Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Quadfather

That's right everyone, it's Bill-boy's birthday! Thank you, Vickie, for going through all that labor and pain to bring him into this world 28 years ago today. He's so special, he celebrates his "birthday week", but please join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday today.
Billy and I met in high school and started dating our junior year in November 1997. It hasn't always been easy (just ask our family and friends), but there is no one I'd rather be sharing my life with today.
I'm posting a few pictures of us through the years. My how time flies!

Junior Prom

Our wedding day - June 24, 2000. What a couple of young pups!

A couple of years ago??? Can't remember. That was our doggy, Ralph. He had an untimely death after an unfortunate meeting with a bumper.

Halloween 2005 (I think). That year, we were a doctor/nurse combo. I tried getting him to wear the dress, but he backed out. We LOVE Halloween and usually try to dress up every year. Other past costumes include Litte Bo Peep (Billy) and her sheep (me), a lock (me) and key (Billy), and last year in Phoenix I dressed up as a woman pregnant with quads because I was laid up in the hospital on Halloween.

I love you, Billy! Have a GREAT birthday week!



Andria said...

Wow! High School Sweethearts! Love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY! What a young pup you still are!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Billy ---- 25 & 3/4 years of hell, pain, and misery for me! from your lil bro Ryno

After surviving 25 and 3/4 years with my brother I don't think a SEMI could even kill me! I am "Immortal"

Just kiddin Bill... wouldn't take it back for anything... What didn't kill me only made me stronger! And for that I commend you and I appreciate it Greatly!... You geezer you... OLD BALLS!

Love ya Man!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Billy!!Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

Oh yeah Billy....I hope your boys don't go around pulling girls hair like you did. That hurt. :) Andrea

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Happpy Happy Birthday! I celebrate my "birthday week" also! I love the pictures!

What will you guys be doing for Halloween this year?

Lianna Knight said...

Such cute pics!! You guys look EXACTLY the same :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Billy! I sang to you on the phone, did you hear me?
I don't know about that comment before this one.....I think there has been just a little change. I love the title too! You guys are something else! Love ya!

Jennifer L said...

I have to ask...Bishop Caroll HS in Whitchita Kansas? I was there as a freshman 1st semester 1993

Stacey Faber said...

Happy Birthday, Billy! You were just a little three year old tyke when I first came into the mix and now look at you! It's been so much fun watching your life unfold--sometimes in a rather bumpy fashion!--and I could never have predicted where life would find you today: the father of four BEAUTIFUL babies and married to their momma who gets more beautiful every day. How lucky are you?? Have a fabulous birthday and make sure you share your cake with the quadlets! Love you! Stacey

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Billy!!!

King Quads said...

Such a cute post, love the pictures. You guys are so adorable together. Happy Birthday Billy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Billy. Hope it is a good one and I hope you have many more. You are a awesome Dad and Monica is an awesome Mom to the quads. I enjoy helping you out with the quads. The quads are addicting, because I cannot wait until the next time I see them to see what they are doing new. Of course I love spending more time with you two also. Make sure to share some birthday cake with the quads. I will see you tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Billy, you've given us a lot of grins, a huge scare, and much love since you were born. And now, from all your aunts, uncles and cousins on the Graf side ... "May the dear Lord bless you, and his Blessed Mother too, and your patron saints Michael and Joseph, keep watch over you." Happy birthday week! Aunt GGr and Sammy Joe

Misty said...

OMG! I feel sooooo old now! 28!?!?!?!
Happy BIrthday Billy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Billy!! Enjoy your special day.
Love from all the Duling's
John, Rosie, Maeve, JJ, & Kathleen

Tubre Quads said...

Happy Birthday you old goat! Man...28...you must feel ancient! Torey wants to know if you need some Depends. Just kidding young man.

I love the doctor and nurse Haloween outfits...too funny.

You better get ready for our reunion in a few weeks. Cats don't like water, so I can't imagine they are going to go easy on the Tide in Death Valley...You're going down suckas!

Love yall and I can't wait to come crash your first B-day party with my girls...I am PUMPED!


Anonymous said...

What a hott couple!!!