Sunday, January 20, 2008

Small change in our itinerary

Hey everyone. As some of you may have already heard, our return home is being delayed by a couple of days. We will be coming home on Thursday now. Diva Danna is not quite strong enough to hold her airway open in the carseat or the carbed. If she is still struggling with the carseats then they will send her home on a monitor. The doctor said she is doing great, just not quite big enough yet.

As for the little hellions that are living with us now, they are doing well. They keep Mommy and Daddy up all night, and are hungry again first thing in the morning. Funny how you actually need to feed them all the time. More to come in the next couple days. Forrest is hungry...imagine that.

B, M, P, F, D, and L

P.S. Thank you to Mom, Bucko, Lainie, Rachel, Terri, and Bertie for cleaning our house in preparation for our homecoming. We will be home to destroy it shortly.


Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged about the delay. It is sooo cold here, maybe it will be warmer by Thus. Danna rules. Have enjoyed your blog so much. Once you get home, you will have more help and maybe get to sleep an extra hour or two...
Judy Quick

Anonymous said...

1st to Post!!!! So sad there has been a change in plans, but I'm sure its best to wait and make sure the little Diva Danna is ready for ICT. We are thinking of you while watching the football games at Ma and Pa's.
The Poell's

Anonymous said...

I guess we weren't the 1st to post,but when we logged on we were so excited because no one else had posted; I guess our computer just needed refreshed. Oh well, that was still cool!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Thursday will be here soon enough. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I think it is supposed to snow some on Wednesday.

Stacey Faber said...

Hi! Ms. Danna isn't ready for the red carpet, huh? It's probably the writer's strike--refusing to cross the picket line like all of the other celebrities. Ha! Seriously, you seem to be taking the delay in stride and at this point, what's another few days, right? We'll be excited to see you WHENEVER!! Bill-we won last night at KW so we're tied with SW for first in the KCAC. The team is playing much better than before Christmas. We have some big games this week: we're at Ottawa on Thursday and then SW comes here on Saturday. That's the update for now!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the update! I was feeling the urge to text--but I fought it back!! I know you guys are busy! Life is changing, I understand. Sweet Danna banana will be out in no time, and she will certainly whip her brothers into shape...or so we can hope! She likes having everyone in suspense!

Either way, Monday or Thursday, you will have a crew in Wichita wishing you a safe, pleasant trip home! We miss you all! Take care, we will see you all soon!

Delane and Dan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking a few moments from the bottles, the diapers and the cuddling to update us. I have been checking the blog 2 or 3 times a day to see if Danna busted out. Sounds like she wanted to make sure all eyes were focused on her for her coming out party. Will try to wait patiently for all of you. Hug and kiss the boys for all of us. Like you aren't doing any of that already, but add a few extras, okay? See ya soon. Melody

Karen said...

No problem there - I would rather have Danna be 100% on the wagon than send her home too soon. Go figure, she's already calling the shots! It will be good to see you so soon, even if it's a few days later than planned! I almost called you today to tell you how freakin' excited I am to see you...I'll try to hold back until you actually set foot in Wichita. Talk to you soon, Karen

Tubre Quads said...

Tyger likes his women chunky and dramatic so hopefully Danna is hanging in the NICU a few more days to pack on some ounces and make a grand exit! No worries about the delay – Danna will be out of there in no time! We look forward to seeing you in LOUISIANA on Thursday…what…you didn't think we forgot about the babysitting offer did you? We have a 3 bedroom house and all 12 of us will be so cozy and warm together (it is 29 degrees here now)! We do have some rules though…Pius is not allowed to be left alone with any of our Cupcakes – they may be too tempting a treat for him! Also on co-bedding 8 babies in one room, Forrest and Emma, Laine and Abbey and Tyger and Danna will have to be separated until their pending nuptials in about 30 years. This shouldn’t be too tough, right?

Miss you guys so much! I can’t wait to meet up at the beach or DisneyWorld in a few years!

Safe travels to Kansas – our prayers are with you,
Torey & Jac

EMO said...

Enjoy your last few days in warm Phoenix. Too bad about the delay, but it sounds like it is for the best. Good luck on your travels when the time comes. Love you lots!


Anonymous said...

the diva has spoken,,,she does not want to leave the sunshine for the snow,,,,at least not yet,,,still think you should come to louisiana i bet we could get the tlc or discovery to do a show on the tubre & graf quads coexisting in one house,,,best of luck and lots of love from louisiana

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the warm weather a little longer before you come back to the snow and cold. We will keep all of you in our prayers that Danna does good and you can come home Thurs. We know you are anxious to get back home and see everyone, Danna just wants you to stay in the warm weather a little longer. Thanks for all of the updates and pic.
Ross, Brenda, Jennifer and Brandon

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your delay... But better a little later if it means all is well with the littlest darling! Plus... you're lucky enough to miss out on the icy mess we're getting for weather right now (YUCK!). Danna seems to already be having her say in things - with many more years of that to come! Enjoy your last couple of days down south and may you have a very safe trip home on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Dear Billy and Moni, so how are you coming home now? Are you driving as originally or are you flying and where into??? Some of us thought that if possible that we might welcome you home at the airport. But just a thought, this might not be feasible.
Did Trish tell you she blocked out the big bad needle thing and came in the morning of her birthday to get a flu shot. We were all so proud of her!!
Will be good to have you home!
Lots of love

Jennea said...

Yay! Fin-freak-ally! Whoo hoo the Graf's are about to come home. I need to update myself on the rules (like get a flu shot) so I can see them sometime before their 2nd birthday. Lol. I wish you luck and safe travels. You will be in my prayers.

Love ya all,


Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the delay but it is bitter cold here and the roads are slick so it's all for the best. Can't wait to see you all have a safe trip.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Ah, what's a little delay? Best to make sure they're all 100% ready to come home and be bombarded with family, huh!? :)
We are anxious for your arrival!
Unfortunately it might be a while before I'm able to come see them :(
We haven't been 100% well around here since Thanksgiving. Just when you think you're done with all illnesses, one of the kids wakes up puking at 4a.m.! (India's home today.)
If you want to outsource any work you'll need done when you get home let me know! I'm happy to come pick up, clean, and return dirty laundry until I am healthy enough to be a baby holder!

Safe travels!


Danielle said...

Hello! Congrats Mr. Graph. :]
You were my long term sub in Mrs. Haselhorst lanuage arts class at wilbur. How is everything? Hope all is well.
Danielle Freeman