Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 30 day 3 delivers some answers

We felt like we needed to post today since we actually found something out. The doctors didn't give us the usual, "we'll keep an eye on it," or, "you're doing great." We actually were told something that we hadn't heard yet. We now know a delivery date...but there are a lot of "ifs."

Number 1: If Monica keeps doing well, we know the date. She has been doing great for the past seven and a half months. She does have preeclampsia, but it is in it's mildest form thus far and they are currently checking her blood and urine more frequently to monitor it's progression. She is getting around a lot more slowly lately. She limps all over the room, always fearful that her uterus will fall out. The weight is starting to be too much for her knees. Her belly now measures 57 inches around, but her spirits remain high. They will continue to monitor her closely for any changes.

Number 2: If Danna keeps scoring a 6 or better on her BPPs, we know the date. She has never scored lower but she has lost points for two different categories before. She has lost points for the size of her amniotic fluid sac and she has lost points for lack of fetal breathing, however, never on the same BPP. If Danna loses points for both categories on one sono, they will deliver.

Number 3: If the boys continue to do well, we know the date. Pius and Forrest are doing great, but Laine hasn't been blowing the growth tests away. He has always scored an 8, but they don't do a BPP on the boys everyday. Laine is also only in the 19th percentile, however they haven't really ever seemed too concerned. Moni and I have wondered about their lack of concern towards Laine's size, but they are the experts.

Anyway, the date will be November 26th if everything goes according to plan. That day will be the 32 week mark. There are reasons why they have made that the cut-off date. The main reason is that Danna will most likely start to get worse rather than better the longer she is in the womb. The reverse flow assures it. Also, at 32 weeks, the risks for long-term disablilities to the babies drops dramatically. We hope that we can make it that far, but everything has to go very well for the next week and a half.

Before we sign off we would like to extend more thank yous. Moni's co-worker in the trauma department at Wesley, Shelia Rupp-Haag, sent the babies some cloth diaper burp rags, all embellished differently for each kiddo. Another very helpful gift that I, as a man, would never think of until the need would arise. Also, thanks to Ed, Nancy, Steph, Kelly Graf et al, for the care package which included kick a** snickerdoodles (that we have used to bribe nurses) and gift cards to McDonalds, Starbucks, the QT, and my personal favorite, Chipotle. You guys are going to help me keep up with Moni in the weight gain department. Thanks so much. Speaking of weight gain, Mark continues to keep us pleasantly plump. His latest gift of Lulu's cupcakes lasted a record 5 minutes after his departure. He spoils us rotten.

Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. We will continue to update the blog with any NEW information. Please don't hassle us, we promise to deliver.

Until next time...

Bill and Monica (think big cigars and stained blue dresses - hee, hee)

P.S. That sign-off was all me (Monica)


Anonymous said...

I win!!! Cant believe it! prayers are still coming your way. You two amaze me. I am so very proud of your spirits. I can not wait to see your beautiful babes and help take care of anything that is needed. Looking forward to the next week and what an incredible event that will be coming your way! Miss you! Aunt Rose

Andrea said...

Great to hear! What a journey you guys have been on. Great to see how far you're making it. It's probably starting to feel "real" now that it's getting so close. So take a deep breath...I'm thinking surely that feeling of excitement and nervousness has been becoming more intense with each sono as it could be "the time"!! My prayers are continuing for all 6 of you. Monica just continue to rest your body as the discomfort will soon be over:) You've been so strong through this as I know it must be getting very difficult. Keep them cooking just a little longer!! NOV. 26! If you decide for any sooner then I would say Thankgiving Day would be neat. 4times as thankful. Love you guys--Andrea

Andrea said...

PS-Monday is a great day to deliver! I delivered both of my babies on a Monday :-) Andrea

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are in great medical hands. Our prayers are flooding the heavens and we're already smiling. We love ya! Aunt GGr and Sam

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill and Moni it's great to hear you'll be the proud parents of four beautiful little ones in the next two weeks. Knowing the both of you they will all be strong and healthy little ones. I can't wait to see them all. Knowing that Danna is my goddaughter she will be a strong little woman. And I am going to keep her away from the boys. Keep your spirits up and I and Austin are praying for you both.

A.J. and Austin

P.S. Billy don't worry about your eating habits now cuz you won't have time for much eating once the QUADS are born. Cant wait to hear the great news when they are born.

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy and Monica - I am so excited that the delivery date is soon approaching. I am so happy for you both and I know you will be the best parents. I can't wait to see them babies! I hope you have a Great Thanksgiving.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous job you've done. Congrats on getting a date. Prayers heading your way from up north in Utah!

Lindsey said...

Hey y'all,
I am a friend (and cousin-in-law) of Jaclyn, Torey and the four cupcakes. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am thinking of all six of you. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more good news to come.

Take care and GEAUX TIGERS!

Jennea said...

Simply AWESOME! Way to go. Love you guys, and the babies! You are both an inspiration.


EMO said...

Will your family still be in town on the 26th? That would be awesome to save them a trip. Sorry that you are feeling lousy Monica. I was wondering if Becky or someone else up there (or wherever) will be able to post to us as soon as they decide to deliver. (in case you don't have time to) I am sure everyone would love to know so that we can be praying with you at the exact moment of delivery. I know that might be a lot to ask,but just an idea. Much love!

Anonymous said...

It's go time folks!!! You guys keep it up and I am so proud of you both!!! I can't wait to have new additions to the family! I was thinkin what a great time to add to the new addtions. Ma I figured I would break it to you now over the internet.....................Rizz is pregnant expecting a litter of 12! I know...I know, now was not a good time but I figured hell...were already adding four might as well add another 12. What would that be called twelveuplets? She got a little rowdy with Jimmy's dog, Dozier, while you were in Phoenix the last time. I told her no more coming home at four in the morning and no more doing the dirty in the doghouse especially with a dog that she has only met once before! That lil hussie.

Really Bill & Monica I am so excited the day has almost arrived! I know that those four will be in the best hands they could be in. With Monica's not putting up with "no nonsense attitude" and Billy's ever so sensitive personality those kids will learn a ton from there mother on how to keep it real. JK Bill. I know Frank it was a run-on sentence with a double negative but ask me if I give a rat's behind!

Monica just make darn sure they won't come until after the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving! No excuses!!!

You guys are simply the best and I miss ya both more than words can describe. Monica you are absolutely off the heezee for sheezee. Interpretation: Monica you are off the hook fo sure! Thats a good thing in case you were wondering. Bill...It's seems like years since I seen my homie ...and I can't wait to see you! When I get there can you please give me a courtesy "Welcome to Quik Trip...Come again?"

Salina Cent. best recognize b/c BC gonna bring it tonight!!!

Love you Guys and I can't wait for next week.


Jessica said...

Sorry if this is random - I am a mom from Texas, also an antepartum nurse, and I read your blog frequently. You are an inspiration and I will pray that 32 weeks is the perfect day for you to have your babies. Congratulations on making it this far!!!!

Anonymous said...

Moni, I can not tell you how much you are my hero. I read this last night and was getting ready for bed and realized that you guys will have made it and delivered your quads only two months early. And then I thought of the twins I saw at babiesrus who were born 2 months early and at 5 weeks old were already out at babiesrus! You guys have really rocked it! I am so happy for you all! We will keep prayers and good thoughts going your way to keep the babies cooking for another week and a half!

Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the next!

Dan and Delane

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill and Monica,

It sounds like you guys are doing great and the quads are doing even better. The time is jsut right around the corner, you better relax while you can, because you will literaly have your hands full when they come out youguys are especailly in my prayers these next few weeks. Have a Happy THnksgiving and bea sured of my thoughts and prayers. I have all the guys here praying for all you.

God Bless,


Tubre Quads said...

Great News! I know it is so wonderful to have a date. You are doing a fantastic job Moni - I can't stress that enough. 32 weeks is so great. Laine is doing well and I’m sure they will keep a close eye on him too. No worries.

The cupcakes always need some good company if you are feeling up to it and need to get out of your room for a minute. Just give me a call and I will drive you down in your fancy ride. I promise not to wreck!

Love yall - Jac

Karen said...

As if I wasn't excited enough for you two already! How does it feel? You've probably thought about that already, but the reality is just setting in for me (I picture you two in your new roles and it makes me smile). But in about a week and a half, you will truly be mommy and daddy!!!! We continue to think of you and pray for you and the babies. Talk to you soon, Karen

Anonymous said...

We are glad that everyone is doing good. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Just hang in there a little longer Moni. Brandon was hoping that you would deliver on his birthday the 28th, he thought would be neat. It is hard to believe he will be 22, he was actually born on Thanksgiving.

The weather here is really pretty here, it has been in the 50's and 60's. The trees are turning the really pretty colors of fall and just now starting to fall off the trees.

We know you will have a good time with the Graf clan over Thanksgiving. It will be neat if they can be there when the babies are born.

Moni enjoy your time that you have left that you can read, sleep or just relax a little, it will all soon be over for a long time.

Mom and Ross' parents are coming down for Thanksgiving. So that will be nice.

We miss you guys a lot, but in a little while it will all be worth the wait.

Take Care
Ross, Brenda, Jennifer and Brandon

Andria said...

Great post. Prayers coming your way immediately! You've come a LONG way and each day makes all the difference, but having them here to better assess them will too! I'm so glad you've hung in there for Dr. Elliot and all has been going significantly well, as well as can be expected! I watch your blog faithfully and hope to hear positive news with each update. You two are AMAZING! I'm glad you finally got some meaningful (this is it) news!

Anonymous said...

Monica, I hugged your mom today and helped her find her car key. You'll have to ask her about it. All of us are keeping all of you in our prayers as usual. Know that we miss you and love you.

Barb P.
PS: Billy--we will be thinking about you as we watch KC kiss a** tonight at the game.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it should have said BC for our fabulous Bishop Carroll football team!

Anonymous said...

Oh we will definitely keep those prayers coming. It sure seems to be working. Those babies will be soooo worth the sacrifices you are making and you are so lucky to have such a great family and their support. Go Grafs!
Love ya. Linda D.

Bucko 43 said...

Hi Billy, Monica, and our little guys and doll. I,m so excited about all this, I can hardly wait to see you all. I,m so proud of you two. You have both done such a great job. I wish Papa was here for this. We would probably have our house sold by now if he were here. Ha!Ha! Love you all lots Bucko P.S. Hope I can get this one through.

Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica,

I'm thinking of you always! (Jennea is typing this for me because she is at the barn on here mom's computer checking out your blog and shared Ryno's hilarious comment with her-that was a shout out from JLO Ryno! You rock!). I can't wait to see you and the babies! Love you!

Go Chiefs!

Aunt Donno

Kel Kel said...

Well, I guess your kiddos will be fair of face if you wait until the 26th. That means they will be good looking, especially when they smile. It's true because I learned it on the Internet. They will also be beautiful inside and out. Doy! I am stoked for you peeps and will pray to Tuxedo Jesus because when those kiddos come out, it will be a PARTY!!! I'm sorry I haven't sent the Wedding Pictures CD yet. I suck. I was going to put it in the care package but Nance jumped the gun. Oh well, more mail for you!

Love you long time,
Kelly, Russ & Louis

PS - Louis is pissed that he didn't get a chance to be the father of Rizz's children. He told me that he would've been the best doggy daddy in the whole world. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it would have been physically impossible. Better that he's sad about losing Rizz than being a eunich.

Granny said...

We are praying for you up here in Wisconsin. I have been stalking your blog for sometime and am so excited for you. Take care and God bless....Granny T

Anonymous said...

Awesome news!!!!
I'm sure it's a great feeling for the 2 of you to finally have a date (even if it's not set in stone), and to have some questions answered. There is an end (or a beginning, rather) in sight!!
Not that I thought otherwise, but it's so amazing to me how well things have gone so far. We are still praying that they continue to go well, right up until the day those 4 babies are safe at home in Wichita.

Congrats to BC!!!! We are headed to Emporia!!


Name: Courtney said...

We love you, we love you, we love you!

Anonymous said...

Great news guys. That is so exciting. I am on vacation on the 26th and will make sure I check your blog frequently for weights and times. You two will be excellent parents. I will make sure I update those who have to work since you blog is blocked there.

Congrats and take care.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Monica and Bill so good to hear that things are still going great Monica you are absolutely a remarkable person, but I always knew that. I love you too Billy!! I hope the Graf family and Bucko can stay for the event. WOW!!!I am glad Mark can stop by , he is going to you guys. I lit a candle yesterday with so many prayers going up I know everthing is going to be fine. Love you Aunt Laverna

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of Pius chillin out!!! I love seeing pictures of the beautiful babies. They are so sweet - I can't wait to see them in person. Looks like things are going very well. And now they are holy to boot.
LOVE, Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Sending you a package tomorrow - be on the loookout!!!!!
Love, Mary Ann