Thursday, September 15, 2011

An update from The Quadfather

Hi everyone. I'm home from my first speaking engagement with a
multiples group. On Tuesday, I was invited to speak with PAMOM (Plano Area Mothers of Multiples) and I learned a very important lesson. If you haven't done your speech in about a month, you should probably practice a couple of times before doing it again. When I spoke with Rainbows United last month, I was very well prepared (with a ton of help from my family), and afterwards, I felt very good about my performance. When PAMOM invited me down, I went back through my first speech, added some stuff, subtracted some stuff, but it was about 75% the same. I found out I was a little overconfident, because I stumbled around for the first couple of minutes, but after I found my groove, the rest of it went well. The audience was awesome, it was a lot of fun getting to meet some other multiples families and overall
it was a profitable trip:).

I don't currently have anything else (speaking engagements/signings)
scheduled for now, but I have exchanged emails with a few other
multiples groups regionally and I'm hoping to hear back from them.
I'm also going to get back in touch with my local media (radio and tv)
contacts and see about trying to get a little momentum back locally.
Any other ideas are more than welcome.

As of right now, I have sold 501 copies of the book. I have heard
back from a lot of the people who have read it and they say they
really enjoyed it. Of course, I don't think friends or family are
going to come out and tell me that it sucked, but I have received some
feedback from people I don't know and it has been good, too.
Hopefully, if it gets released to some kind of professional reviewer
or parenting group or website, it will be as well received by
professional people.

Almost all of the people I have talked to about the book have asked
me, "We don't have to wait another three years for the next
installment, do we?" I think I have a fun idea for the next one, and
may start working on it shortly, I just wanted to concentrate on this
first one for a little while.

It is still available here via paypal so if you know someone who has said they were interested or if you haven't got your copy yet and would like one just click on the paypal button in the top left corner here on our blog. Thanks again for all of your support.


P.S. I’m working on a new blog with pictures from the kids’ first month at school. I’ll have it up by early next week.

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Keep 'em coming! Love it all.