Monday, January 9, 2012

Pius Day 2012


Pius at his 4th Birthday

My “main man” Pius came home on January 9, 2008.  We are so proud of our 1st born.  Pius James Graf was the biggest at birth and he has always seemed to have a sense that he was the “big brother.”  Right after the kids were born, Pius and Danna got put into a room together.  During the early times in the NICU, Pius insisted that he would be facing Danna at all times.  The nurses would have to completely flip his body because, honestly, he would SCREAM if he wasn’t facing his little sister.

One of my absolute, favorite stories about the kids happened before they were born.  When we found out Danna was struggling in the womb (she didn’t have enough room, wasn’t getting enough nutrients, etc.) Pius moved himself in Moni’s belly.  He really dropped a few inches in the womb and Danna instantly had more room.  Also, during our sonos, Pius would always kick Laine or Forrest whenever they would crowd Danna.  Strange coincidence?  Probably, but he has seemed to relish the “oldest, leadership” role since the beginning.

I am doting on Pius, but he does have a few downfalls as well.  Pius is the sneakiest little shit I have ever met.  He is always up to something…always.  I know that we have made jokes about checking Pius’s bed for contraband, but we do.  Pius is the sneaky one that hides things (food, toys, knives,etc.) in his bed.

Pius is also the one that loves to “trick” us.  He is always trying to pull one over on Moni or me, his babysitters or visitors that come over.  Our little Pi-Pi knows no strangers and he makes every day a lot of fun.  Nothing fires him up more than being the center of attention (almost to a fault) and while it frustrates us, it is also one of his most adorable traits.


Pius on the day he was born


Pius at his 1st birthday


 Pius at 2


Pius at 3


Pius is so excited that his day falls on “championship day.”

pius head lac

The night before Pius day, we had a little injury.

Pius James, you are my “main man,” and we are so proud of you.  You love sports, spiderman and attention and you are so fun to be around.  I hope you continue to look out for your brothers and sister and keep your great sense of humor.  You are a joy to be with.  Have a great “Pi-Pi Day 2012.”  We love you so much.



Linda Chapman said...

He is PRECIOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pius Day, PiPi. Love, Grammy