Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

First off, just wanted to say thanks for all the great comments! Sorry if we made you feel guilty, Cary. Actually, we aren't really sorry at all. Like we've said before, we are always interested in who is following our story.

We had a little surprise the other day when we walked into the babies' rooms. Danna lost her roommate and Laine not only acquired a new roommate, but got a bedmate as well (he moves quickly. Watch out, Abbey). Pius and Laine are now co-bedding (at least until Pius is discharged). It was so amazing to see them together and interacting with each other. Their size difference is incredible! I think Laine was worried Pius would eat him for lunch, and Pius was probably thinking, "Hmm, that looks like a tasty little morsel!" How cute.

Danna was just chillin' in her isolette, looking around. She's been very active and alert from about 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm each day, and she expects to be played with at that time. Just another one of her many demands.

This is a short post, but it's better than just posting the pictures. More to come later!

The Graf Gang

P.S. Way to geaux LSU! Because Billy and Forrest predicted the win (and the overs) we can go buy groceries! Woo-Hoo! LSU.....Championship!!!

Pius licking his chops. Laine oblivious to the danger.

Big Poppa

Danna Banana....Does she look like a Dewey?

Here, Laine. Let me help you out with removing that feeding tube.

Another shot of Pius in all his chubby glory.

This is a VERY short video of Forrest getting a bath. My camera ran out of memory while recording it. He started screaming just after this little snippit.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are adorable!! I love the one of Pius and Laine together!! That is so cool that they are bed-mates!! I loved the post! Love you guys!!
Love, Auntie Lainie!
P.S. First to post!! Championship!!

Anonymous said...

This is a first!!!! Am I actually FIRST to post???!!!! Or are you all still playing that game!!?? HAHA. Couldn't resist! Hope all is well!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh look at that double chin!!! How cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a luker too! I have twin neices and the multiples things is amazing to me! I pray for you and your family every night! I am not sure if you have heard of them but my sister uses podee bottles, they are bottles that can be used without holding the baby, it might come in handy for you from time to time!

Riley from TN

Anonymous said...

HI guys! Haven't been able to check the Blog for a while - the pictures are GREAT and I am glad you have Forrest home!! Was glad to see LSU win but was even more happy to be there when the Hawks won the Orange Bowl. Miss Avery was at her 3rd KU football game (quite likely the biggest one she will ever get to go to and she won't even remember it!)and had a great time.

Can't wait for you all to get home and see those babies in person - Saturday night Lainie and Ashton were makeing plans to baby sit. Ashton said she was going to be in charge of 2 and Lainie was going to have 3 - that's 5 so I guess Avery was comming over for a visit too.

Love to you all!

EMO said...

What a wonderful mid day surprise! I am sure the boys love being together. I think it will help Laine grow even faster with all the tips from Pius. Thanks sooo much for the post and pictures. Now we are getting spoiled.(2 posts in 1 week) :) THANKS!

Anonymous said...

So, so cute! And yes Moni, there is a "Dewey" look to Danna. I think it is the nose. I just can't believe I haven't even held them yet; I want to so bad! Mollie is so lucky....and excited!
I hope you are home by January 30th!
Love ya!
Mama Budda

Denis and Barb said...

Big shout out to all of you from all of us in the BC community. Gearing up for the basketball games tonight despite schoool letting out early due to a power outage. Wesley West was on back up generator for a couple hours. Sounds like everyone is doing well. Looking forward to seeing ALL of you in the near future. God Bless and take care.
Denis and Barb P.

Anonymous said...

Forrest seems to be adjusting to being the only child. Hopefully before long he will be practicing patience as well as eating and watching football. Oh, and peeing on Dad. hee hee. Thats too funny. Sorry Billy. Maybe Forrest needs to explain to his sibs that even though the NICU seems like a great place now that is only because they haven't seen what is on the outside. They might work a little harder if only they knew. Hey, wish I would have know about the PTO, can I still donate to you? Let me know. Gotta say, love the pictures and love the captions. Hope you don't mind hearing again how adorable they all are. When does Danna get to cobed with the boys? Do they have enough monitors to cobed all three? After listening and watching you and the Tubres, I have started encouraging more parents to aske to give baths here. It usually doesn't happen on my shift since parents are not there much, so I am sure the day and evening shift love me, but whatever. Keep up the good work, try to bank some sleep and come home soon. Melody

Bucko 43 said...

HI all just a note to tell you the pictures were great as usual. Love you and the little ones can't wait until you get home. I still can't imagine 4 at a time. Love and prayers to all. Have to go play cards. Hope to see you in a few weeks.

Andria said...

What a chunk!!! Danna needs her "space"; she'll need a cuddle buddy soon enough. Their size difference makes it easy to tell apart from across the room I bet!

Short blog post, but hey, I'm always lurking (instead of working), so I'm satisfied!

Stacey Faber said...

Hi Graf Gang-
Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I feel a bit closer to you all each time I read an update. It truly is an amazing thing that you're two time zones away yet each time you post I feel like I've just been for a visit! Thanks for that! Of course, I can't wait to see everyone in person. That might be a while after you get back since you'll probably need to limit the babies' contact with others but just having you back in Wichita will be amazing! Take care. Remember that the Fabers love you!

Anonymous said...

Good read as always. Sure wish you guys would come for a visit and we could play. ;-)

Love to you and prayers,
Uncle "OrangeMane" Tom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all is going pretty well. Won't be long before you get to come home with all your precious babies. Sleep now! Sleep now! Think of all the fun things they will get into...like the story in the news about the kid in Mexico who used industrial glue to adhere himself to the bedframe so he didn't have to go back to school!

tammy :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. The babies look great and you guys are still the bomb. WOW what insight Billy, LSU to win who'd of thunk it. If only it was always that easy.

Keep up the good work you two.

White guy in FL. Randy
(#1 SEC hater)

Quick One said...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but have read faithfully. Unbelieveable how much they have grown and changed these past 6 weeks. They are adorable and your great blogs makes everyone feel we are a part of the Graf/Haag/Dewey extended family. Thanks for the picture. I am excited for all of you!
Judy Q

Anonymous said...

I check your website every few days to see how your cute babies are doing. I will say one thing about being a multiple, I have a twin sister and today is our birthday and now that we are turning 29 again, it is really nice to have someone to celebrate your birthday with. For our last 29th birthday, we went on a cruise to the Caribbean and it was great to share it with her and we can plan things together. Anyway, praying for good health and lots of eating for the babies, they are adorable.
Jenna from Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Laine looks like Ronin's twin, they have the same head shape.
Love Ya
Brandon, Tracy & Ronin

Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica,
Sorry its been a while since I posted. Those pictures are great of all the little rascals (who aren't so little anymore.) I think the pictures of Pius and Laine together are great. It looks like Pius might be a lineman now and Laine the running back on the football team. In the picture of Pius putting his hands in Laine's face, he is saying "you better respect your line or we aren't going to block for you." That's a shout out to you Ryno!!! It sounds like Forrest is doing well at home, which is good news. With his long blond hair, it looks like he might be the "Zac Morris" of the family...Go Bayside Tigers!!! It's great to hear that Danna is still gaining weight consistently, and breathing and eating well. Danna is going to be a great athlete too because she already has that feisty, take no cpap attitude about her. Anyways, it's good to hear that everyone is doing well and thanks for all the updates. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Frank the Tank

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a lurker who comes from Asher and Jacobs prayer site. I just want to let you all know how much I enjoy reading your updates. They are always good for a laugh. Your babies are so cute. you sure are going to have your hads full when they all come home! Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.

PS. I hope that you can find the time to get your information to the Asher and Jacob prayer ministry site so we all can continue to keep up with the babies. we have to many websites to keep memorized. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Danna totally has the Dewey look about her! Not sure what it is, maybe the nose and eyes??
I think Pius got the Graf genes.
Laine has the Haag look, to me. I thought he looked a lot like Ronin, too!
And Forrest I think has a really good mix of Graf and Haag.
Of course, it's hard to really tell from pictures. But one thing you can definitely tell is they are all freakin' adorable!!
Just like their ma and pa...and cousin Mo :)


Anonymous said...


I have been following your quads since the Tubres were born. Jaclyn used to babysit me and I go over to her house at feeding time now. Your children are beautiful and if they are anything like the Tubres, you are not going to have any trouble. Catch up on your sleep while you only have one at home.

From Baton Rouge,
Courtney B.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I read this yesterday and swear I posted...but apparently I am retarded--not really news huh?!

The pics are adorable! They look so cuddly and sweet! Thanks for the update keep 'em coming!

Miss you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Now you have two peas in another pod. That is so neat! I can just picture ya'll driving around with two precious bundles. I hope they don't get TOO big before I get to hold them. This is my favorite age!
Love ya!
Mama Budda

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing the newest pictures I'm glad to hear you have two home now. The girls were excited to hear the news as well. Can't wait till you get home and we can hold those babies. there just adorable.
Jenni and the girls