Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome Home, Soldier

Crissy, Wesley, Donna and Bob Poell. This picture was taken just prior to his departure.

This post is going to be dedicated to our cousin, Sgt. Wesley Poell. He returned on October 18th after serving approximately 9 months. He is a member of (please forgive me if we word this incorrectly) the 1st Battalion, 161st Field Artillery. He was stationed in Ashraf, Iraq which is north of Baghdad. They had a ceremony for his unit when they arrived home to Wichita. We loaded the kids up and took them down to Century II for the emotional homecoming. The Kansas Patriot Guard was also there in all their glory (motorcycles, leather, and American flags in tow). It was quite a scene and something we will NEVER forget.

Wes, Moni and Forrest. Forrest is sizing him up, thinking "I've got more hair than you!"

Wes, Stubby and Pius. Pius is thinking, "I ALMOST have as much hair as you!"

Wes, Moni and the Banana Princess. Danna's thinking, "I KNOW I'm the best lookin' chick you've seen in 9 months, but try to contain your excitement."

While Wesley was over there, we were able to exchange emails, and he was able to keep up with the Quad Squad overseas. He is probably responsible for the Graf Victory in Dance Wars vs. the Tubre Quads as he and his fellow squad members all voted for the mad dance skillz of the kids. He also told me that he is ready to teach the boys how to actually dance because he has seen me in action and I help prove the theory right: "White guys can't dance." Just kidding about the Dance-off, Tubre Quads. The government didn't provide them with fast enough internet to be able to participate in the voting.

I was so happy that he and his sister, Crissy, showed up for my birthday last week at the bowling alley. He helped coach us to 3 more wins and get us to the top of the standings. (Actually he just made fun of Ryno and me because we were horrible).

Crissy and Wesley

Anyone who knew him before he left can tell what he spent his little free time doing over there because he is a freakin rock now. I don't think I can beat him up anymore. My wife has been drooling over his six-pack and arms since we saw him.

Wesley....on the clock.

Wes holding his godson, Zach Graf

Wes and Stubby. Stubby thinking, "Six-pack?! More like an eight-pack! Get in my belly!"

We love you so much and are thankful you came home safely to us, Wesley. Our hearts and prayers go out to your unit and to the family and friends of your fallen comrade, Sgt. Schmidt. We are forever grateful to ALL who serve, and have served, so we can live our lives freely.


Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine (not pictured anywhere in this post....oh well)


Andria said...

Wow! What a homecoming! Welcome home Wesley! And Moni, you and Danna are the hottest chicks there! (okay, Crissy and Donna(?) too! lol. And those men are ALL handsome... 6-packs or not!

EMO said...

Oh man, thanks for making me cry. Great post anyways...

We LOVE you Wesley!!!

Anonymous said...

Billy, what a beautiful tribute for Wesley! Seriously, I've got tears running down my cheeks. Yep, he's the man! The pictures were also exceptional. You really captured the spirit of the homecoming. God bless America.
Aunt GGr

Anonymous said...

Really nice post and tribute. Erica had told me about your bowling outing.

I have been checking this site often since Rhonda told me about it, but haven't even posted a comment. You two are so blessed to have children. I wish we had as much luck with Dr. Tjayden, but I guess it is in God's hands alone now.

Good to know all is well, take care of the cuties.

Jenny McFadden (Kampling)

Moni Graf said...

Gloria, I can't take credit for the pics. Dana sent most of those to Crissy, who sent them to me. I meant to state that in the post, but forgot. The ones from before they left and those taken in Iraq came from Crissy.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. We love all of you and thanks for recognizing our heros.

You and Billy are too; but....


Andrea said...

Yay for Weseley being back home safely!! We love you Wesley. Was that his first time meeting the quads? Thanks for the special post. Love, Andrea

Moni Graf said...

Yes, Andrea. That was the first time the babies and Wes met. It was awesome.


jag said...

I'm so happy your cousin is home safe! I know the reunion was wondeful for all.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! I have a lump in my throat! Thank Wesley for us and thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

FWGNFL Said...

Welcome Home Wes.


Anonymous said...

You guys....best post ever....Uncle Bob

Tubre Quads said...

Great post. Welcome home Wesley and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is so good to know that our great country is being protected by such brave men. Too bad you are related to Billy and Moni though...you just lost a few points in my book :)


Anonymous said...

Billy and Monica, Bob and I want to thank-you, from the bottom of our hearts. This is so special to us and I can't tell you how much it will mean to Wes. He's 4- willing at the Dunes right now, with a couple of his soldier buddies, but will be back tommorrow. I can't wait for him to see it. God Bless You, and we Love all of you. UFB and Aunt Donna

Fulton Quads said...

Welcome home!! Thank him for serving our country!! The sacrifices they do for us makes me SO emotional! Cathy

Squiggle Wiggle & Maggers Moo said...

What a beautiful post. Wesley, if you read the comments, we want you to know as an American we are so proud of you. You are what makes us strong. To Wesley's family, thank you for giving us your son, brother, cousin, grandson, godfather to defend our country. If it weren't for wonderful families like yours our country wouldn't be as great as it is. God Bless and Happy Halloween.
Love the College Hill Girls plus one on the way.

P.S. We are having a heck of a decorating fest here on Broadview in College Hill. Everyone feel free to swing by tomorrow night for some Halloween insanity.