Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You never realize…

How much you use the letter c until Danna pulls it off of the keyboard.DSC00923

How much 4 toddlers can destroy a house in a matter of 10 minutes until you leave the room for 11 minutes.

How much laundry you go through with quadruplet toddlers until they need an outfit change after each meal and trip outside.DSC00915

How many times a toddler boy pisses himself until you start potty training.

How much they look up to you until you start hearing phrases that you use all the time coming out of their mouths.

How mad someone can make you without even saying a word until you walk into your spotless basement to see it wrecked after one morning play session.DSC00921

How many teeth a two and a half year old has until you count them on the bite marks left on another two and a half year old.

How nice it is to be able to take a shower until you are forced to make a decision between a shower and a nap.

How nice it is to take a nap until you are forced to make a decision  between a nap and a shower.DSC00901

How small 6 tons of gravel looks, but how much it actually is until you move it 30 feet. DSC00912

How many pieces are in a board game until every one of them that you have are dumped all over a room.DSC00920

How much you can love something until you are blessed with kids.

With love from the Graf house,

Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine


Kimberly said...

I love this! It is so true. Thank you!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!!!! Love you Billy Joe!

Stephanie said...

What a fantastic and true post!
So, so true!!
Great stories and pics that you will laugh about "one" day! lol

Suzanne said...

freaking hilarious and SOOOOOOOO true. i knew this was going to be a fantastic post- after that first picture of the missing "c". omg.

and i can easily relate to the nap or shower dilemma....nap wins every time for me. ;)

love you guys!!!! give those kiddos a squeeze from auntie suz!

Monica said...

Parenting is one amazing journey for sure. Always enjoy the updates!!

Bret and Heather said...

freakin hilarious! all of it! love how you sum it all up at the end with the "kids" line :)

gotta love it!

Charity Donovan said...

OMG....loved this post! Can totally relate!!!!