Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And then?


I thought this afternoon was so humerous that I decided to blog on it. You're not getting any pictures or videos because, 1.) I don't know where the camera is, and 2.) I'm pretty lazy at the end of my days.

Today I took the kids to the zoo to meet up with our long lost friend Aunt Melody. Melody is one of Moni's nursing school friends and was one of our most faithful helpers when we first came home from Phoenix. Melody, and her mother, Marilyn met me and the kids at the zoo this morning for some animal-gazing. Pretty normal morning, especially when the kids asked for Taco Bell for lunch. We went and got them their mexican food that they love so much, and this is where the day took an odd turn. I ordered all of my food with volcano sauce and all of the kids' and Moni's food with mild. The restaurant missed the mild part of the order, so before naps we had a wrench thrown into our day.

We calmed them down with extra drinks and everything was fine. They went down for their naps pretty well and when I got them up is when everything went off track. They started "talking" and playing around 3:45 and I went to get them up. They had taken their window cover (a decorated piece of plywood that fits perfectly over their window to keep the room dark) off of the window. I walked in and here is the conversation (I apologize if you've heard the story).

Me: "Who touched the window?"
Laine: "The boys."
Me: "That is very naughty!"
Pius: "That is very good."
Me: "No. That makes Daddy very mad."
Pius: "I don't want to fight right now, Daddy."

And he walked out of the room. I'm not going to lie. It pissed me off a little that he walked off in the middle of our conversation, but it was a pretty funny response.

Anyways...we came out into the front room and changed diapers. The boys wanted to go downstairs and play, so I "opened" the basement and they went down to play. Danna and I stayed upstairs and watched some Sprout channel. I went downstairs to check on the boys (after 10 minutes) and they were in the laundry room. I went in there and all three of them had detergent scoops and were covering each other in laundry soap. Of course, Laine got some in his eyes and he was crying and saying, "Laine has chemicals in his eyes." I brought him upstairs, flushed his eyes with water, and calmed him down.

Danna had decided to go downstairs, and Laine wanted to go back down there so we went down there to play. When I got down there, Danna had decided to pull EVERY book of the shelf and throw it on the floor. Really? Danna, you can only read one book at a time. I picked them all up, reshelved them, and looked for the boys. Laine and Forrest were still downstairs with us, but then I heard a chair being dragged upstairs. SH*T! Pius had come upstairs and gotten into the bag of tomatoes that our neighbor had just brought us. No big deal right? Well Pius had decided to take one bite out of 7 of the tomatoes. In the meantime, Laine had came up to see what Pius and Daddy were up to. So I cut up two of the tomatoes for them to eat. While I was cleaning up the tomato mess, Laine had finished his and decided to go back downstairs with Danna and Forrest.

It was way too quiet in the basement so I went downstairs. Forrest and Laine decided to start peeling wallpaper in the basement. They peeled a good 10 feet of wallpaper in the basement. Really? When Moni gets home I'm not sure who she is going to yell at or the kids. I honestly said to all of the kids...."NO AND THEN!" They were not being bad kids, they were just being SO ornery. It was like I had a house-full of two-year-olds....oh yeah!

They continued to bounce off the walls until bedtime, at which time this is what they each wanted to pray for (in their turn):

Danna: A doggy
Pius: Needles
Forrest: Another doggy
Laine: A swimming pool party

With love from the Graf house,
Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine


Melody said...

Awesome!! Still think you need to look for a publisher. With your writing skills and the kids personalities your could be the next Art Linkletter.

The volcano sauce is the problem. I claim no liability for the rest of the day, since all four were angels while I was around.

Hang in there Dad. We all have a few growing pains. Holy Shit, never mind, don't look forward, it's very very scary!

Thanks for the laughs. See you at the bowling alley soon.

Charity Donovan said...

Ha! Yep, that just about sums up a typical day with quadruplets! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melody. It must have been the volcano sauce.
Go Chiefs!

Anonymous said...

I agree must have been the volcano sauce, but what an eventful day! The stuff that comes out of the Graf kids mouths totally cracks me up! Pius- needles.?????? what does that even mean? :)

Stacy T

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing..I needed that laugh!
(and what up with the needles!?!?! lol)

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment! Billy, you are an awesome dad! Love the stories.

Kimberly said...

I love your stories! gives me something to look forward to. hehehe