Monday, September 24, 2007

23 week update

First off, yes the Broncos, Tide, and Golden Eagles all lost this week. Danna is pissed and refusing to eat. We just left Dr. Elliott's office and everything is going well with Moni, Pius, Forrest, and Laine. Danna, however, is seriously upset about our teams' malfunctions. She is only 15 ounces and falling behind in size. Dr. Elliott was concerned, but it is only something to keep an eye on for right now. The other babies weighed between 1 pound 2 oz. and 1 pound 6 oz.

Moni's gallstone has seemed to disappear, but her belly weight is now causing some lower back pain. Also, her walking is painfully SLOW compared to Billy and Becky's speed steps.

Mark got us some tickets to the D-Backs for Saturday night's game against the Dodgers. Moni, Becky, and Billy had a good time drinking 8 dollar beers and watching the game. The only downpoint to the game was that afterwards, somebody yelled out the outcome of the Bama game to Billy and he had it TIVO'd at home with 5:00 left in the game. He was devastated.

We got skype set up on the computer, so if any of you have a webcam you can talk to us AND see us. How exciting is that?!

Looking forward to seeing some friends and family in October. Moni's friend Karen and Billy's cousins Stephanie and Kelly are coming to see us. Then Roger and Marsha will be here at the end of October followed by Mike, Vicki, Bucko, Lainie, and hopefully Ryno for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see all of them!

Billy and Moni

P.S. Moni and Billy have decided that since neither of us can seem to post anything appropriate (i.e. titles, obscene pictures, etc.) we will now post together in the third person. Keep the comments coming...we really are dorks about checking the website for new stuff. Also, concerning the sono pics: The top one is Pius's face, the middle one is Forrest's face, and the bottom one is Laine's facial profile. That better be the only profile of his face we ever see. The boys were crowding Danna so we couldn't get a good picture of her. Damn boys.


Andrea said...

Monica you look like a hot mama :) You look great. I hope your apartment is on ground level! I could not imagine going up a bunch of stairs with four growing babies inside me. Glad everything looks good with the babies. We will continue the prayers. Tell them boys to scoot over and make room for that little princess! Much love to all 6 of you--Andrea, Darren, Caleb and Hannah

Moni Graf said...

Andrea, we're actually on the 2nd floor, but the parking garage goes up to our level, so I don't have steps to deal with (unless I walk down to the pool). I'm still pretty mobile, though - just slow.

Auntie Lainie said...

Monica!! You look beautiful!!! And the boys look handsome already!! But we all knew they would!! But tell them to move the hell over so we can check out our princess!! I hope you guys had fun at the game!! And I can't wait to see you!! I love you very much!!

Maria said...

Oh, how precious!! This is fun reading about you guys and keeping up to date in real-time. Keep the good info and pics coming.
Moni, I talked (via e-mail) to Julia Atherton last week and she asked me to say hello and she is thinking of you guys.
Moni, to echo everyone else's sentiments, you DO look absolutely gorgeous! Billy, you look great, too, naturally. In that one belly comparison picture, if you cover up your head you could totally be Bob Jr. Take that as a word of caution :)
Love you guys!
Hug Beck for me.

Amy "Graf" Bechard said...

Monica you look great! Just wanted you guys to know that Brad and I are thinking and praying for you! We can't wait for the bundles of joy to come!
We love you - Amy and Brad

PS - My password to this site has to do with the chiefs. I found it funny. But you can't be mad because I'm writing;)

Margaret said...

It has been great to see your alls updates...I'm so happy and excited for you both! Monica you look gorgeous!! I know you both will make great parents. Wishing you all the best in the world and look forward to more updates!

Andy Bulger said...

Hey all,

i'm trying to see if this will work since we have to have a damn username/password so i'll keep it short for now until i know for sure.

Love you all!

Emmy and Andy

truth15alwaz said...

Hey you guys!!!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you, I just found out!! Wow oh wow Monica, what a beautiful, sexy pregnant woman you are! and billy your belly was nice too!!!!! love the website, great idea! much love
katie strunk

EMO said...

Those are really good sonogram pictures!!! Especially considering that it is probably getting a little crowded in there. Have you asked if they can do a 3d or 4d ultrasound? I highly recommend it.

Kel Kel said...

Kelly thinks that your blog is totally awesome and she loves checking it. She also enjoys reading all the wonderful narratives about Billy and Monica. Kelly is excited to see her cousins at the end of October. Know that she is missing you and praying for you and loving you and rooting for you more than any sports team!

Karen said...

Love the pics. You look absolutely stunningly beautifully pregnant! I can't wait to see you in real life! We're going to Florida for a little R&R for the next few days...Hopefully we'll have access to the WWW while we're there...if not, I'll talk to you two soon! --Karen

Jennea said...

Wow that's totally cool. I enjoy seeing pics of you guys...and Billy it was great to chat with you last night! I miss you and wish you could make me a great red beer! Or the shots you used to Love all 6 of you! Keep the messages coming.


J.D. said...

Hey guys hope all is going well in phoenix. Sorry I have just made my way around to posting something but you know me I have always been a little slow. Plus Bill told me no bad words could be used so it took me 3 weeks to think of those last two sentences. It nice to read that everything is going well. Miss you guys and hope everything continues to go well. J.D.

P.S. - Sorry Bill but as you probably know the quads joined those broncos, golden eagles, and tide. Nothing like a good 0-4 tuesday night but hey we still whooped up on the beer.

Budda said...

Hey! That's great about the gallstone disappearing! Wonder where it went? Loved the pictures! They look so cute!
Can't wait to see you!!
Love ya!

Erin Burf said...

Hey guys Paula gave me your little site name so I thought I would check it out. Monica you look so cute are you getting pretty uncomfortable yet? Hope everything continues to go well!
Erin Barthelme

Katie Duling said...

Hi Billy and Monica!! I miss you guys so mcuh. Sorry I havn't posted anything for awhile, I forgot my password. Monica, you look SSOO cute, I can't believe how big you have gotten. Billy, you look cute too!! Take care. Miss you and love you!

Susan said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks for the updates. The Grafs'are definately one BIG beautiful family!! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

You have web watchers from Ithaca, New York -- we try to check in once a week and see how you and the little ones are doing. We are so happy for you and wish you the best. You are in our prayers and thoughts. 40 little fingers and 40 little toes coming your way -- it's going to take some time just check them all.

Best to you and to all your terrific family in Wichita.

Love, Keith, Jen, Andrew and Baby A and Baby B (due in May) -- your 40 fingers and toes definitely trumps our 20