Saturday, September 8, 2007

Time to quit being lazy....

Hey everyone... I decided to make a post without Billy doing the typing. He's actually asleep right now because he wanted to be well rested for the Broncos opening day tomorrow (they play at 1000 a.m. Phoenix time!). How sad. My cousin Becky and I are watching the LSU/Virginia Tech game - she's a big LSU fan from living down in the bayous for so long. We went to dinner tonight at a mexican food restaurant nearby. I'm sure I'll be paying for that dearly in just a little while. The cankles have gotten somewhat better, but i'll be happy to see my ankle bones when this is all said and done - although I have to admit that the playdough-like consistency is kinda entertaining! Becky and I also went and hung out at the pool today for a couple hours. I think it's time to get a maternity swim suit or just a bikini and let it all hang out. We really need to figure out how to post pictures - I think we'll call cousin TJ and get some tech support. It's been fun hearing from everyone - friends/family/work. We always get excited when we see there's a new post! Well....more later. Love you all!


P.S. A huge thanks to Ed, Nancy, Kelly, Steph, Mike, Vicki, Ryno Graf, Sergio, Jennea and anyone else who helped move all the garage sale stuff from our garage to Ed and Nancy's today. You don't know how awesome it is to have you all taking care of that for us!

P.S. #2 - The babies are still doing great as far as I can tell. They're definitely moving around more! Sometimes when I first wake up, I forget that I'm pregnant until I try to get up and can't.


Lachelle said...

Hello guys-
Terry sent us this blog. It is awesome that you guys are doing this so everyone can keep in touch. We are so excited for you guys and pray for you everyday. Please let us know if there is anything you can do to help. I can't wait until you guys are back and we can see those four precious babies. Take care and please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do.
Love you both
Kevin, Lachelle, Rylea, and Reese

Vicki said...

Rachel and Bucko helped too. They just missed out on the sitting around having a beer at Ed and Nancy's. We really miss you guys. Be good,

EMO said...

Yeah! I am glad you posted! It sounds like things are going good. Let me know if you want me to send any of my maternity clothes down to you. I am sure I have at least a few things that would work for the Phoenix weather.

Daniel said...

Hey Bill and Moni,

It is really good tohear form you guys I am glad you made it to Phenoix with no problems. You are all in my thoughts and praye. Love ya lots


deutschmomma said...

Moni and Billy -

I know it's not funny not being able to get up in the morning, I've been there before, but I can't get the image of you on your back (even though you probably weren't) like a turtle with your arms and legs moving around :) Can't wait to come down to visit you and Billy. No worries about what's going on in Wichita re: garage sale, house, etc. - you've got a lot of family and friends pitching in to help - and we love doing it! I'm excited to do some shopping myself - although I can't believe that Billy let you put all of his Bronco memorabilia in the garage sale! Whoops, did I let the cat out of the bag?

Love to the six of you -


Marla said...

The Bishop Carroll Fan Club sends their love and prayers! We miss our Avon lady! Seriously, we love being kept up to date, and we're trying to take care of Budda until she can see you again.

Stacey Faber said...

Hi Guys!
I'm glad you're all safe and sound. I hope you're keeping a hard copy journal with all of the details of your grand adventure. It'll be good practice for when the babies are here. I always swore I would remember everything but that's definitely not the case. I can never remember who said or did which cute thing--and I've only got two kids to keep straight! Poor Lia doesn't even have a baby book (just a box of mementoes!)--and she's turning 17 this week! Yikes!

We miss you and are constantly sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. If there's anything at all that you need, please don't hesitate. I am the VOR, after all! :o)

Love you bunches!

Stacey (and Fabe, Kelsey and Lia)

Stacey Faber said...

PS-Hey Billy!

My automatic fantasy draft gave me the Broncos defense. Geez, can you get me some points? :o)


Dan C. said...

Hey guys.
Glad to here things are going well. It was a very busy weekend at work. Moni miss you coming in with a smile on your face. Staffing looks like it will get better over the next few month. We have had two individual put in for a transfer to the west campus from the main campus. One from trauma and one from ED. Jeremy also interviewed another 11a-11p position. Miss you and hope to see you soon. Get some pictures of your cankles and put them on your blog. HAHAHA.


Budda said... I see a new picture? (Cactus) Did you figure it all out?

Moni...I also was wondering about baby books. Do you have them yet? I know you will have plenty of time to keep them up when you first get home, then when they are all crawling around, then when they are all getting into things and jumping off furniture, etc....
Love ya!!!!

Karen said...

Hi Monica, I'm at Karen's visiting for a couple days, and she showed me your blog. Great idea. I'll definitely keep up with you and your progress. Nice to see your husband has a comedic flare in writing updates. Glad to hear you made it safely and that the next few weeks will fly. God give you strength for delivery of 4 babies! God bless, Always, Pat

P.S. This is Karen speaking now. Work definitely hasn't been the same without you. But, at least we have www. Talk to you soon, can't wait to see you in Oct. Later, Karen (Lehman, in case you forgot).

Bucko said...

Hi Bill and Monica ,miss you alot. Had a great weekend with your folks Bill Nick and Paula took Vonnie and I to the Zooblee Sat night also had such a good time. Vonnie and I both really enjoy it. All is well here. I,m going to Grainfield this week-end for acousins reunion on Grandma Katies the Engles side. All this going keeps me out of trouble.

Jennea said...

It was my pleasure to help out guys! You know that. I was at the O when you called over there yesterday Billy...heard something about a job possibility? Congrats and hope it works out!

Velvet and Matt said...

Hello Guys!
Yeah!!! This website is too cool! Matt and I were gloating over your beautiful belly full of BABIES! Only you Monica could look so great pregnant with quads:) Glad to hear that everything is going great! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers...Your hanging in there Momma:) BTW love the picture of Billy's belly:) LOL!
Lots of love~
Velvet and Matt