Tuesday, November 6, 2007

29 and 1

Yesterday was our first day without our mamas. What did the quads do to celebrate? Danna got an 8 out of 8 on her sono. The doctors also decided to up her cord sono to every three days, mainly for the nurses' ordering ease. Cherise has been our nurse the last two days, and has taken Tallie and Porsche's place in spoiling us.

Moni's gallstone has come back with a vengeance. It seems to get a little better with Tylenol, and then worse with 4500 more calories. She also has been getting spontaneous nose bleeds, and her gums bleed whenever she brushes her teeth. The medical student tried to blame the bleeding on Arizona's lack of humidity, but Monica outsmarted him and asked about her platelets. Turns out, once again, that Monica was right. They were a little low, but nothing to worry about. They are going to monitor her blood and urine on a regular basis.

This morning marked 29 weeks and 1 day. It was my day off, and I thought I would sleep in. I thought wrong. I woke up early, and didn't want to call and wake Moni. She texted me early, because she didn't want to call and wake me. I called her, and she told me about her visit with Dr. Clewell (another of the Phoenix Perinatal Associates). He told us about the blood and pee monitoring. He said that they would start monitoring on a regular basis because of the slightly low platelets, and also because it is not a matter of if, but when, a multiple mother develops toxemia.

I came up to the hospital and Monica hammered me in Gin. I finally won a game (like the first one I have won in three years), and then she beat me by 134. With all of the losing I have been doing between my teams and cards I have decided that maybe I am a loser. Either that, or everybody cheats.

We let the babies listen to some Baby Beethoven (courtesy of cousin Maria) today. Monica thinks that they are going to come out of the womb talking. After the music we settled in for an afternoon nap. Moni enjoyed her nap so well that she had a puddle of drool that she quickly slurped up when the snack lady came in.

Our sono tonight we only scored a 6 out of 8. We aren't too worried as the sonotech was obviously new, hadn't done multiples before, and Monica had to point things out to her. After the sono, we went up to Moni's dinner. She ate, and afterwards I read the babies their first book. We started them out with Dr. Seuss (courtesy of Dave and Deb). We are going to work up to The Giving Tree, and follow with The Count of Monte Cristo (my choice), or Les Miserables (Moni's choice).

Moni received another fun package in the mail yesterday. HUGE thank you to Gary & Terri Peterson for the Arbonne products, Orly nail goodies, hair stuff, and everything else that a pampered mom should have. She has used everything, and her room smells good. Monica was able to kill a couple hours doing her nails yesterday, and they look beautiful if I do say so myself. Look at the picture. For me, they included some American Crew stuff to smell good, and some play-doh to behave good since Moni won't let me touch her ankles (they have gone down quite a bit).

Talk to you all later...

P.S. Don't think we didn't notice the cowardly anonymous post whining about needing new updates after a day and a half. Man up and sign your name...Delane...or whoever it was.


Anonymous said...

1st to post! Do I win something???


Anonymous said...

First to post! Championship! Bayou Bengals beat The Tide once again! Hello from Louisiana! Check your blog OFTEN...feel like we know your family and you are definitely part of our family! Hang in there Moni & Billy...we are all pulling for you! Your babies are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! I love reading the updates every morning before work! even my friends at work want to know what is going on!!!! Can I get the address again text to me? my screen on my phone went out and I had not written it down yet!!!! I am so excited for you guys and you both look awsome!!!
Katie Strunk

The Murray Crew said...

You guys are doing AWESOME! We are rooting for you in Indiana! Moni, I went to 32 wks and I'd love to see ya tie me (ya, beating me would be good too, I'm just competitive!!!!) Seriously, great attitude, great perspective, great job cooking babies!
The Murray Quad Crew

Anonymous said...

No way, is that Janeen Smith who was 1st to post? Janeen's never been known to be 1st to anything:) I'd blame her 4 kids and 1 in the cooker on her perpetual tardiness but she was that way before they came along :)

Moni, sorry to hear about your gall stone returning. That's all you need, right? But you guys seem to be doing so awesome, considering! KEEP IT UP! Little Danna will be able to hold her own, that's for sure. She'll also have both of you, and her brothers wrapped around her little finger before long.

Count of Monte Cristo and Les Mis, 2 of my all time favorite books! With Beethoven and Hugo lessons in utero those babes will be 4 smart cookies!

Will be thinking of you a lot this weekend. Love and miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

No Janeen...you do not win anything but a cookie and pride of being first to post! I spent countless hours waiting in front of my monitor for a post to pop up. With my eyes getting heavy slowly drifting away to sleep eventually dreaming about being the first to post...just to wake up and see five new posts there on my monitor. That really irks me. Congrats on the 1st to post. And to be honest with you, being the first to post is like when a fat kid gets his first taste of cake. That is how great of feeling it is. Winning is not everything it is the only thing! Bill the Q.U.A.D.S sucked last night AGAIN... 0-4 to the worst team in the league. We now are officially in the celler and I am going into serious depression. I can't win first to post nor can we beat the last place team. We need a serious pep talk. Monica it was great getting to hear your voice last night. I wish you all were here. Anyways it has been an eventful week and is only gonna get better in the ICT. I miss you all so much. Can't wait to see you. I thought you might wanna know I got a date to Emmy & Andy's wedding. It is Frank the Tank. Wait til you see 6'7" and 5'2" cuttin it up on the dance floor. WATCH OUT. Until til nextime IM out. Ryno
PS I will rise to prominance once again. 1st to post is all mine

Anonymous said...

Janeen (yes, Maria, it is Janeen Smith):

OK. Me again. I was so excited to be the first to post that I kept it REALLY short to make sure no one beat me. Looks like it paid off. Sorry Louisiana.

It's great to keep hearing good news about the babies. It sounds like it is very helpful to be a nurse, Moni, so you can make sure your are getting the best possible care even at what sounds like a great hospital. Sorry to hear about the gallstone and the bleeding. Single pregnancies come with enough discomforts, then make it four and add other issues and, well, I have to say you are quite a woman to handle this all so gracefully. You deserve all the pampering you can get! In my experience, you will be amazed at how good it feels to be able to actually move again not too long after the babies are born. Always something to look forward to in addition to being able to hold your sweet babies. Hang in there, you are doing GREAT!

Billy, you hang in there too. Your duties are not a walk in the park either. Sounds like you are being a helluva husband taking care of Monica. Keep it up.

Bishop Carroll vs Great Bend Friday. Big game. Go BC!

Anonymous said...

Monica, you will also be delighted to see the hair your belly has hid for quite some time. You know, it grows below your belly and above your thighs. (Sorry guys but there're some things the pregnancy books don't cover. Right girls!) Auntie GGr (I don't want Sam's name on this one.)

EMO said...

Only 2 more days till Dr. Elliot comes home right? He will be so proud of you and your babies! There was an article in the Wichita Eagle about having a good blog. 1 of the points it said was to make sure and post daily. (I am not making it up) So try not to get mad when we get sad when there isn't a new post everyday. We just want you to have the best blog possible. :)

Oh yeah, I just checked out the Murray Quads site and those are some cute little boys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys. Just checking in to see what's up. I'm going to noon Mass and it's will be for the six of you and Em & Andy. The trip to Enid was a success. He is in my garage. Thank you very much!

Love you all. I must agree with others, Monica, you are always radiant. Billy, you are, uh, well a hell of a guy! Love Aunt Bertie

Andria said...

Wow! What a busy day for stimulating those babies' brains! And Moni, you show those newbies the ropes, K? Every day makes a difference. I'm so happy to hear of Danna's progress. Keep blogging Billy and stay rested Moni!

Jennea said...

Hey all...first off...Ryno, you may not have won the 1st to post, but how about winning the most comedic? I love reading your posts. And everyone else's for that matter. Not to ignore the parents and babies...keep on keepin on and you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! Love you!


Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica, it's good that you have let the babies hear some Beethoven, but Stubby and I have been rehearsing some songs in the evenings back here in Wichita to present to them when we get there. Our number one hit right now is "Crimson and Clover" remade by Stubby and the Tank. Monica, sorry to hear about all the pain you are in, but I know you are a trooper, so just keep hangin in there. Billy, maybe we can play some michigan rummy when I get there because you always used to dominate in that game. Also, it is true that the "Twins" are going to Emily and Andy's wedding together. As I recall in that movie, the ladies couldn't resist that combo though. Ryno and I have some sweet moves ready to go on the dance floor. We are still working on the one where Ryno picks me up and lifts me over his head. Anyways, just checking in again and can't wait to see the both of you in a couple weeks. Hang in there and my prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

That was not me...I only get anxious after 2 days! And when I get lippy...I do it loud and proud and take credit for it!

Moni, you look beautiful as always! I am glad to hear your sweet babies are still kicking strong! You guys are doing amazing! You guys are going to rock and roll all the way to 32 weeks!

Talk to you all soon!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that Moni is keeping the residents on their toes! Good Job! Glad to hear things are going well. Keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

Kristen Baalman
Rachel Garcia
Wendy Tilson
"The Trauma Team"
And a bunch more of the SICU staff!

Name: Courtney said...

Sweet! I'm not the first to post! It's about time... the pressure was getting to me.
Moni- the nails look gorgeous. Did you paint them yourself or did Billy help?
Billy- I appreciate your taking the time to educate your children in-utero about the importance of reading. The more experience they get with the written word, the better. My vote would be Les Mis.
XOXO, Courtney

Karen said...

Love the nails. But more I loved that sweet picture of Billy reading ever-so-gingerly to what I'm guessing was Moni's belly. Moni, you know you'll be a pro at sonos. This way, when you come back to work, we won't have to call the sonotech in! Not much else is going down...Cory says hello. I guess that's all I have to say about that. Talk to you soon, Karen

Bucko 43 said...

skrdpHi Billy Monica and our 3little guys and 1 little doll.Montie I'm sorry you have your stones back. But you two are always so upbeat. You always look great Montie and Billy your as cute as ever. All is fine here . Your house is still standing and I get to see Lainie a lot more. Will miss Andy when he leaves. Don't see him much be I know he's taking care of things. They started my basement Tues. so everything is in a mess around here. So good to be home though. Miss you all and looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. Prayers and thoughts are with you all. Bucko

Anonymous said...

Hola!! I'm getting ready to go to my Spanish class, so I'm warming up!! Anywho...I am sorry I haven't written for like forever. Busy busy back here! But the pictures were fun! Moni-Your nails look wonderful, but they don't look as wonderful as you look!! Billy- you are such a great daddy! And Moni, of course you are a great mommy too!! My vote goes for The Count of Monte Christo! Although you know me Billy, I kinda skipped out on the "best year of reading" my sophomore year! I can't wait to see you guys on Thanksgiving! I love all six of you!! Love, Auntie Lainie!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, guys~
I had Mia and Maddie here today and showed them all the pics on your blog. They loved them! They'd seen some of them before but were all too thrilled to see them again. Mia was laughing and smiling at all of them, until we got to the pumpkin belly ones. She didn't quite get it, and even looked a little worried for you. I tried to explain but the look in her eye said "What are they doing to my Aunt Moni?"
Moni, you know she loves you , of course, but she kept pointing to the pics with Billy in them and excitedly yelling his name.
It was sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that last one was from Maria. Sorry, I wasn't trying to pull an obnoxious anonymous FNF thing.


Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive...this blog has been viewed 33474 times has of right now. I didnt know Moni had that many friends :-). Congrats on making it to the 29th week. Like I told Stubby and Ryno on Tuesday....every day from here is a blessing. Billy, take care of that wife of yours...remember...she does see you sleep. ALWAYS remember that.

Ron and Michelle Zane (and Logan and Gregory and Nathan)

Anonymous said...

Monica and Billy,
Your posts on the blog are fabulous. I feel like I am getting to know the little quads. They certainly do have different personalities.Keep the news coming. Praying for all of you.
Love, Mary Ann & Fritz