Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness…Graf Quad style

 DSC01864      The kids celebrating St. Patty’s Day.

DSC01882Pius and Danna giving kisses. 

Sorry it’s been so long, but you guys are getting used to it from us right?  At our last post we left off with the poop down the floor vent and pee all over the mattresses.  The all-afternoon timeout worked for all of them, except Pius.  For some reason the following Monday he decided to poop in the room again.  This time was right before nap time. 


Here is the floor vent they removed and used as a toilet.

I put on his pull up and started on one of the others.  Pius went back to his bedroom and while I was getting one of the others done, he decided to move Danna’s mattress, take off his pull up, squat on the floor, make a huge poop, and replace Danna’s mattress to cover his evidence…if only he would have had some air freshener.  He was given away when I walked into the bedroom.

After I had cleaned it, and they had finished naptime, Pius got another long timeout.  None of them have pulled anything like that since…thank God.

We handled “spring forward” very well.  Actually, I was shocked at how well it went.  The first part of it was easy.  I woke the kids up at the “new” 8 o’clock in the morning and despite some sleepy eyes they did well with it.  When nap time rolled around they were more than ready for a nap.  As they woke up from naps, I got them out of bed (even if they woke up a little early) so that bedtime would stay the same.  Their bodies adjusted very well and we haven’t had any problems with it.

As for my personal favorite over the past couple weeks my wife went from completely gorgeous to totally hot in a matter of hours.  She surprised we with a new haircut.  I’ve always been a short-hair kinda guy and Moni surprised me with a trip to Aunt Donna to chop of her hair.  She also darkened it, which is also a personal favorite of mine.  Here is the photo evidence:


Before…like I said completely gorgeous.


After…with beautiful Aunt Donna and her hair completely chopped!

About a week and a half ago I heard back from the company that will be publishing my book.  They are going to continue forward with the project.  I returned a signed contract and they are working on the preliminary layout of the book.  Hopefully in about a month they will be sending me what the inside of the book will look like.  I will make suggestions for changes to the layout and hopefully it will go into print sometime in the next few months.  I’m pretty excited about all of that and hopefully everything continues to go well.

The kids are in the midst of the threes and whoever came up with the term “terrible twos” needs to rethink that thought process.  Two-years-old was a piece of cake compared to what we have been going through for the past couple of months.  In the words of the great Torey Tubre, “Goooood Laaawd.”


Pius “mean-mugging” the camera.


Pius and Forrest making funny faces.


Danna with her “Josie-doggie” and her drink.


Laine-Train’s funny face.  (Sorry hadn’t washed his hands yet, but the picture opportunity took precedence.)

B, M, P, F, D,and L


Charity Donovan said...

LOVE love LOVE Moni's new do...but she is beautiful no matter what!!! Congrats again on the book!! So freakin' excited for you! And yes...THREE is INSANE but your crew is just as adorable as EVER!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at your ability to remain sane with 4 little ones running around when 1 little one is so exhausting:) Love your hair Monica!

Jody said...

Love reading on what's going on with the kids and with you guys.

Anonymous said...

You always have the greatest stories - I cant wait for the book!. Moni - Love the new do - beautiful as always - and Billy it was great seeing you the other day!!!!

Stephanie said...

Holy hot mama!! She looks AMAZING with the new short do!!
Of course the kids are adorable as ever!
and super congrats on the book coming along!!

Kami Lambe said...

"Goood Lawwwd!" I love it. LOVE Moni's new do. And so excited for you and the new book!

Anonymous said...

I've always said the terrible twos are nothing compared to the trying threes. Love Grandma Vicki

HansonTriplets said...

I am right there with you with the terrible 3's! I think boys play a big part of it too...my boys are three times harder and more energy than Emma! I can't wait to read the book. There is not many books out there for parents with multiples so I am excited! Moni - You hot mama you! Love the new hairdo, you make me want to chop mine off too. I tend to be a pony tail girl every single day. You know it is bad when your kids start commenting when you actually do your hair. :) Miss you guys. Hope to see you at March of Dimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Moni for alerting me to the updated blogs! I love 'em! And just so you won't go into shock later and to prepare you,...Aunt Dee always said that the "terrible seventeens" were the worst!
Love you all! Budda

Jac Tubre said...

Gooood Lawwwd is right!! I'll have to make sure Torey gets on here and comments. I still can't believe the little shits shit down the air vent...that's unbelieveable! Wait, they're Billy's children so maybe not :)

Love y'all!