Friday, July 4, 2008

Let the Dancing Commence

Edit 7/09/08 at 7:45 p.m.

CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Thank you to all our devoted fans. We will post more as soon as the kids are in bed, including our very own victory dance. We had to completely revise ours since the Tubre kids stole the "We Are the Champions" song. I know, I know, it doesn't make any sense. But I couldn't let Jaclyn break their little hearts by telling them they lost. We'll let them have their moment in the sun, too. Woo-hoo!

Edit 7/09/08 at 12:05 a.m.

Whew! It's been a close race today. Neck-and-neck all day long! Thank you to everyone who has voted (especially the ones who voted for the Graf's). Just wanted to remind anyone who may be holding out to cast their vote, that the polls will close today (Wednesday, July 9th) around 5:30 p.m. CST. Laine wanted me to say thank you to all his supporters. He said that he couldn't have made it this far without you all! Pius and Forrest demand a second chance. Danna just wants a new outfit and hair pretty. Peace out!

Edit 7/07/08 at 12:25 p.m.

Man, this rivalry is getting nasty! Jaclyn is sending me HATE texts left and right, bragging about how they're winning. She even called Laine ugly. Now Torey is calling Billy fat. That's where I draw the line. We're just big-boned! It's not over 'til the fat lady sings! Come on all you Graf/Haag/Dewey/Selenke's and friends...let's show the swamp trash what we're made of. We need a little more crap talk on the comments.

FINALLY, the Grafs got their act together and are ready. Billy and I may have overestimated our childrens' dancing abilities, but they gave it their best effort. Also, pardon the videography. Daddy thought it would be fun to dance along during some of the filming. Enjoy the show, and don't forget to vote! The polls are located on the left hand side of this blog. Please choose between the Graf/Tubre families and then the Graf siblings. Jaclyn also has a poll on her site for her cupcakes, but there is only one polling station for the big rivalry. So....BRING IT, you swamp-lovin' Tubre Quads!

To see the Tubre version of Dance Wars, click here.

Happy 4th of July!

The Graf Dance Squad


Tubre Quads said...

Ok, I must admit...that was freakin hilarious! I love love love it! Good luck you Bama loving freaks!


Anonymous said...

Way, way too cute!! They all did quite well! I'll bet the laughing wins it for Laine!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Okay, guys.... THAT WAS GREAT! I especially loved Danna's outfit! Bethanie laughed & talked to each of the babies, but Jac Tubre has to watch out... Bethanie went hysterical laughing and gunning for the computer screen when Laine was on! I'm rootin' for you all!

Take care and thanks for sharing such wonderful fun!

EMO said...

That was pretty good for your first official dance-off! I had a pretty easy time picking a winner, even though they were all fabulous! And of course I will vote for your babies over the Tubres, since blood is thicker than water :)

Tubre Quads said...

Oh, Moni...I forgot to mention how fabulous you looked! Billy is a lucky guy.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Ahaha that was hilarious! Laine has got some mad skills... you might need to watch out for him when he gets older. And Billy, I didn't expect you to allow Danna to wear something so risque...especially when it was going to be broadcasted on the jkjk... They should all start working on the Soulja Boy so they can impress at the next family function... I'll be


Anonymous said...

Cute and fun. Moni, it was smart to make sure they warmed up. Wouldn't want to pop a muscle with all those fancy moves.

So you think you can dance better watch out in 2024!

Love y'all.
UT, AJ, Jo, and Lo
from Awesome, Texas

Anonymous said...

OK, OK!! How do I enter the Dancing contest. I think the triplets have some mad skills too! This was laugh out loud funny. This was just halarious and I might have to steal this idea and make a video montage for my kiddos. Man, they really are going to kill us when they grow up aren't they. Talk to you soon!
Crystal Hanson

Ashley said...

I LOVE IT!!! Laine's laughing won him the #1 spot for me. It was a hard decision because Danna had the best outfit by far.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to agree with Budda- I bet the laughing wins it for Laine. Cute, cute, cute!
I love each and every one of you!
xoxo, Courtney

Tubre Quads said...


I recent pictures, it appears that you have been eating good, are you saving any food for the kids.


Tubre Quads said...

in recent pictures

Rachel Haag said...

Hahahaha!! That was awesome...except in 16 years they will really be a little angry with you...especially Danna, showing her boobies to the whole world! But, thank you so by far made my day!! See you bunch in less than a week for the campout! Yay!
Aunt RayRay

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Love the dance wars! They all have me beat!

Andy Bulger said...

Graf Quads are going all the waaaayyy!!! (but a good shout out to the Tubre quads...they can shake them tootsies pretty well). Although my vote went to Laine, i do have to stick up for my main man Pius - you definitely caught him on the wrong song. He needs another shot, but with a country song. On a side note, Andy and Forrest both have matching hernias. He thinks it must have something to do with "carryin' the team". I just think they poop too much.
Love you all!

Auntie Em and Uncle Andy

Tubre Quads said...

I caught you trying to be slick Moni and I just want you to know I countered your sad attempt to lure the Cupcake faithful into your is the most recent update to our blog...

Update 7/7/08 2:45 p.m. Moni and Billy are now telling lies on their blog trying to get sympathy points on the poll. They know they can't beat us based on talent so they are stooping really low. Do not fall into their trap. The truth is that Billy called me a terrible name yesterday when I called to speak to Moni. To make matters worse Moni said that they would pull ahead in the polls today because we were getting all the votes on the weekend because our people don't work and theirs do...can you believe that? They think you are a bunch of Swamp Trash (their words), lazy, couch potato's like Tyger. We need to join forces and show those Auntie Em, BAMA lovin freaks who's boss! - tee hee hee - Jac

Moni Graf said...

Not trying to be slick, dear. My response on the Tubre site to this slanderous remark:

"MAN! That's pretty low, Jac. I would never call your family and friends "swamp trash"! Only you, silly.
And as for the so-called "none of the Tubre friends work and are lazy" comment.... Totally FALSE (and how dare you drag sweet, innocent Tyger into this debacle). I believe I said they were all independently wealthy and could check their computers whenever they wanted! So, quit twisting words you little she-devil. I know your mama raised you better than that! Right, DeeDee?
I still love you all, even though you think Billy's fat and Laine is ugly!
Moni, Dorothy and Toto"

Tubre Quads said...

Moni - you know I would NEVER call my (yes mine, well mine and Abbey's) Laineman ugly. You know he is my favorite youngest Graf quad!

Love you guys...can't we all just get along. I don't think Billy's fat - I think he is just well gets pretty cold in Kansas doesn't it? And like Torey has room to talk! He looks like he is about 5 months pregnant...with quads!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I think both the Tubres and Grafs should meet on a neutral site, like say Austin, and have a face to face dance machine face off!

We'll be happy to host the contestants.



Okay, I vote for you guys..the cha-cha slide was hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is close. It must be a tie! Both families have reason to brag.
Love ya all!

Judy Q said...

What talent all the baby quads have.... must come from their parents, huh Moni? Love the Tubre's but gotta vote for the Graf's. Laine really hasthe dance moves and Danna's sexy outfit...

Anonymous said...

You guys clenched it. Those other babies are cute but you took the cake with the hilarious cha cha slide.

Paula71 said...

I Love it! You win!!

Paula71 said...

Your babies did a wonderful job. I love the cha-cha slide. The smiling baby Laine gets the vote.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm prejudiced but reallly the variety of dance moves your kids do and the skill of their mother alone is worth all of the votes. Howvever; did you know that if you google Graf Quads the first two items listed are the Tubres? What's that all about???? I say you really should have top billing!!! Let's work on that ok??? Love you, Mary O

Anonymous said...

OK, Aunt Lainie is finally, yes finally, in the house! I would comment more, but that would require me to be at home...not helping with night feeds!!! JKJK! I love helping with the night feeds, my special time with the babies is amazing, so you better keep calling me! Yes, Laine was absolutely adorable with his cute little giggle, and Danna's sexy outfit-she is definitely a little hottie like her momma and all of her wonderful aunts!!! But everyone needs to give Pius and Forrest some credit too!! They were very cute, even if Pius did cry! It's hard for a chubby person to love anything about the YMCA!! And poor's equally hard for a chubby person to "Move It, Move It!" So let's give them the credit they deserve!! But to sum it up, my amazing niece and nephews win my vote because I don't think you can get any better than that! But of course, the Tubres were a close second cuz they are pretty freakin' adorable!!!
Love, Auntie Lainie!!

Lewandowski Family said...

Graf Family -

Good stuff! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Your family is inspiring! Of course you can add us to your blog roll - we need to get more blogtastic! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Is there a trick to voting more then once? If so let me know! Andrea

Moni Graf said...

Sorry, Andrea. In order to keep it fair, each computer is only allowed one vote. Granted, there's usually more than one person who uses a computer. If that's the case, find someone else's computer to use and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Then that means over 600 people have voted!

Anonymous said...

OMG...HYSTERICAL! I know that took some work, so I just wanted to say it is great, I got a wonderful laugh from that.

And for the voting: the Grafs are the winners hands down!

You guys rock!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Worried a little about Pius...can you say nurse maids elbow? just kidding moni. too cute. really enjoyed them. They are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, Danna's outfit, just wait till she is a teenager...she will get you back.

Anonymous said...

This is too much fun, but I think our 2 families are to competitive to do any more competitions. After all they are future in-laws. Well I guess it wouldn't be any different than the Haags and the Grafs. All I can say is all 8 babies were adorable. Love you all, Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

This has been SOOOO much fun to follow! I think the girls & I have watched to Graf & Tubre quad videos 3 or 4 times each... and it gets more entertaining each time! Congrats on your WIN! I knew that your kiddos would pull through in the end... Especially with Laine's added laugh and Forrest's "pre-dance preparation". Take care.


Anonymous said...

booooooooo.............. I wanted the Tubres. They didn't send me an email or text message every 5 minutes reminding me to vote. Just kiddin Bildo. Congrats and the real stars were the 8 kiddos. Give Pius and Forrest a few more votes. Better not ever let the results get back to the kids. Laine has bragging rights for life.




Rick & Jenn Payne said...

Oh my Gosh! I LOVED the "Dance Show"! You guys have way too much fun!! They are all SOOO Cute! Rick and I both were laughing so hard! We need to take time to have some dance moves with our kiddos! You guys are doing such a great job! Keep up the good work. Oh...and about the feedings. WOW...its a LOT of work. We're doing two feedings a day. I keep them on a pretty strict schedule but I haven't tried a morning feed yet. We're just not ready for all that excitement! Keep in touch! Jenn

Anonymous said...

A.J. as a Godparent/cousin/friend/best man/family you should have been the one doing the texting every 5 min. to everyone you know; isn't that part of your blood is thicker than water thing.

Anonymous said... both teams! What entertainment!!
Have a fun and safe trip guys...all of you!
Love, Budda