Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hercules! Hercules!

This weekend we will be witnessing my cousin, Daniel Duling, being ordained into the priesthood of the Catholic church.  We are all so proud of him for his perseverance through A LOT of years of school and studying and we know that he will make a wonderful leader in the church.  Congratulations, Daniel.

As for the kids….ahhhhh, the kids.  They are still pushing us as parents, but we know that they are starting to grow up.  They improve a little each day with how they act and are starting to get easier to rationalize with (little by little).

DSC02176  The kids were so excited to go to Bishop Carroll for one of my signings.  That doesn’t mean that they moved any faster than normal.

Much to Monica’s chagrin, I joined a Disney DVD club so we could start building the kids’ movie cache.  In the first shipment, we received a Handy Manny movie, Bedtime Stories and Hercules.  I made watching the kids a much easier job with the Hercules movie.  They LOVE THAT MOVIE.  They want to watch it all the time and love singing along with the songs.  Hercules has even taken over as the top idol among the Graf boys…Buster Posey, Tim Tebow, Champ Bailey and Daddy have been replaced.


What our house looks like after Hercules is turned on.


Lunch?  Please, Mommy!

LaLa (my brother Ryno’s fiancé) came over last week and surprised the kids with a bunch of new toys.  She brought the boys some new sandbox toys for the playground in our back yard and she gave Danna a princess potty and some new big-girl panties.  Danna was so excited she started tearing off her diaper and wanted to sit on her pot.  So we gave her a go at it…and she lasted about 2 hours before peeing in her new panties.  We will probably start on that next week after Daniel’s ordination because Danna now has a potty that she isn’t terrified of.



My career as a “professional” author started with four book signings last week and I was extremely pleased with the turnouts.  I’ve almost sold out of my first shipment which I am very happy about.  The reviews (although all by friends and family so far) have been very good and it has been nice to hear good things about the book so far.


“Scary Monster Pi-Jimmy”

 DSC02193    “Fo-Mikey being a clown”

DSC02225“A Mommy/Laine-Train self-portrait”  

See you next time…


Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, read your book and laughed so hard at all the facebook updates. Loved it and think you guys are doing a fantastic job raising 4 beautiful children. Loved the honesty and no sugar coating:) Love reading your blog, Deanna