Friday, September 28, 2007

Easier Posting Now Available

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that I changed the settings on our blog to make it so that you don't have to sign in to post. There is an 'anonymous' option you can choose if you're having problems leaving comments (which many people have relayed to us). Please remember that if you use this option, don't forget to sign your name at the bottom of the comment so we know who left it - no mystery writers!!! Hope that helps. Oh, I also added a counter so we have a vague idea of how many people have checked out our website. Just know that if it says 10,000 hits, Billy and I are probably responsible for about 8,000 of them because of how often we check it! I really did just sit on my butt all day today. It's amazing how much you can figure out on your own in a day, even when you feel totally computer illiterate. Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

I know I set up a user name and password the first time but who knows what they are, so love this option. I just looked at the Tubre quads blog. They are doing pretty good and definitely heading the right direction. It is interesting to read about their treatment compared to our way. I hope the Graf babes are only in the NICU for a very short time, but can't help regretting that I will not be able to take care of them. Maybe when they are at home, we could call it unofficial home health??? I am already strategizing on how to get through the mobs awaiting their return.
Sounds like you guys have everything under control, love the pictures of all the bellies. We haven't seen your cousin's yet. Your attitudes are wonderful which we all know leads to wonderful kids. Keep up the fight with the paper pushers, I feel very confident you will get whatever you need with Moni on the case.
Well since I am still awake, I really should do something productive now. Keep blogging, resting, laughing and smiling.


Tubre Quads said...

Hello! I just looked at your blog and I think you are doing great. You are doing much better than I was at 23 weeks. Beginning at about 22 weeks I spent 22 hours a day in bed on my left side. You look like you are still getting around well. If there is any advice I can give it is REST! Your body is going to be put through hell - sorry but that is the truth :) We had high hopes of making it to 34 weeks, but my body could not handle it. I will pray for you, your husband and your babies. You are going to 34 weeks - I just know it. Take good care of yourself - if you don't have to do it then don't. Let your husband/family help you out as much as possible right now. You look like a real fun spirited trooper - you will do great. I sent you an email this morning with my cell phone number. Looking forward to talking with you and following your story.

Jaclyn, Torey and the Quads - Abbey, Tyger, Cullen and Emma born 9/19/07 at 27 weeks 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy & Monica
I am a quad grandmother (Jaclyn Tubre's mom). I have been here in Phoenix with her for 10 weeks through this quad experience. I just wanted to let you know I will add you to my prayer list and wish you all the best in your journey. Everything will be OK.
Keep the faith.
Best wishes

EMO said...

Wow! Awesome meeting another quad family. I bet they will have great advice for you. Love Erin!

Budda said...

Wow! Another "Vicki" Quad Grandmother! Isn't that a neat coincidence? All the advice and prayers sound great! I wish I could spend 10 weeks helping you guys! Do you think I should quit my job? Please just let me know if you need me, without being in the way too much, and I'll take a leave of absence.
Love you all!

Bucko 43 said...

Hi Kids loved the blog on the tubre quads. It's great for you to have someone with the same experence to talk to.Love you all have a great day and Billy I hope you enjoy your new job. Montie take care and get lots of rest. Do you guys need anything? Love Bucko

EMO said...

Billy, I am sure that you are depressed enough about the game, but your Broncos are worth negative 2 points for my Fantasy team :( But I guess this is the first week that they have let me down. So I will let it slide. I hope everything is going good- besides the game.