Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three and a half year olds…

Can amaze you with how much they know…

We have called Pius and Forrest the Twin Towers since they were born, but the other night Aunt Lainie says something to “The Twin Towers” and Forrest replies, “We’re not twins.  We’re quadruplets.”  And Pius says, “We’re SUPER twins.”  Little geniuses.


Fo-Mikey getting a kick out of his blinky-thing at the circus.

Know exactly how to push their parents to the limit…

Laine’s new (well, not so new) thing is looking at whoever is talking to him and yelling, “NO!  I WILL NOT GET DOWN!”  He understands that talking back is a HUGE no-no in our house, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it just to get a rise out of us.


Can you believe this sweet face is capable of such things?

Can make a mess of themselves in a hurry…

Sometimes I wonder what age it occurs to people that they have something on their face and it bothers them.  Our kids can have food all over themselves and it doesn’t bother them at all.  They destroy themselves and they don’t seem to mind.  Moni does her best at keeping them spotless, but I’ve long since realized it’s a losing battle.


Seriously, Danna?

Are so much fun to be around…

They are really starting to love to play together.  They play “dogpile,” “hide and seek,” “running,” “ring around the rosie,” “bowling” and various other games that are fun to watch and it is fun seeing how they interact.


Right after the paragraph about how much fun they have, I should have said they have so much fun with each other…in about 6 minute intervals.  They will be doing so well taking turns, but then all of the sudden something will happen that will set one of them off.  I don’t understand why they don’t realize that things are so much more fun when they get along.


Probably our biggest antagonist.

Are old enough to know better…

Sometimes I think they still try to play the “baby card,” but it doesn’t fly anymore with us and they realize it.  Pius has been getting into Monica and Danna’s nail polish and when we bust him, he says, “Nail polish is for girls.”  “What are you Pius?”  “I’m a boy.”  “What are you doing then?”  “I don’t know.”  We’ve had this conversation like six times in the last month.


We caught Danna smiling!

Are fascinated by the strangest things…

Our kids will stop and pay 100% attention to some of the oddest things.  They will be running around and be acting like complete maniacs, but when Montel Williams comes on TV and does his commercial about “getting money right now,” they will freeze and watch the entire commercial…what is that?  


Elephants I understand, but some of the other stuff just makes me laugh.

Act the best when they’re sleeping…



Sweet Pius…under his pillow as usual.


Forrest with his hat and his thumb.

DSC02012  Danna actually fell asleep for a minute.

DSC02013The calm before the storm.


The Grafs  



Anonymous said...

First to post! Yep! I win! I love those little ones.
Uncle Ryndizzle!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! They are so much fun when they are up and running, but oh how sweet that nap time is. Love Grandma Vicki

Stephaniewhite said...

I always enjoy your posts! Keep 'em coming :)

Anonymous said...

Great post y'all.


Anonymous said...

Hehe...I just love those little heathens, ahem, angels!!! They truly do amaze me every time I see them! I am one very lucky auntie! And yes, as much fun as they are when they are fighting, ahem, playing...nap time is an extrememly joyful time for all! Good post! Love you guys!

jag said...

They are so dang cute and getting so big! I love that they will stop for the oddest things. Makes you wonder what the "it" factor that attracts them is.

Those messy food faces crack me up. Our Cameron is crazy annoyed by food on his face while the others use it as hair gel and everything else!