Thursday, August 18, 2011

My kids are old enough?

I am kind of starting to understand what people mean when they say that time flies when it comes to your kids.  I remember, what seems like yesterday, we were living in Phoenix, over 1,000 miles away from home, scared to death, not knowing what was going to happen.  Now we are dropping the little nuggets off for pre-school!

DSC02693 The first of our feeble attempts.

DSC02694 Attempt #2.  (Pius what the hell are you doing?)

DSC02695 Us walking in, Danna running to catch up.


The boys getting name tags, and Danna looking for a doggy.

Last night was pretty hard for me as I sat out their clothes to wear, and got their “emergency clothes” ready for them to take.  I just sat down and thought, “Where did the last four years go?”  I know on my Facebook page and in talking to people sometimes, I seem completely exhausted from the kids’ antics, but they really are a lot of fun.

Pius, my little instigator.

Forrest, my little sweetheart.

Danna, my little Diva.

Laine, my little practical joker.

I’m so proud of how far they’ve come in such little time.  I can’t wait to pick them up, find out how their day went and hear if they’re going to be allowed back:)  


Anonymous said...

Oh Billy! This just means they are getting closer to the age where you'll be sitting in the bleachers (or coaching) little league games. Enjoy every minute of the time you have with them!

-La La

Anonymous said...

So courious what did you do with your free time?

Anonymous said...

I blogged, and played video games:)


Anonymous said...

My question also is what will you do with your free time?

Anonymous said...

Holy crapola! I cannot believe they are in preschool. I feel old. ~Kel Kel

Ashley Wasser said...

Billy, you crack me up. Especially when I'm thinking something and then your caption says it perfectly. "Pius what the hell are you doing?" LOL!