Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Ahead....Pinch Yourself

That's right, folks. Two posts in two days. Jaclyn, I guess when I send the Cakes their birthday presents, I'll be sure to send along a little humble pie that you can graciously munch on throughout the festivities. I don't know what my deal is. I guess I just got a wild hair, so here are a few more pics and videos.

These are pictures taken today while we were vegging out at home:

Danna just LOVES being the center of attention. Let me revise that. She just DEMANDS to be the center of attention.

Here, mom, let me interrupt this important Discovery Toy phone conversation with Cullen. We were just swapping secrets on things we do to drive our moms insane.

The shirt says it all, "Cutest thing ever!" We rarely get to see Laine-O's dimples, so this was a double treat for me.

Frosty still doesn't comprehend "too close". If you're on the floor, he'll be crawling up your back just as quickly as his chumpy little tree trunks for legs get him there!

Danna and Lainer admiring the newest hair pretties. Danna likes mirrors. Laine may be our metrosexual one. He is GQ, afterall.

Big Fo and Little Bitty. Try to overlook the sweet potato regurg on the carpet next to Danna. Sick!

The Pi-Man. We interrupt this normal feeding time with a quick cheesy smile. Regular programming will return shortly.

Bucko's getting attacked by the killer (maybe more like drooling) babies, Forrest and Danna!

We had beautiful, sunny, cool weather for a romp around the block and to Bucko's house in the choo-choo wagon (Sidenote: Seriously, like one of the BEST quad purchases we've ever made)

The rest of the pics are from sometime within the last month (or so):

Budda trying to feel any "teefers" on Pius. Him and Forrest would watch Papa Rog intently. I think it had something to do with popping his dentures out at them to make them giggle. Some tricks just never get old, do they dad?

Billy and I grilled pork chops one night for dinner. I told him to save the bones and I washed them off under the faucet. The kids TORE THEM UP! It was so cute watching the little Gumby's try to demolish a pork bone.

Fo-Man.....Gittin' him a lil sumpin, sumpin!

Meet Danna the Rottweiler. She has "that look" in her eyes. I'd like to see what would happen if someone tried to take this from her! It could get very, very ugly.

We had to give Laine the biggest bone. Otherwise, he'd have tried to swallow the entire thing. By the way, I found a leaf in his mouth today that he kept gagging on. I finally suck my finger in his mouth and fished it out of the back of his throat. He gagged and sputtered for a few seconds, then went on his merry way!

Daddy with his Diva Danna

Another clue that lead us to the mattress-lowering decision. Pretty sure crib mobiles shouldn't be chew toys. Oh well, Forrest was enjoying himself!

Pius taking after his mama with the dirt eating. And NO, Ryno, my dirt phase was NOT just last week. I was a toddler playing in my backyard. I go up to the house covered in mud from head/mouth to toe. Sad thing is, we hadn't had rain for a LONG time. Rumors abound regarding where the "mud" actually came from. All I have to say is, "Where was my mom?!"

Our genious, Laine, somehow managed to open a child-proof bottle of Children's Tylenol yesterday and stick the cap in his mouth. Here he is with the Infant's Tylenol Droppers. He really likes to chew on the rubber squeeze dropper.

Forrest can not be controlled.....We can only hope to contain him. He likes to look down the stairs from the stair gate I installed several weeks ago. You can call me Mrs. Bob Villa.

I think another reason I wanted to get this post out there is because Billy and I are driving the quads to Denver.....again. We're leaving at the end of the week and will be back Monday. Which reminds me (minor freak out here) I have to start packing and gathering supplies. Hopefully this trip will be better than the last one. It HAS to be! It's their 1st Broncos game at home in Invesco! Holla!
That'll be a fun post when we get back! Until then..........You best check yourself before you wreck yourself!


Lianna Knight said...

I just LOVE all the pics! Boy, are you two one BUSY couple :)

The babies all look so happy and content!!!

I love the hair accessory in Danna's hair...too cute!


Anonymous said...

What a treasure this site.

Uncle Tom

It's not too late to raise your kids cheering for a more honorable team than the Broncos. I never knew Hochuli was a Bronco fan. Too bad he caved in for the money. HA!

Andrea said...

I wasn't even going to bother checking this site this morning bc I knew there wouldn't be a new post!! Of course I couldn't resist and boy was it worth it. What a surprise! Thanks Monica for spoiling us a little bit. They are all just too cute:) Billy, I have to say in the roll tide video you totally sounded like stubby. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Can't wait to hear all about it. Love you-Andrea

Misty said...

Your babies are just too cute! I love the headbands! Mine rarely leave things in.
Oh, and I love your idea of the cards! Hmmm......
Thanks for spoiling us with another post!

Anonymous said...

You better let the Broncos know you're bringing four babies. Maybe you can score some free goodies.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to comment since Billy kinda hollered at me last night for never leaving a comment. It was great watching the game with Stubby and Ryno..Go Cowboys. And Moni I didnt get to tell you how great you looked! The babies are soo cute and cant believe they will be a year soon. I will try to be better about commenting too.


Andria said...

Moni, you crack me up! The pics are excellent! I love Danna's hair pretties. And I MUST know where you get the shirts? Tell me your secret! They are the best!

Gosh, they're growing so fast!

Moni Graf said...

The shirt onesies were a gift from Billy's Aunt Donna, Uncle Bob and cousin Crissy. They're from Old Navy, but we got them several months ago. Don't know if they'd still have them or not!

Thank you all for your comments (even you, Uncle Tommy) :)

The Gerwer Babies said...

Please dont take this the wrong way, i have ALWAYS thought your kids were cute, but holy crap, they get cuter and cuter every post. They look just beautiful in this post!! You daughter is just gorgous!!! And what handsome young men!

Emily said...

Loooovin' it! UNBELIEVABLE how much they've grown. You guys are doing an amazing job balacing it all. I'm so proud of you. and i wish like heck i could be meeting you for that Broncos game in CO...oh the good ole' days. But i just found out that i made it through the first part of the application process to head back to CO to teach after Germany. Keep your fingers crossed!!
Love, Emmy

Shelia said...

Moni, that whole "bone" video and pictures are so freakin' funny! I would have never thought of that. And Billy, did I see Laine trying to mouth the "roll tide" chant in that video! You all have fun in Denver... Though I'm NOT a Bronco fan, they do have one of the most enjoyable football atmospheres I've encountered! Maybe we'll see the quads on TV.

jag said...

These pictures are amazing. What sweet faces! Let me just say Laine's dimples are just too cute for words. Those are a secret weapon. No wonder he doesn't reveal them often. He must melt his Mama's heart with those.

Moni Graf said...

Ha, Ha! Andrea, I just realized what you meant in the video. That actually WAS Stubby's voice. He was over that day and you couldn't see him in the video, but he was talking to the babies right before Billy started saying, "Roll Tide". I bet it did sound alot like Mike!

Shelia, if anyone were to try to mimic, it'd be Laine. I swear he said, "Hi" the other day right after I did!

And thank you all for the nice comments on my beautiful babies. You can see them better since I cleaned the smudges off the lens of the camera! Duh. No, my roots are not blond.

Love you all,

Andrea said...

I guess that makes me feel better bc it did really sound like stubby but then you showed Billy talking to them and I never saw stubby but I guess it was him. Ha Ha that's funny! Andrea

Hilary said...

They are all so their shirts too! danna and daddy's pictute is precious :)

Suzanne said...

laughing outloud at the pork chop pics! omg! and the diva is just too dern cute!

The Gerwer Babies said...

I am sure i have written some pretty long ones on yours :)
I did keep the helmets despite my burning desire to light them on fire in my driveway and dance around them... i am sure my HOA would frown upon the pollution that those things would give off anyways. HOLY CRAP THEY STINK!!
I cheated though, i took them off two days early. I was just over it, plain and simple. I miss those things like i miss hospital food, NEVER AGAIN!
XO Case

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Your mud story cracks me up!!! Also, love Danna's headband...where did you get that? Lexi likes to look in the mirror too! Doesn't sound like you'll have a dirt eating problem w/ her. :)

Tubre Quads said...

Well, Mrs. Bob Villa, just make sure there is some whipped cream on top that humble pie :)

You and Billy sure do make some adorable babies. Those dang eyes and little smiles get me everytime. I can't wait to goober them :)

Have a safe trip and blog bunches when you get back.

If you get to the point of wanting to strangle babies on the way there, just call me so I can talk you down off the roof :()

Love you,

P.S. Geaux Tigers...less than 2 months until D-Day!

Anonymous said...

You guys rock taking them on all these trips. I just love all the pictures...Little Laine reminds me so much of Evan. I just wish I could see them again...they have changed so much since I saw them last. I love your Choo Choo Wagon. I forwarded the idea to my mother in law and she had already purshased it for the trips for Christmas. I can't wait!!! It is such a pain getting the stroller out to take the kids on a walk all the time. Have Fun on your trip...I can't wait to see all the pics when you get home. Crystal

Anonymous said...

Hey, Moni, I'll tell you where your mother was when you were eating pee dirt....just like you, I was running to get the camera!
The pictures are precious! Thanks! Have a fun and safe trip.
Love you all, Budda