Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bumper to Bumper

Just a few bumper stickers I found humorous to get you in the VOTING spirit today!

Please no hate mail. It's all in good fun.....I mean, it's only our country at stake, right Uncle T?


Anonymous said...

Oh my good gracious! If I find my Obama poster ripped off my front door, I will know who did it. Don't worry though, I'll still love you guys, maybe just a little less. No, just kidding. Good luck on a election day. I mean that non-sarcastically of course. ;).

Love you!

Kelsey (the liberal, left-wing, Obama lovin' girl who will keep that poster on her front door for the rest of her life)

Moni Graf said...

Is that all it takes to get you to comment, Kelsey? I wish we knew that earlier!

Love ya!

Misty said...

I love the bumper stickers! I voted last week since I knew I was home alone today.

Fulton Quads said...

I LOVE a good bumper sticker!! Too bad I could not see them in person. I took my 4 with me this morning to vote & LUCKILY we did not have to wait! YAY! Gotta love living in America!

Jenny said...

loving the bumper stickers:) totally love you too!:) crazy to think that under Obama rule I could have technically at 31 weeks and 1 day still have aborted my babies---ya know since they weren't "human" yet. how sick is that? they were so healthy they only needed a little extra o2 after being born...but heck so did i after all that! blah!makes me sad.

love you!

Jen said...

LOVE 'em! I agree!

Anonymous said...

Let's all support and pray for our new leader. It is great and amazing our country has comes so far. He will need our prayers for his protection I fear.
Let's also pray that he has a change of heart on the issues that should only be in God's hands.

We can not depend on our nations' leader(s) alone; or give up things that we can control. We can control helping our neighbors, those who are facing tough decisions.
It is our personal actions that really make change.

Let's revisit this historical day in a few years and see just how many 'promises' haven't come true, and just how many fears and things people have ignored about the possibility of this administration, that come to fruition.

We live in a great country and may God Bless Us. And my God especially bless Pius, Laine, Dana, and Forrest. They are going to be around alot longer than some of us.


Anonymous said...

Let's remember that ultimately it does not matter who is elected President of the USA, God is the ultimate decision maker and His will is what will ALWAYS prevail. There are going to be rough times regardless of who is elected...let's just pray that whom ever is President turns to God for guidance rather than the VP...especially if that VP is Palin! Let God be our true leader.