Sunday, September 7, 2008

You've Gotta Work for this One

In response to Andria from Sacramento's comment....yes, we have heard from the Tubre's and they are doing alright after Gustav. I updated their blog for all you followers and also included some Graf Quad footage there. To get to the post, either click on the Tubre Quads site from the list to the left, or click here.

Enjoy the update and pics/video!



Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Good job, Moni! It looks like everything worked great. Did you notice I am the first with this post????
Love ya!

Misty said...

Great post! I posted over on the Tubre quads site.
I can't say I'm overly impressed with your use of LSU attire, but I will say I would do the same with a few other teams (Texas A&M, Bama, Gators, ect). hehe
I hope to get to the mail this week.

Anonymous said...

Your little ones are getting so big and are just dolls!

Andria said...

Thanks Moni! What a way to confuse a quad blog follower! Loved seeing your "cupcakes" on their blog. I hope you all get to have your own reunion soon. What a year!

Tubre Quads said...

Let me start by saying you are THE bomb...just in case you didn't already know. No Billy, I am not talking to you...I am speaking to MY Moni (ok, Billy, I guess you can be a firecracker :))

I will have you know that I just got internet access back at my house hours ago, the babies are down for the count and the first thing I am doing is commenting on your gorgeous little ones...

That little Danna is just too damn cute for words. You really need to enter her in a cutest baby contest. I mean, the eyes, the little smile, the chubby cheeks...Tyger is one lucky dude. And my Laineman...I'm speechless, but I do think I could just eat him alive :) As for the Twin Towers, I LOVE the army crawl between the exersaucers and Pius' squeal! I can not wait to see those babies again, they have come SO far from their NICU days when I remember them. Maybe one weekend I will just wake up, pack up two babies (not brave enough to take 4 by myself) and just show up at your door...that sounds fantastic to me!!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your already overloaded schedule to update our little blog. I love all the signature Moni touches. You have so much character it just bleeds through the screen! I have an extra hug for you when I see you in JUST 2 MONTHS!!! Ok, I am going to bed before I start crying (which would be very uncharacteristic for me). I miss you lots and lots and lots.