Sunday, January 1, 2012

Forrest Day 2012


Forrest Michael at 4

While we have slowed down on our blogging and have forgotten a few things over the past four years, we have continued to keep track of each of their days they came home from the NICU so they each can have 1 special day for themselves.  Forrest Michael was the first of the crew to come home.  January 1, 2008 was a very happy day for the Graf family.  At the ripe, old age of four, Forrest has developed some characteristics that have kept hold of our hearts, but also a few not-so-good ones, too.

Forrest is extremely smart.  This is probably why he loves to learn new things.  In the summer times, he loves going outside with Monica and helping her garden.  Outdoor work is one of Moni’s loves and she has passed this trait to Forrest.  Forrest will work with her and listen to everything she says about plants, trees and making things grow.  He listens and then remembers it all.

He also loves to learn about dinosaurs.  It is fun for us to bring out his toy dinosaurs and let him name them off for people.  Not only can he name each of them, he can also tell you fun facts about each of them.  “That’s the dromaeosaurus.  It is the fastest dinosaur.  It also is a carnivore and likes to eat other dinosaurs’ eggs.”  Good Lord, Son.  Where’d you learn all of that?  “Dino Dan” is currently his favorite show and he will sit at attention and listen to everything Dan says.

Forrest also loves to interact with other kids.  He doesn’t care if they are older.  He yearns to play games and be included.  This concerns me a little, as I worry he may be easily convinced to do things he shouldn’t, but hopefully we can continue to develop his conscience and he will be able to make good decisions.

As for the things we don’t like so much…

I believe Forrest may be the most stubborn person I have ever met.  When he does or doesn’t want to do something, he’s going to do things his way.  Last week, I was going to take them to look at Christmas lights.  I knew they would be up later than normal, so I made them take a nap.  The other three immediately went potty and went to their beds.  Forrest did not want to take a nap so he sat out on the couch and pouted.  Aunt Lainie was going to come and stay with him, but Moni finally convinced Forrest to take a nap…after he got to help her measure one of our bedrooms.  That was “Forrest’s idea” so therefore, it was acceptable to him to take a nap since he decided to do it.

Forrest also can get pretty whiny.  He seems to get bored easily.  When he gets bored he gets crabby.  It’s pretty hard to get four four-year-olds cleaned, dressed and loaded so we are home a lot.  I know it is partly my laziness, but taking them places is hard.  He is very creative, though, so when he’s not in a bad mood, he can entertain himself.  I definitely prefer him making up games to all the whining.

The day he was born:)

The very first “Forrest Day”

Forrest at 1

Forrest on his 2nd birthday 


Forrest at 3

Forrest Michael, some day when you read this, I want you to know how much your mom and I love you.  We are so proud of you, and with your great attitude towards all the people you meet, you will be able to accomplish whatever you want.  Stay sweet, Fo-Mikey:)


Dad and Mom


Anonymous said...

I so love that you post "on their own day" happy Fo-Fo day.I can't believe they are getting so big and getting to be such young men and a young lady


Linda Chapman said...

What an awesome post! I am loving reading about all these special little people!

Anonymous said...

Happy Forrest day, FoFo. Love Grammy