Saturday, November 24, 2007

Free at last, Free at last...

The Nix does get cool. It was down to around 55 degrees this evening and it felt great. Tonight we went out to dinner with the Tubres. We went to Baby Kay's restaurant (it is a Cajun joint, and it got 3 out of 4 thumbs up from our favorite 4 Cajuns). Personally, I got the Chicken and something gumbo, and it was money.

This afternoon Goertz, Uncle Ryno, Gampy Stubby, and I hit the links. We went to the same golf course that Becky and I played earlier this year. It was grown more maturely, but it wasn't any easier. Gampy Stubby won big money from me, as he shot a 42 (6 over), even with an 8 on the eighth hole. He was nails today. Goertz was one shot behind Stub, and Ryno and I were way back.

Moni finally got busted out of the hospital today. She was so excited to get out, the nurses however weren't so happy to see her go. They all said she was such a great patient, and after spending a month straight there, I think they may have become a little attached. We all know Moni has such an addictive personality. They were so good to us, and I KNOW that Moni and I will make up reasons to go up to Floor 5, B-Pod, just to see them.

As far as the chillun:

Pius James: He is still doing really well, but being a tad bit lazy. As of tonight, he is eating 9 mL every 3 hours. He has held true to the Graf name and left the nurses some very nice presents in his diapers. He is the only one of the four who is receiving photo therapy on top and bottom. The photo therapy is for his jaundice which is almost a sure problem for preemies. All four of the Graf quads have it. He is doing a great job with his breathing, but still on CPAP. He is breathing room air, the CPAP is just to keep his lungs expanded. He now weighs 3 pounds, 8 ounces, down 6 ounces from his birth weight. It is completely normal for them to lose weight before starting to gain weight.

Forrest "Frosty" Michael: He is our little blondie trooper. Forrest is doing extremely well up to this point. He is on CPAP still, but breathing total room air. He now weighs 3 pounds, 7 ounces, which is down 2 ounces. He is eating 12 mL every three hours, but at 6 a.m. this morning they are going to up him to 15 mL. He has jaundice, and doing photo therapy, but that is his only issue thus far. He really is doing well (also leaving presents for the nurses), and thankfully there is nothing really to report with him. What a little studmuffin!

Danna Lynn: Danna is breathing room air, but like all of her brothers, still on CPAP. She also, like all of her brothers, has jaundice, and is receiving photo therapy. She has high blood sugar, and they are giving her doses of insulin. Her pancreas hasn't started working yet, but eventually it will, and there shouldn't be any long-term effects. She is receiving a fluid IV, but overall is doing very well. She is eating 2 mL every 12 hours, and hopefully we will get to increase from that. She has had some residual (food left that she didn't digest), but we are hoping that her stomach starts to work right when we get the rest of her body regulated. She now weighs 1 pound, 10 ounces which is the same she weighed at birth. She is still gorgeous, and overall doing very well.

Laine Ryan: He is our "steady Eddy." No major issues. He is eating 4 mL every 3 hours. He is breathing room air, but on CPAP. He has done a great job with presents for the nurses, and really isn't causing too many issues. He is the only one that we have been able to hold so far. They call it kangaroo care, because the baby lies up against us skin to skin. Moni got to hold him last night for about an hour, and he did great. He maintained his body temperature, and really cuddled up to her. He is our little squirmer, and lets everyone know when he is pissed i.e. being layed on his side.

Our favorite news about our kids is that they got all four of them in the same quad room. We have Laine and Forrest in room 10, and Pius keeping an eye on Danna in room 12. The rooms are connected, and having them in the same room has made it so much easier to keep tabs on, and get to know them. Each of their nurses have been so patient with us having so many visitors and questions. Good Sam and Phoenix Children's Hospital really know how to make a family comfortable.

BC's big game tomorrow, and we will be listening. Go Eagles. Thanks so much to the coaches and the players help us to pass the time, and give us something else to think about. We love you guys. Good luck.

Until next time...

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Jim and Renee for the Thanksgiving card, and the stuffed animal blankies. They are helping to hold the babies food syringes, great cuddle buddies, and keep us straight on who is who in the pictures. Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

first to post...if you would notice way back in this blog you would see me as the first several times but I didn't make a big deal out of it...ha...sounds like things are going good...keep it up foursome!....can't wait for you guys to get back...this morning I going to slog through the about two inches of snow and start to get the party barn warming up for the Thanksgiving get-together today...hopefully the pipes aren't frozen like yesterday morning...wish you all were here to celebrate with us but we'll say a prayer for you Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Moni is out of the hospital and has more freedom. So glad to hear the babes are doing so well. Looks like winter here. had a beautiful snow last night. You guys take care.
Debbie and Dave

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Billy. Babies are looking beautiful and precious. Julie's mom and dad have also enjoyed the updates. Prayers your way. Love too.

Uncle Tom, Aunt Julie, Fred, Mary Jane, Jolie, and Logan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Billy and Moni, What an accomplishment and certainly a first in our families! You have certainly done a good job keeping us all in the loop. WE feel like we actually are getting to know the little guys and gal. We're all very proud of you both and your great spirits. Thanks too to Becky for her part in taking care of all of you.

Now let's all pray for Becky as she gets her melanoma taken care of. God bless you all. LOve, Aunt Lea

Anonymous said...

Hey Monica and Billy! Cathy told me about your guys' little suprises and about this blog. I am so glad to see that everything is going well and that you Monica have finally busted out of the hospital! Seriously, you guys are the strongest people, and your babies are so lucky to have you as parents. Me and my husband are moving to wichita in May and are way excited. Oh, monica, I feel like such a pansy now that I am just carrying one and complaining how much he kicks me, I cannot imagine 4 little ones in there! Anyways, sorry this is so long, but know many prayer's are coming your way from NYC! Love, Erin Goodnight-Himes

Anonymous said...

Gee its fun to get on this site and catch up on all the good news, I'm just so happy that everyone seems to be progressing nicely. Our prayers are answered more each day. Can't wait to see you all later this week. The pictures are great, modern tech is wonderful. We love you guys, Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooooooo much for the darling pictures of the angels and the kids with Santa. They are such darling pictures. All sounds like it is going well and we couldn't be happier for all of you. When will you be able to go back to Wichita. Keep the pictures and comments coming.
Love you all, Aunt Mary Ann