Sunday, November 11, 2007

29 and 6

Almost to thirty! As far as the babies are concerned, it was an uneventful weekend. Which is good. We have received scores of 8 of 8 on the BPPs the entire time. This includes the boys, as they were scored on Friday too. Danna's doppler this morning wasn't as good as it has been, but it can change for better or worse day to day. We will probably be getting dopplers on Danna more frequently, and tomorrow they will all be measured for their approximate weights.

Moni and I had a lot of visitors this weekend. Friday morning, I picked up Snook and Donna at 10:00 a.m. While I was at the airport, Moni had visitors at the hospital. Moni's pool buddy, Lois, from the apartment, and her friend came up and checked in on Monica. Shortly after they left, Deb White and Deb's cousin, Jill, dropped in. They brought more gifts including preemie outfits, CDs, books, magazines, and other goodies. She also brought a package from Moni's other co-workers at Wesley. They sent more outfits, snacks, belly cream, bath and body products, comfortable footies (which Monica put on immediately), books (one of which was a mother's prayer book), and candles. Thank you guys so much, it was a nice surprise. You guys have all been too good to us.

Snook and Donna were great guests. They let us kick their butts at pitch about six times. They were like poor abused little puppies that just wanted love, and kept coming back for more. We came back from down -6 to 37 to win a game. We also went to the casino for about 45 minutes. We lost at that place. At the apartment, Snook and I played video games while Donna planned their wedding. We had a great, relaxing time.

Saturday was an emotional day for Moni. Her little sister, Emmy, got married back home in Wichita. The whole family was there and we were sad to have missed such a big, fun day. Everyone said it was so beautiful. The babies owe us big time! Congrats to Em and Andy. Have fun in Key West, and be sure to check in often when you guys get back to Germany.

Today has been tremendous. How about those Denver Broncos? That was fun hammering those little Chefs in their own house. The kids were rocking, but they only gave Moni like three contractions throughout the game. They knew the importance. Bama was horrible, but the Grafs will stay devoted. Snook and I listened to the final kick in the BC vs. Great Bend game via Grandpa Stubby's phone. One step away baby. State championship. Championship!

As of midnight, 30 weeks down. The chillun are getting restless, sometimes Moni thinks they are going to kick right out of her 56 inch belly. Check out the pic.

Until next time...


Jennea said...

DidiI win? 1stto post? Please say yes! JLO

Jennea said...

Now I'm going to read the msg. I'm sorry for the typo's but am using Jim's lap top, which is purring in my lap by the way and it feels good! Am not used to thekeys. Love ya all and need to actually read it.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!! The pictures were fabulous! We really missed you guys this weekend! It was really hard for me to let those two leave...they just left the house about three minutes ago, and I miss them big time already! Now I just live with a ton of girls, and that's weird for me! Haha! But I'm glad I got to talk to you today, Billy! The games were all awesome today...until now. Peyton for some reason thinks he lost once, so he has to suck!! But don't worry, it will end shortly! He will be back to "Peyton"nizing people when the game comes back on! And please laugh at my stupid joke, cuz Ryan told me I was dumb! I am so excited to come down there! I miss you guys so much!! And I can't wait to see those little guys!! It will be so fun! I love all six of you more than you could imagine!! Love, Auntie Lainie!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, nope I was wrong! He just threw another interception. Ridiculous!

Stacey Faber said...

Hi Billy & Moni & babiesx4:

First of all, you both look wonderful! Monica, you always look like you don't have a care in the world and I think that's awesome! I'm sure you have your moments (all expecting moms do even if they only have one on the way!) but you're just making it look so easy. I admire you both for your patience, care and understanding in doing what you have to do for your babies.

As an update on Friends basketball, we're 2-0 with wins at York (82-76) last Monday and a win at Bacone College (80-68) yesterday afternoon. At last check, we were ranked 20th on the NAIA website and you know how much Fabe hates that. He'd much rather try to sneak up on teams or have them overlook us. We play Tuesday night at St. Gregory's and then we host the Falcon Classic Friday & Saturday. The game on Friday is against Evangel (Trent Barney's old school) and they're ranked in the top 10. It will be a good game and a good test. Then we play Oklahoma Wesleyan on Saturday night. We've been sharing the ball well and keeping the scoring spread around. They're taking turns in the spotlight and have managed to stay injury free so far (knock on wood!).

Lia is fired up for the BC football game on Friday. She called from Great Bend right after BC took the lead with 30 seconds to go. All we could hear was a bunch of screaming and her saying how crazy it was there. Then she called back when the game finally ended. She said it was absolute hysteria. What fun! Hopefully they'll have more to celebrate on Friday.

Well, I'd better go now. Sorry my update is so long. Congratulations on 30! Keep rolling along! Much love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Moni, Hangin in there, I am sooooo proud of you. Fellin like you can beat the record of all time longest, carrying quads. If it is anyone, its you. As always you look beautiful. Glad you enjoyed the fixins from all of us.
We still miss you and work is just not the same. At least when we were able to check your blog nightly then we felt closer to you, like you were with us.
love you loads!!!

EMO said...

30 weeks is awesome!!! It will be so wierd for us once you have the babies... but a good wierd. I hope we still gets lots of updates and pictures. The Tubres update almost daily. Monica I don't think your belly looked all that big in that last picture. But I guess condsidering if it was a singleton pregnancy you would still have 10 weeks to go, I guess that is pretty big. Love!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful. I think of you daily and pray those babies stay cooking.
Work, wow, what to say about that...same clients, different day...and some days literally the same clients :-) A few new nurses, but none even close to your skills or personal magnetism.
Let me know if I can do anything.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recent blog. So glad everything is going well. My birthday is in 2 weeks and at my age there's not much anticipation. But this year I'm filled with thoughts of the quads. I was born during a blizzard and my mother went to the hospital in a snow plow truck. The quad squad will have a much bigger (and warmer) story to tell thoughout their long lives. Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

Moni and Billy, I love your Broncos jersies!! I watched a little bit of the game with my parents and my mom is pretty depressed about the Chefs, but she'll get over it :) Moni - you look absolutely beautiful and I am so happy about the 30 week mark. Your doc should be arriving soon from his vacation, right?? I just want you to know the Poell family and Brad who will be part of the Poell family soon are all thinking of you and miss and love you guys dearly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but.....
We missed you BOTH SO much this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and everything went well. Of course, we have many stories to tell you later. Pictures should be online sometime later also. The news from Phoenix sounds so wonderful! Our little babies are going to be well done, how great! I am so very proud of your both! And, Billy, your family is absolutely awesome (and that word doesn't come close to how wonderful and loving they are)! Thank you for them also!
Love you!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you have made it to the 30 week mark Monica. Also,that was a great speech you recorded for Emily's wedding. It was a good wedding Saturday for Frank the Tank, and I would say that AJ won my heart over by the end of the night, just for the fact that Ryno was off "admiring the trees and bushes" outside. Thanks AJ for being a great date, and Ryno I feel a little betrayed. Anyways, it was a good weekend for Broncos fans, especially since we haven't beat the Chiefs at their place in a looooooong time. Also, I can't wait to see how this whole BCS thing turns out in college football...I'm just waiting for everything to shake out so I can see who will play my Irish in the national championship game!!! I'm glad I got to live through the worst ND season in the history of their program. Thanks guys!!! Well, it's only a week and a half until I get to see you guys and trust me I'm so excited to finally hang out again. Until then, keep the spirits high and know I'm praying for the babies and the both of you.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Happy 30 weeks! You guys rock! Keep up the good work!!

We are thinking of you always!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill and Monica!! I just wanted to say hi!! Monica, your speech for Emily and Andy was sweet and funny!! It made me cry and miss you guys even more. Hope everything is going well. I think about you guys everyday. Take care, I love you both.

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, I forgot to sign my name!! LOL.

Love always and forever,
Katie Duling


Anonymous said...

Hey Billy and Moni!! Just another quick hello from Lainie! Is it still warm down there??? I want to know if I will be able to lay out by the pool at all when I come...cuz that sounds pretty awesome!! I'm excited to hear all of the new weights...hurry up and post!! But yea, I got on here and I guess I don't really have too much new stuff to say besides I miss you majorly! Although I think you already know that! Can't wait to come down! 10 days!! Ahh!! Love you!! Auntie Lainie!!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys realize that the picture with both of you in your broncos jerseys(go cheifs!) happens to be the amount of time that you will be on the go with the quads!!!!!