last couple of days. Some of our visitors left just this morning. Ryno, Lainie and "Frank the Tank" Brad Goertz arrived on Thanksgiving day and drove out early today. It was good to see them again and introduce them all to their godchildren/niece/nephews, despite Ryno's multiple failed attempts to kill me (i.e. losing control of my wheelchair while going downhill onto a busy street- you'd think he'd let go of his cigarette or soft drink first, but, alas...)

Bucko, Vicki, mom, dad, Mike and Becky made us all an awesome Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, complete with all the trimmings. Billy, Ryan, Lainie and Goertz did a great job of cleaning up. I, on the other hand, did a good job of watching, eating, directing and keeping my feet up. I've had a HUGE amount of swelling since the delivery. Think +3 pitting edema or play-doh/cookie dough in my feet, ankles, calves, thighs, belly, hands, face and arms (pretty much EVERYWHERE). It's made it hard to get around and is pretty uncomfortable. Dr Elliott has me on Lasix to help get some of the fluid off, but it hasn't seemed to help yet. We plan on calling him today to see what else we can do.

My cankles from a couple days ago... Even worse now.

Now, to update you all on the munchkins. We'll just go in order from oldest to youngest.

I got to hold our big bear for the first time on Saturday. His eyes were wide open and looking at me and I just about melted. He is so sweet and doing so well. They took him off of the CPAP Sunday morning to see how he did on room air. He slept so peacefully without all the headgear and he has done wonderfully so far. There's always a chance they may need to put him on oxygen or back on CPAP later if he starts to need some extra help. When we visited them last night, Pius was wide awake and active. My mom was saying that he looked so familiar and reminded her of someone but couldn't think of who it was. I had been thinking the same thing and then all of a sudden it came to me. He kind of looks like the baby pictures I've seen of my older cousin Forrest "Andy" Haag. She agreed immediately that that's exactly who it was. Pius didn't really like his nurse last night and his mama thinks he's a good judge of character, because I didn't like him either. Poor Pius was totally man-handled. I guess his nurse didn't feel that it was important to make a newborn feel safe and secure when holding or moving them. The nurse wasn't gentle at all and wasn't paying attention to all his monitor leads. Finally, when his temperature probe got caught on the scale and ripped the sticky lead off his skin and made Pius start screaming in pain, mama bear came out and took over the situation. It's surprising how vocal you become when you feel your babies are being hurt. That nurse will not put his hands anywhere near my kids again, if I have anything to say about it! Pius's weight on Sat and Sun remained at 3 lbs 9 oz. Still down a little from his birth weight, but he's eating and pooping well. Budda even got to change one of his poopy diapers last night! She was so nervous to handle something so small, but she got the job done and the world was right again.

Ryno meeting his godson, Pius, for the 1st time

Aunt Lainie with Pius

Pius James...CPAP-free!

Pius weighing in on the matter. Verdict: still doesn't like his nurse that night.

Mama Bear holding Pius and trying to calm him down after being manhandled

Pius after having diaper changed by grandma Budda

Another beautiful picture of our big little guy, Pius

He's our other big brute. He also currently weighs in at 3 lbs 9 oz (back up to his birth weight). The little porker is now up to eating 27 mL of breastmilk every 3 hours! They took him off CPAP yesterday at the same time as Pius. He is also tolerating room air very well and LOVES being free of the mask. He's a little ornery, though. I was changing his diaper when he decided it'd be funny to pee again right in the middle of it. But the joke was on him, because he only got a little drop on me and the rest went on his tummy and new diaper. Billy got to hold Forrest skin-to-skin on Sat. He really seemed to enjoy burrowing himself and getting lost in the chest hair! He always looks so content and sprawls himself out all over his bed.

Brad Goertz AKA "Frank the Tank" meeting godson, Forrest, for the first time

Blondie Boy taking a nap

Check out my sweet bod....Man, I'm hot!

Forrest getting nestled into Billy's chest

Our little princess must have been taking notes from Forrest, because she also tried to pee on me during a diaper change. I tried to explain to her that she didn't have the same parts and would end up only getting herself wet. Then I told her I'd teach her all about "squatting" when she was a little older. She has so much to learn from her mom and aunties! I talked to the neonatalogist yesterday about her progress. He said that Danna's body has been programmed to using nutrients very efficiently due to the lack of supply while in utero. It will take awhile for her body to stabilize everything, including blood sugar which has been fluctuating quite a bit. They don't want her to grow as big as the boys right away. He said that she should be about caught up with them by age 3 yrs. As of last night, she was still weighing in at 1 lb 10 oz - the same as she was at birth. She and Pius share the same room and nurse, and her big brother is always looking out for her. He always tests the nurses out first and then gives them the okay to see Danna. Mom didn't want little Danna to be handled the same way as Pius was last night, so she stood over the bed and provided most of the nursing care for her. She has been getting nasal suctioning to suck the snot out and she also had some big, green eye boogers that were pretty well fusing her left eye lids together. I hope this isn't an infection. I suppose we'll just keep watching it and hopefully swab it and send it to lab for evaluation. Otherwise, Danna is still just chuggin' right along. They will continue her CPAP for awhile, even though she seems to do pretty well during the times they remove it to weigh and assess her. We don't want her to waste calories and energy trying to breath all on her own right now. She just needs to keep on growing.

Danna Lynn wearing daddy's wedding ring

Danna...just hangin' out. She has headgear hair and red eyes from mama trying to clean the eye boogs - she was mad at me for that!

Danna without all her CPAP headgear..if only she had some meat on her bones!

Laine continues to do well. His weight last night was 2 lbs 8 oz - that's 4 oz over his birth weight! Good job, little man! He continues to take 6 mL of breastmilk every 3 hours. I got to hold him for the second time, skin-to-skin, and he's my little cuddle buddy. He shares a room with Forrest and has received excellent nursing care, day and night. I think the nurses have the hots for my boys (I know uncle Ryno and Goertz have the hots for their nurses!). He's the kid with sensitive skin. All the tape and straps have caused some redness and irritation, but he's tolerating it well. He did have a couple episodes of bradycardia (low heart rate) during the nurse's assessment when he was off CPAP to have his weight checked, diaper changed and bedding changed. His heart rate dipped down to the 60's and 70's for a few seconds and then returned back to normal (160's to 180's) shortly. His oxygen level never dropped, though, which is a good sign. He may have just been a little over stimulated at the time.

Grandma Vicki meeting Laine

Grandpa Stubby and Uncle Ryno meeting Laine Ryan

Laine holding Mama's hand...He's so tiny!

Laine minus the CPAP headgear....He needs to grow some cheeks (and not just on his face!) Also, his poor nose is raw from the CPAP prongs.

In other news, the brain sonograms and 2nd round of PKU blood tests will be done today. We'll update everyone on the results when they become available.

We continue to enjoy and cherish the time we have with the Tubre family. We were visiting Emma and Tyger's room to talk to Jac and Torey and found out that Emma only LOOKS like a little lady! That girl can rip a big one and clear a room! I think she may just be trying to impress Laine from across the hall. After all, she is his future wife and I'm so proud of my future daughter-in-law! Out of the Tubre/Graf quads, Tyger and Danna both weighed the same at birth along with Emma and Laine. They're destined for each other! Cullen and Forrest will probably be jail buddies, which leaves Pius and Abbey to be the voices of reason. It'll be fun to see how their personalities develop. I wonder if we're even close to guessing what they will be like. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

It was a sad, sad weekend for all of our teams. Good job to the Bishop Carroll Golden Eagles for making it to the state championship game! What an accomplishment for the coaches, players and the school. Alabama and the Broncos continue to struggle, but we remain loyal - no bandwagons here. I think we should start cheering for the opposing team just to jinx them. Maybe then our team could get a win.

Enjoy the pictures! We expect a record amount of comments!

G.G. Bucko holding one of the babies' preemie diapers. They look too small for most baby dolls! Amazing.

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...1st to post! Happy 1st week birthday quads! you're looking great!
aunt gayla

Anonymous said...

I just love the updates and the pictures of everyone. Lookin Good! Happy 1st week Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! HAPPY 1st WEEK BIRTHDAY TO THE BABIES!!! Very exciting! Dan and I were looking at the pictures and he said, "is that their diaper?"!! He is shocked at how small they are!!

I almost cried when I saw the pictures of the babies! I seem to be fighting back tears a lot lately, you know, watching commercials, lame sitcoms, Oprah, Dr. Phil and most recently the news!! What is that about?!?! Thank God for hormones!

We can't wait until you all can come home safely. Your kiddos are beautiful and such troopers with all that is going on. Gives us hope!

Moni, keep those chubby feet up, I hope that resolves for you soon! Billy, keep giving those babies a nice forest to nestle in, you both looked very cozy! Take care, thanks for the update. We miss you back in Kansas!

Talk to you soon!

Dan and Delane

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Your babies are all beautiful!
At the risk of sounding strange.....Have you tried dropping breast milk on Danna's eye to clear it? It's magic that stuff....and sterile. I know first hand that it can work (unless Danna has a different problem).

The Nanny said...

Those babies are so cute!!! I love all that blond hair! Are their eyes all blue?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update and all the pictures. Wow is all I can say. And thank you God for blessing so many people with these wonderful 4 gifts. All of you look so full of wonder and awe while looking at the beautiful babies. Me too!!! We missed you at our Thanksgiving dinner. I showed people a bottle of water that weighed 1 pound and 9 oz. and told them that was the size minus one oz. of Danna. AMAZING!!! Love you all and can't wait to be a part of all of their lives. Mary O

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish the little ones a Happy 1 week Birthday!!
They look cute as ever and it's great to hear how well they are doing. Monica, your poor feet! Ouch!!! Hopefully the medicine will start working soon. I'll continue to check in daily bc who can get enough of those pictures. They are adorable!
You are all in my prayers.

Bernice said...

hi Billy and Monica How well you are Blessed. I check every day to see the babys they are so cute I would love to hold them. Billy you and I Are cousins My Mother and your grand mother francis Were sisters I love you all God Bless all of you

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Happy 1st week birthday. They are sooooo cute, that little toe head Forrest with his arms over his head sleeping, they are all so cute. Keep up the good work. Moni, hope they get that swelling taken care of.
Debbie W

Anonymous said...

Your babies are so precious and beautiful! Congrats!!!

Denis and Barb P. said...

Well, you did it! They are the most beautiful children ever! We can't wait to come over and babysit, change diapers, bottle them and help you two out. We are just down the street at your any time call. We sure do miss you here and are anxious to have you all back. Know we are praying for all of you. Thanks for posting so much. Keeping tabs is great. God Bless.

Andria said...

Moni, you just don't look the same. :( I hope those beautifully pedicured feet get some relief! The pictures are fantastic and the updates superb. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

HBTY, HBTY, HBDPDF and L, HBTY! Now remember to use the same tune on Great Grandma Graf's version ... May the dear Lord bless you, And His Blessed Mother too, May your patron saints (all of them), Keep watch over you.

Billy and Monica, here's some "research" trivia on your young-uns personalities. (Yes, the book is called, The Baby Name Personality Profiles, copyright 1990 ... Some of your kiddy-poos' names weren't listed. I DID NOT MAKE UP ANY OF THE DISCRIPTIONS!)

Pius James - "James is pictured as a big, strong, handsome man who is intelligent, serious, fair and dependable."

Danna Lynn - "Dana is pictured as either a tall, sweet, willowy, statuesque dancer or a bratty tomboy."

Forrest Michael - "Forrest calls to mind two different images: a big, strong outdoorsman who is quiet and happy or a wealthy, distinguished professional who is a capable winner."

Laine Ryan - "Ryan is described as a strong, active man who is extremely good-looking, though shy."

Ain't life fun! With lots of affection, Aunt GGr and Sam

Anonymous said...

The babes are gorgeous! I am so happy for you guys! Happy 1 week birthday Pius, Forrest, Laine, and Danna! You two are doing a fatastic job with the updates. I made sure to show Wes the pictures when he was here for Thanksgiving; he's amazed. Billy, all your basketball players here at Friends have been asking how you're are doing; they are very happy for you and Moni. You all are in our thoughts in prayers.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great picts Moni. Your poor feet look so painful. Hope that resolves soon.

It was so exciting to see you and Billy getting to hold boys. I know you have waited a long time for that. The two of you are excellent writers and the updates are wonderful.

Hope all continues to go so well.
Kathy Hazell

EMO said...

Fabulous pictures and update. I love seeing how happy Ryan and Lainie looked (and of course Mike Vicky and Bucko) when they were looking at the babies. Just priceless. Your poor feet/ankles do look very uncomfortable, hopefully they will go down quickly. Do you know how many sets of Quads there are at that hospital right now? Are there any Quints there? That would be so much fun to go and look at all the multiples babies.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that tiny little hand!!!!!!! Great to hear that everyone is doing wonderfully and that you are keeping those nurses in check.

Anonymous said...

I hope you know that I missed out on 4 hours of shopping time on Friday morning because I was reading all your posts from beggining to end. Don't worry I made up for lost time yesterday and today. You have done an incredible job---the posts, the pregnancy, and now, motherhood. I love the new pictures---they are adorable. I was happy to see Mike in his Dallas gear---nice to know some things never change. I still want to come and babysit sometime---will take my turns with dish duty as well---put my name on the list.
I promise not talk to your little darlings too much about the Cowboys, the Jayhawks, or the Crusaders. Ha! Take care! Tamra

Karen said...

Hello Friends!

Diddo on Delane's comments. I too got teary eyed reading and taking in the pictures! I'm so proud of you two - you've already proven to be the kind of parents that we'd like to be someday - you are sweet yet stand your ground when needed, and offer advice on everything from playing pranks to squatting.

Sorry about your overwhelming anasarca! Hopefully some extra Lasix will clear that's your incision?

I loved the pictures. It's amazing, almost impossible to believe that a ring fits loosely around Princess' arm. Here's a comment a little off subject but here goes...when we were home for Thanksgiving we visited my cousin who had her 2 boys prematurely, at 28 and 29 weeks. They're both thriving, although the oldest has to use hearing aides. It gave me such hope to see those kiddos wrecking havoc and running around her house, and then to think of your babies and how they'll be tearing up the carpet when they're toddlers!

I can't wait to visit with you! I may give you a call tomorrow...


Stacey Faber said...

The babies are so cute! I feel like I'm right there because you've taken such expressive pictures. (Including the feet--ouch! I know Becky McCorry definitely sympathizes/empathizes with you about that because she had quite a bit of swelling, too, when she had Avery!) Thanks for the wonderful and extremely informative posts! I appreciate the parental insight as well as the medical insight. Take good care of each other. We'll keep flooding the happy thoughts your way! Love you all! Stacey

Shirley Scoby said...

Hi all! I think that this is all so exciting and congratulations to all of you. I am related on the Graf side, my mother was Henrietta Staab, which was a sister to Ralph Graf, so I am a cousin to Mike. I love reading about the babies and keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers each day. Good luck with everything! God Bless! Shirley

Anonymous said...

Happy First Week Birthday!!! I haven't blogged lately, but I have checked on you every day so please forgive. I had a big Thanksgiving with all of my grankids together,(4 little boys) rough housing at my mothers senior resisdence housing. That in itself was a big trip. But we had a great time, the first Thanksgiving not being on the farm in my mothers 88 years. A little sad for her.
But, I am well and busy. Caleb started wrestling and his first match is this Thursday night against KMC.
So sad for the KU Hawks!
You all look absolutley beautiful and the parenthood fits you 2 wonderfully.
We love you and miss you terribly!

Tubre Quads said...

The pictures are fantastic! The babies are beautiful and doing so well – you did a wonderful job mommy oven!

You have me in stitches about Emma’s stinky butt! Just wait, they put all sorts of calorie filled additives (I think it is jet fuel, but what do I know) in your breast milk to help them gain weight once the babies’ tummies can handle it. It makes for some extremely gassy and stinky babies! You have it right about Tyger and Danna being destined for each other – they were only 5 grams apart at birth, but Laine is meant for Abbey. They were both 1030 grams and have dark hair. Don’t be too disappointed– Abbey can be very unladylike as well. She cleared her and Cullen’s room today…twice! Miss Emma was a bit smaller at 985 grams. She needs your little blondie Forrest! That leaves Cullen “The Moose” and Pius “Big Bear” – maybe they will be Weight Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous spokesmen? Or maybe our stressful pregnancies will prove Billy’s theory?

So good to see you today Moni! See you tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, get my point! It will be a happy and sad day for me when we leave to go back to Louisiana – I’m really going to miss you guys (did I get that right Kansas?).

Love you - Jac

JoAnn Tubre said...

Moni & Billy,
The babies all seem to be trucking right along - how blessed are you!! Will keep praying for their continued progress and great scan results. I got a good laugh on all the marriage plans with my grandchildren, but who knows, they will share a lot of history together and I'm sure lots more future. I'm so happy Jac & Torey will have friends to call, visit, and compare notes with. Great lst week!!! JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great - and your babies are absolutely gorgeous. When I read the part about you wondering how close you would be on matching up their personalities, it made me hope that you will still be blogging in 18 years so we can find out if you were right??? I just sent my youngest off to college (East Carolina University - go PIRATES!)and it has been your blog and the pictures of your quads that has kept me from total depression (I know - I need to get a life). Enjoy every single second with them, every poop, every gas pain, every tear, every smile, every sleepless night, every big or little moment, because before you know it - they will be off to college or on their own and you will wonder where the time went. They are a gift - and so are their parents for sharing their story with all of us. Keep the stories coming - we love them. And as long as you are blogging, I will be checking in on your little ones to see how their personalities are really developing. Congratulations to you all!!!!!
Moni - hope all your swelling goes down soon and that you are feeling better.
A Quad Fan from North Carolina

Anonymous said...

OK, OK, here I go on my first post back in town. I just want everyone to know that I got in trouble from Billy this past weekend because I do not post enough(and this was at the same time that he was praising Uncle Ryno and Frank for all of their posts). But if I am not mistaken, I am the first one to post out of the three now that we are home. Just wanted you to catch that one Billy!! I had a blast down there this weekend! It really was the best Thanksgiving ever! I just could not get enough of those little guys!! (And princess, of course!!) All I wanted to do was go up there and see them! They are the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, and I am so homesick for them already! And of course, you two also!! Thank you Billy and Monica for giving me so much extra time with them, because I will treasure it forever, and hopefully it will hold me over until you all get home! I am so happy that I finally got to see you guys after so long! Tell those little babies to keep up the good work so you can all come home soon!! I love you guys so much!! And miss you too!
Love, Auntie Lainie

Anonymous said...

Hello Billy and Monica, Just a note to say keep up the faith everything will turn out great those baby's are so precious. Cousin Paul

Anonymous said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said? They are absolutely precious. I can't get my day started or go to bed without checking on y'all (my brother lives in Ruston, LA). I've had so many angels being born around me: Becky, Evan and Ashton's addition - Avery, Megan Rhoades sweetie Natalie, Steve and Liz Hohl - Lauren. Lots of little girls for Danna to hang out with. Also, Kelsie and Brandon Hay are due in December - a girl. Monica, your feet might be 'puffy', but your toenails are gorgeous!! Many, many thoughts and prayers are still coming your way. Like someone said, enjoy every poop, snotty nose and messes because they grow up too fast. As far as figuring out the personalities....well, Kevin was the best baby and a good kid through the 12th grade. Wheeee, then look what happened. Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!Love you guys. Terry

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous babies! I do think they all look familiar....can't beat that Haag/Dewey gene pool...I guess we can give the Graf's some credit!! Can't wait to meet them all in person. Love you all,

Anonymous said...

They are all adorable!! Danna's tiny little hand is just precious. That is crazy!
I remember seeing pictures of Jade (Nicole's baby) when she arrived several months early and they are so similar. I think Jade weighed just a little more than Danna.
Jade is now a super smart, ornery, funny little 2 1/2 year old...your 4 will be there before you know it!

We are still sorting thru (and waiting for more) video footage of the wedding. I promise you we will have the dvd made for you"ya'll" before Em and Andy's 1st anniversary :)

Lots of love from the Freverts

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to give a few thank you's out and say I had a great weekend in Phoenix with Billy, Monica, and their families. First off, I would like to thank the cooking crew who made an amazing Thanksgiving dinner on Sat.(That includes you Stubby, great carving job). Next, I would like to thank Becky for letting me have a place to stay on my trip. I'm sure she is thankful that I'm gone by now since I invaded her living space for 4 days. Finally, I'm thankful I was able to see 4 little miracles. Words can't explain how precious they are, and yes, each one of them has their own unique personality, which makes it so enjoyable to see what each one of them is gonig to do next. Billy and Monica, you both are doing great as parents, and I know your kids will grow up to be amazing people because of the caring and love you show toward them, plus you have an amazing support system of family and friends who will always be here for you to help out whenever possible (you might not want me to watch your kids though - I can only get 3 questions right on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader"). Thanks everyone for the many, many laughs this weekend, and a very enjoyable trip to Phoenix.

Brad Goertz

P.S. - Make sure those nurses (im sure they already miss me) are taking good care of the little ones. Pius already has good judgement - I would much rather have one of those cute woman nurses taking care of me too, instead of a man. Way to speak your mind Pius!!!

EMO said...

I just looked at the pictures for like the 5th time, and I can't get over how cute "little blondie" (I think it is Forrest) looks in those 2 pictures of him with his hands up next to his face. Sooo cute! Also your feet/ankles look worse in the picture today. (different computer) so needless to say, I feel even more sorry for you...

Anonymous said...

Where to start? First off I would also like to extend a special thanks to Becky for letting us stay at her crib. It was a great time...and look forward to hanging out with you again. It goes to show what great family Monica comes from, showing all the genoristy and southern hospitality that Becky showed us. It was great pleasure to meet the Tubre's. Even on LSU's off night I can tell that group is a lot of fun. It will be great to watch their kids grow as well.
Monica...I got a bone to pick! I didn't almost kill you! You almost just got hurt very badly. I was just trying to be chivalrous. NEVER AGAIN! Please expain to all these "fans" out there what really happened. You just got away from me a bit. My 36 inch biceps couldn't get a firm hold. It wasn't b/c of the cig or soda!
I did see one thing this weekend that I thought I would have never saw. Young Billy get b*tch slapped on a Quarterback argument. It was kind of humerous...yet even a little enjoyable. Then Bill of course wanted me to beat the guy up. But NOOOOOOOO the new and improved Ryno kept a good head on his shoulders. The bad thing about the bantor was the fact we had to hear about it the rest of the night...on what he should have said. And I was the jacka$$ for not whooping on this bald 50 yr. old. Bill I know you were right he just caught you off guard.
Now to the most important part... the beautiful lil wrachets-bambino's. They are a whole lot cuter in person. Those pics do them no justification at all. I am proud of all you guys and can't wait to see you again. I had so much fun...and what a bunch of blessings. I concur on Frank the Tank's coments on you guys as parents. Seeing it first hand was absolutly amazing!

Love all and miss all,

I think Frank broke his leg on the way home...please send a nurse from Good Sam stat. Maybe a couple of them...I will pay for their flights!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful babies! I finally got to get on here and read and see athe pictures. Little miracles they truely are! Thank you for sharing your family with us. I started crying, just reading about them and then the pics are truely amazing. We are so proud of you all, and can't wait to see all of you in Kansas, when God permits. God Bless each of you and we still pray for you. Congratulations!
Cuz, Lisa Cox

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Glad things are going so well. Don't worry about the long posts, they are always interesting and it's so fun to read your insights. Give Becky a hug for us and tell her we are praying for her too. See you back her in Ksansas soon. Love Aunt Bertie.

Jennea said...

Wow...simply amazing. You guys are inspiring...and I'm excited to see you raise up the kiddo's! You rock. Thanks for sharing all the funny stories, the beautiful pics etc. We love to hear about how they are progressing. Love you and prayers for you continue to go your way!


PS-feels like I know the Tubre's from reading about them in the posts. They seem like great people to know and we are blessed that you have them to interact with. Thanks Tubre family for being so supportive to the Graf's/Haag's!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, Maria again.
I was watching Discovery Health last night about a woman who was a surrogate of Quints. Very interesting story, but the coolest part was seeing Good Sam and being able to picture where you guys are every day. It was also very cool to see and hear your own Dr. E. He seems like a wonderful doctor!!

Just thought I'd share.
Love you crazy kids!


EMO said...

These aren't record comment numbers (37 or 39- now I can't remember) but they aren't too shabby. I think it is a record for long comments though, that should count for something. Oh yeah, I heard you won't be participating in the Graf name drawing... What's the excuse?
haha. Just kidding! (although it sure would be fun to draw 1 of the babies names :)

Kel Kel said...

Golly, where to begin?!? The pictures are totally awesome and the posts have been rad. Sorry I haven't posted sooner - things got a little crazy around Turkey Day (gobble, gobble). But I know that my busy-ness in no way compares with yours, so it is a poor excuse of an excuse.

First off, the imagery of Ryno with Wheelchair Moni cracked me up. I couldn't stop laughing. Thankfully I'm not in public so people don't think I'm weird.

Second off, Moni, your poor feet! That is truly the saddest thing I have ever seen.

Thirdly, each and every one of those babies is gorgeous. I can't wait to meet them in person.

Fourth off, thanks for the shout out in the paper. It made me cry. You guys make me cry a lot. But it's good crying, so I guess that's ok. I'm going to take the paper in to work so my boss can read it and feel really good about hiring me to be a Project Manager. What, what!!! Even though the pressure is on now, I'm up to the challenge. We need to get together before I start contacting everyone so that I can build the perfect schedule. Seriously, I want to pee my pants just thinking about it (in a good way).

Fifthly, I love the Tubres. Seriously. It's almost like they're Grey's Anatomy characters because I've never met them but feel like they are my best friends. The picture at the Cajun place made my heart smile because it is seriously just one big happy family. Can you please just bring them home with you?

Sixth off, life is good for Kel right now. Loving her new job, loving her fabulous boyfriend, and loving the pivot table she created in Excel for Christmas shopping. Hope you guys (ya'll) are having a great week and know that I think of and pray for and love you long time!!!


Cameron said...

i love the babies! i'm in total disbelief of the wedding ring over the arm trick. WOW. also, billy, you looked like a mama bird nesting her chick or something in that picture-- it was so so cute! i miss you guys and cannot wait for your return.
love, cameron