Saturday, November 17, 2007

T minus 9 Days!

Hey all,
Week 30 days 4 and 5 have been uneventful so far. Good BPP scores were had by all this morning when they checked all 4 of them. Danna even got an 8/8! Pius was wanting to be a touch lazy and wouldn't sustain his breathing for thirty seconds over the 30 minutes that we watched him, so he only got 6/8. I think he just wanted a little more camera time and attention. The rest were all rock stars.

Billy and I are SOOO excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The countdown really does make it a little easier. Honestly, other than that first paragraph, and my left foot is swollen, there really isn't anything to add yet.

Billy is so jazzed up about his BC Eagles going to the state championship. I told him that they probably were able to get over the hump because he left, and they replaced him with Ted Vopat. All of his excitement kind of turned to embarrassment, as the Crimson Tide lost to Louisiana Monroe, but that didn't deter his excitement for too long.

Until next time...


Andrea said...

1st to post!! Booyah! jk--Andrea

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you guys! Pleasssseeee wait for me! ha! Not really...if ya got to go...go!
Love you!
Mama Budda

Gerri said...

Here a blog site, I stumbled over that might be inspiring or just something to past the time with. It's a couple in Texas that has quintuplets in July. Hang in there

Wesley PRN RN staff

Stacey Faber said...

Hi Billy, Moni & Little Ones-
The Fabers are so excited for your countdown! You've done fantastic but that's not surprising knowing the two of you! We'll be sure to step up the prayers and happy thoughts to carry you through the home stretch and the grand entrance of the bambinos. Your posts and pictures are appreciated so much and you've been so timely, frequent and full of information that anyone complaining about needing more is perchance being a tad bit greedy, I'd say! :o) We all miss you and can't wait to meet the babies (although your amazing descriptions and stories make us feel like we know them already!) Love you all! Stacey

Tubre Quads said...

Yahoo!! I can't wait for the fabulous four to get here (actually I can wait - 9 more days). You are doing such a great job Moni - keep up the good work and rest ALOT. You are going to need to have some rest in "storage" once the babies are born!


Billy Graf said...

Freakin-A right Stacey. We knew there was a reason that you are "The VOR."

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you two! You both have stepped right up to the plate and have done what it takes. What great parents you will be....and are!
Happy Sunday!
Love ya!
Mama Budda
PS...I know how slow weekends can be on the blog! ha!

Andrea said...

Just wanted to tell you I was watching Discovery Health today and got to see your Dr. (Elliot) delivering quints! How neat was that. It's getting soo close. You guys are in my prayers daily and then some :) Love you lots Andrea

Diane said...

It is great to have a countdown. But, will it change??Maybe a day longer. Or two...or three! You never know in Phoenix.

You have both done an amazing job in getting this far. It has been a true team effort!

good luck with the last week +.
Good Sam 96

EMO said...

We are thinking about you! We have had a couple of Phoenix like days, but we are in for a big big cool down by Wednesday. I went to the Quints site that was posted and omigosh those babies are adorable. It makes me sooo excited for you two. Love

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be fixated on being first, so here goes another. I will probably, most likely, be the FIRST great-aunt to see these new babies, Laine, Pius, Forrest, and Danna. So be ready younguns!!Auntie Cathy is coming. Love you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We must-must-must hear from you often and soon! Yes, Stacy, the "Voice of Reason," has a good point. However, the anticipation of the who, what, where, and when is driving us bonkers...okay, more bonkers! Love to all. Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

I thank God, Monica, that you have been able to carry these babies so long! It will make a difference in so many ways.
I pray that things continue to be uneventful, and you enjoy a complication-free delivery. Have a truly special Thanksgiving day.

Kris K from Wichita

EMO said...

The babies were born this evening. I don't know much more than that but Vicki called my mom with the news. I think she said that Becky would be posting pictures and info tonight. Keep them all in your prayers still!!!


Anonymous said...

Mollie called me tonight to let me know the babies arrived safely!!!! Billy and Moni, you know we don't expect you to take time to get on your computer amidst all the craziness, but Becky, if you see this, let us know how everyone is!

The phone lines in Wichita are hoppin' tonight! Tonight is the monthly Haag/Dewey and friends pitch night and I know the Quads are the topic of conversation over there.

Love you all!!

Rachel Haag said...

Hi everyone!
I will tell you what I know, but I'm pretty sure Becky will be posting pics and more info if not tonight then tomorrow morning.....
In order of arrival:
Pius 3lb 14oz
Forrest 3lb 9oz
Danna 1lb 10oz
Laine 2lb 4oz
Mommy and babies are doing fine but still need everyones prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of the Graf's and Haag's! Moni and Bill you both deserve a big hug and kiss. Prayers are flying up to heaven for the continued good news from Phoenix. Remember great things come in small packages! Love and Prayers,
Rosie Duling

TeddyTed said...

First off congratulations you two... never thought this day would get here... but I also applaud Monica for being so perceptive as to see the secret to BC's success... Ted's first year coaching = BC's first state title game since Ted has been alive, no coincidence. I did get a lot of that after the Central game though. I think I'll be head coach before long, although I'm "the man behind the man, behind the man, behind the man, behind that man..." i still am the one finding the ways to win where the Eagles have fallen short recently. Through all of this ordeal Monica you kept your razor sharp intellectual processes going, and that's impressive... that's no lie... anyways, glad to hear it all went well thus far and i am praying for the six of you... keepin it real in THE DUB...

Teddy Ted

Anonymous said...

We are all SO excited for you both! Wesley blocked the website so we can't read about you at work anymore! Stupid Security!!!!!

We keep you in our thoughts.

Shoo Shoo Girls and me(tammy)

Anonymous said...

Amen! From Aunt Mollie, Great-Aunt Bertie and Mama Budda! We are all just beside ourselves!! Can't wait to see those beautiful babies.
Love and prayers going your way for the next 18 years +!
Becky, Aunt Bertie is getting impatient for those pictures you took tonight! he he!
Mollie, Bertie, and Mama (Grandma )Budda

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about tears of joy! Congratulations! I'm at the office and just checked the site. I yelled, "the babies are born," and everyone came running to see their darling pictures. Just yesterday at Mass, Father blessed the four blankets and hats I made for them, and said to the congregation, "Having one child is a wonderful blessing, but four at once, is truly a miracle." Then he blessed the blankets and prayed for them a special prayer. Later in the day they were born, but I just now found out. I'm so excited, but also disappointed because it probably means that now Gram and Gramp Haag won't be at my home for Thanksgiving dinner. I had hoped to send the blankets along with them. Love to you all and many prayers will continue to come your way. Aunt Connie