Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part Deux of "We Survived Denver. Woop, Woop!"

Let's see, where did we leave off? Ah, yes....Aunt Laverna's. We stayed the night Thursday.


We did feeds, baths, feeds again and left took off for Denver during their naptime. The babies slept, jabbered and continued to be on their BEST behavior. After about 2.5-3 hours, they started acting hungry, so I dug my way to the back seat and started spoon feeds. Didn't know how it would work out, but it ended up being a great idea (besides having to contort my body into the most impressive yoga moves even the most avid of yoga-ists would be proud of amidst all the luggage and carseats). We made it to Denver without incident and the babies got to love on Aunt Debbie, Uncle Billy, cousins Rosie and Jonathan.

The babies, in order according to behavior in the car....

Are you surprised that Forrest is in last place? Neither were we.


The rest of the entourage arrived in Denver Friday night (Lainie, Adam, Ryno, Angela, Rachel and Sergio). We spent Saturday lounging, playing, EATING (the family all knows what an excellent cook Aunt Debbie is) and just enjoying Colorado and the Mile High City. We took the kids out in their Choo-Choo wagon and found a sports shop. We had to get a bumper sticker for the wagon! Later that evening, Billy and I walked the kids down to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium and toured the surrounding. It was a beautiful evening and we all felt right at "home".

Pius (and the other 3) LOVED Uncle Billy's 'stache!

Danna and her daddy. She had what we like to call "a little drooling problem" that day. But I drool too when Billy holds me like that.

The Laine-Train trying to pull off the 1991 "one overall strap unfastened" look

Farm boy Forrest

The big-mouthed Pi-Man

Sergio and Lil' Miss Thang. Wanna a little wine with that cheese?

Taking a gander through the Broncos mecca. Pius was in complete wonderment at the Sports Shop.

Our Saturday evening stroll landed us at the feet of the Broncos in front of the stadium.

Made the mistake of giving Forrest the Gerber Puffs tub. We salvaged what we could, then let him hit his forehead the entire ride home, reaching down and trying to pick them up off the wagon floor.

Honk if you love the Broncos!!!

SUNDAY - Get your game face on!

Sunday morning, the kids got bathed and dressed for the big day. The whole group walked down to the stadium (Aunt Debbie's house is only a couple of blocks from it) and got lots of honks, stares, grins and down-right belly laughs! We discovered that it doesn't matter the age, sex, race, class or handicap....four babies all in a row will make ANYONE smile. The quads just ate it up. Except for Pius who was more interested in watching his pompom drag on the ground. He's a weirdo like that.

I'd say he's going prematurely gray, but you have to HAVE hair first! This wasn't "staged", either. He was trying to eat the bubbles and came up looking like this.

Laine is such a binky-boy! Doesn't matter whose it is, he'll see it on the ground and pop it in his mouth.

I'm sure Forrest and Danna will appreciate this picture when they're in high school.

These next 4 are pics of their gameday outfits....

Laine (and Sergio's hand)

Pius with Aunt RayRay

A hungover (?) Forrest

Go bananas. Go, go bananas.

Frosty with his woman, Angela

The babies didn't go to the actual game with us (this year!), so we said our goodbyes near the gate and Aunt Debbie and cousin Rosie walked them back to the house and quad-sat while we were chewing our nails off at the game. It was a close one! Broncos 34, Saints 32. Woop, woop! (Too bad I can't say the same for last Sunday's game against the Chefs. No I did not misspell it. I'm blaming it on the bad karma sent by UncleT.)

The ride to the stadium. Pius was dragging the pom-pom the whole way. No joke. He LOVES to hold things over the side and shake them. He even does this with the washcloth used to clean their faces after spoon feeds!

Aunt Debbie in the middle, Lainie and Angela in sunglasses, half of Adam's head, and a bunch of strangers near the stadium.

Danna and cousin Jonathan. He looks so much like Ben Affleck

An infamous self-portrait

Pius: "Whaddya mean we're not goin' to the game? I got all dressed up with no where to go?"

Forrest: "The Saints?! Gag me with a spoon!"

Laine: "Mom, I'll love you forever because you give me faux-hawks!"

Danna: "Mom, you forgot to put a hair pretty on me! Sheesh!"

It was a packed house

Like I said, "a real nail-biter!"

Thanks for hosting us Schwartz Family! From left: adults (we use that term very loosely)-Uncle Billy, Rose, Aunt Deb, Jon; babies L, P, F and D

I wish we could say that we partied into the wee hours of the morning, but we had to get back to KS for Billy's classes and our jobs. Boo, Hiss. We thought we would be stallions and drive through the night straight through, but changed our minds after about 2 hours on the road. Laverna was gracious enough to let us back in to her home and spend the night again in Grainfield. She had a doctor's appointment the next morning, so we thought we'd visit her at the Medical Center in Quinter. We enjoyed meeting all the wonderful nurses and doctor who take great care of our Laverna while she's getting her chemo treatments.

Great-great Aunt Laverna et al

After our little Quinter detour, we headed home sweet home. I got pictures of the car spoon feeds this time. The babies exceeded our expectations on the trip and we are so grateful to everyone for helping out and making Denver Trip 2008 a HUGE SUCCESS!

We've got lots more fun videos and pictures already in the works. In the meantime, I'd like to know who our readers cheer for during football season. Let us know!




Emily said...

Yeah from Germany! First to post is Emmy and Budda!

Emily said...

We're off on our German excursion vacation with mom and can't wait! Miss you all and love all the pics from the Denver trip. Just laughed and laughed. America's Funniest Home Videos here you come!
Auntie Em and Budda (and Andy who's panicking about packing right now)

Moni Graf said...

Have fun touring Europe mom, Emmy and Andy. Don't let Andy freak out, start profusely sweating, and then scare all of the Europeans away! Hee, Hee!
Love you guys and MISS you tons!


Anonymous said...

Go Titans!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful postie. Thank you.

Love from Texas Grafs.

Did you have any problems shaking the image of obam at Invesco? I think I'd really get the willies. I will say I jogged around that field a long time ago. It was kind of cool except when I got caught urinating on that bronco statue.

Anonymous said...

Forrest Michael Graf...we are through! I can't believe you have another woman and that you let your mom flaunt pictures of you and her right before my eyes. I'm totally over it you womanizer you. I've been eyeing those Murray boys for awhile now anyway. Hmmm, so many to choose from, so little time.

Peace out Frosty. Don't bother calling or writing...we are so done. And don't try to give me the whole "I was in another area code" excuse either.

Emma "Broken Hearted" Tubre

P.S. You better watch your back...I just might go all Carrie Underwood on your little green wagon seat.

Tubre Quads said...

What a great post! I love all the pictures, except Angela and Forrest. My poor baby girl is in tears over The Bronco outfits are too dang cute and don't even get me started on the littlest Bronco cheerleader :)

Keep up the great work guys and maybe we'll see you in LA on AFV???

Love ya,

shortmom said...

I came to your site daily for a check on the Graf Quads. Can I say they are just adorable and always, always bring a smile to my face. Hate to say I'm not a Bronco fans....Straight up COLTS fan!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit....I'm a closet Graf quad fan! I went to SME with Billy way back in the day and came upon your blog by chance. Now I'm addicted! You and all of your quad friends are absolutely AMAZING! I have an 8 month old and thinking of some of the challenges we face, I can't image taking that times 4!I loved the pics of the trip. You are brave people to drive that far with 4 10 month old babies. Go Chiefs (Sunday was the first happy day in a LONG time), and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Andria said...

LOVE the pics! (I can't see the videos from work ~ and it kills me!) The captions are hilarious. And you are a great storyteller too - well, blogwriter! I'm so entertained! (and easily!)

Congrats on such a successful trip. What a blast!

I'm a Dallas Cowboy bandwagoner from California (just because it's my husbands team.)

Moni Graf said...

Dear Emma,
It's not what it looks like! I hate when mom puts words in my mouth (or captions under my pictures). Angela is a beautiful, wonderful lady, but as you can see, I wasn't even smiling in that picture. She's much too old for me. Don't get me wrong - I like older women. But 2 months is about all I'll do. I know those Murray boys are handsome little devils and I can't blame you if your eyes wander. But find it in your heart to stop listening to your mom and future mother-in-law and take me back. I think they have a diabolical plot to break us up. I love you Ponygirl, Pumpkin Pie, Sweetie Poo!

Forrest Graf

Andrea said...

Loved all the pics and videos. Cute x 4 :) I'm a Raiders fan by marriage. (I still prefer Broncos though) Andrea

Suzanne said...

Ha-larious. OMG. glad you guys had a wonderful trip--i just LOVE the babies in their gear...TOO CUTE for words!

KelNosz said...

What a bunch of cuties! Glad you had a good trip. I love the pictures in the overalls - now I want to buy my little guy some. :)

We're Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Like you, we live in enemy territory (near Cincinnati). Of course, the Bungals are such are embarrassment that their fans are pretty quiet these days. Michael has the same style of NFL windsuit as the boys. Target?

I was half watching the Broncos with my hubby during week 1 and found myself pulling for them. I know I was influenced by past pictures of quads in Bronco gear.

Kellie N.

Kelly said...

We're Detroit Lion fans in this house! My husband likes to pick the underdogs for all sports!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet Frosty, I just knew it couldn't be true! You had me at Dear had me at Dear Emma. Or maybe it was when you said "diabolical" know how much I love it when you use such big words my little future Einstein.


Shelia said...

Man, I'm busy and don't check for a few days and come back to two posts... What a treat! The kiddos look so cute in their Bronco gear (and I don't even like the Broncos!). I have to say, I never thought I'd see those boys ALL DRESSED THE SAME! How darned adorable is that!? Glad to hear you had such a good trip this time around. You are both very brave souls! Take care.

The Carlsons said...

looks like a fun trip! i bet denver had perfect weather for you all. ahhhh!

i haven't mentioned this yet but i think your kids and two of our girls, anna and bethany, look related. it must be the big heads, little button noses and big blue eyes :) i always think that when i see your kids - ha :) !

glad you had a fun and safe trip!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

EMO said...

Wonderful post. I am so glad that your trip was a success. If the kiddos improved that much since your 1st road trip, just imagine how well they will do next time!
I like the Chiefs, and David likes the Falcons, and I like TO so I guess I like the Cowboys by default. (I used to like the Eagles)...

EMO said...

Are those car seats made to go in the choo choo train thing? Or did you just rig it up?

The Gerwer Babies said...

They are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the wagon and want one so bad!!

Moni Graf said...

Erin, we just plopped the carseats in the wagon. Unlike Forrest and Emma, they were NOT made for each other. But it works!


p.s. what a variety of teams! Titans, Colts, Chefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, Lions and Falcons.... If it makes anyone feel better, Cowboys are my #2 and Colts are #3.

Trisha said...

Ok, here is the world's worst actually leaving a message....(that is aside from Anita, oh I didn't say that outloud did I)??
I am gald to hear that the trip went well, I was thinking about you guys and the driving. I can't believe how big the kiddos are getting, even after seeing them tonight breifly.
Billy, I was thinking about you after this past Sundays football game. I opted out of calling you guys.. Love the pics, the Bronco outfits are adorable.


Anonymous said...


GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!


Charity Donovan said...

Is there some unspoken rule that quads all have blue eyes? Mine are all blue eyed as well! Do you not LOVE the choo-choo? We just got ours & already it is my favorite purchase yet!!! LOVED the Puffs shot! HILARIOUS!


GO BRONCOS!!!! i love all the pics and all the littl broncos attire. My husband is from Longmont and all his family is in Colorado (Lakewood, Ft Collins, Denver, etc....) They have season tix and those are the best games ever to go to-
I love reading your blog and guys are so funny!

Anonymous said...

go vikings go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Romo for president?? That had to be my little cowboys fan...
I am a steelers fan and proud of it!!! But the broncos trip was a blast and I'm glad I was able to join you on your trip. I just love you guys and your four little bundles of joy.


Anonymous said...

I especially enjoyed the Shwartz family picture with the Oz kids. Unless I'm mistaken, the sweety-pies can now boast of boobie beer AND poker playing 'BUTT' kickers. Finally, the green table is holding 4-of-a-kind. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist the lame humor.) Aunt GGr and Sammy Joe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Emma, I forgot to tell you taht Forrest is safely in your control...Let's just say he's not my type... Sorry Fo'

HansonTriplets said...

Moni - I just spent the last hour catching up with you family and all your posts. My computer wasn't updating so I thought your last post was from before you went on your trip. Imagine my surprise when I refreshed the screen and there were all your posts about your trip. I am such an idiot!! I am glad to hear you all had such a great trip. Dana is such a small little peanut. I wish I could see them again. I am going to call you and see if you want to come to the pumpkin patch this Sunday with Ashley Wasser and our family. If you don't I want to schedule a time where I can come over and see them again. P.S. I can't wait to get my Choo Choo Wagon. My mother in law is giving to the kids for their birthday. I will call you.