Monday, November 17, 2008

Questions Answered (Finally) - UPDATED WITH VIDEO

Thank you all for the nice comments! It was hard to keep our little adventure secret and I'm glad that the cat's outta the bag. Now, to answer your questions.....

Andrea: The other top 2 videos were of a dog trying to run on a linoleum floor and a little girl eating a radish, thinking it was "a little apple". They were both really cute (from what I saw of them while trying to wrangle our little crew and stuffing Gerber puffs down their throats). They were pretty stiff competition, so I don't want everyone getting disappointed if other people thought they were more funny than screaming babies ;>

About informing the local media....I hadn't really thought about it. The peeps from AFV told us that if anyone from the media contacted us about the results, we needed to direct that person to AFV. So, I don't think we will. There will be a lady from the Wichita Eagle out on Tuesday to do a one-year follow up story on us (photographers in tow), so maybe we'll mention it to them. We'll let you know more about the article when we know more.

Maria Carlson: I don't know if you can Tivo it yet or not..... Unfortunately, our Tivo is something that got nixed from our bills shortly after we got back home from PHX with the babies. It's worth a try, though!

Aunt GGR: I TOTALLY spaced in all the chaos and forgot to ask Tom Bergeron for a group pic. I'm still kicking myself for that one. He really is a funny guy, even off camera. He tried to mimic a Johnny Cash song for the babies on set but they weren't buying it. I told him that they don't accept any imitation (insert studio audience laughing here). He was so nice and even went so far as to say that our babies were the BEST BEHAVED babies that he's EVER had on the show. How's that for a compliment?! But I'm sure he probably says that to all the baby contestants.

As for the other passengers on our flights....I could definitely see right through their silent stares and read their thoughts. Let me give you my interpretation of the mind-reading: Oh my Lord, THREE BABIES?! Oh crap, there's a fourth one, too!.....Please don't let them be seated next to me. Please don't let them be seated next to me........I'm gonna need all the adult beverages they'll allow me on this flight. I'll be sure to tell the stewardess to just keep 'em comin'...........Why in the Sam Hell would anyone take 4 babies on an airplane! Are their parents on acid? Stupid!......I hope they have clean diapers.....I wonder if those babies are all related? (We actually did get asked this several times)......I swear, I'm not above smothering a baby (or four) if it means a peaceful flight.......I hope they're as good as they are cute!........and so on and so forth.

I DID NOT promise them a pony for their birthday in exchange for good behavior. However, if their good ol' Great Aunt Gloria wants to buy them one, board and feed it, and care for it in every other way, then AWESOME!

Andria: Good idea on the ticker thingy. I'll have to see about getting that up and running sometime in the near future. I know that wasn't a question, but you're getting a response anyway.

Crystal: I WILL get back with you on the tips for flying. God knows I needed all the advice I could get before our trip. Mari Goerlich was kind enough to lend us some of her travel experiences with their quads. Can't wait to see your triplet crew this weekend!

EMO (Erin) and Ashley: We are having a big 1st birthday party for the quads this Saturday. We just sent out Evites today (sorry for the late notice). Which brings up another point....if there were any locals we forgot, please let us know! Billy and I are HUGE procrastinators when it comes to this stuff and we did it on the fly. Usually, pressure makes us fresher. I'm sure we didn't have everyone's email addresses, but you're invited! Email me and I can send you the details.

Michelle: That's right! T-H-E Jaclyn Tubre will be making her grand appearance in the Land of Oz this weekend for the birthday party. How's THAT for the most awesome birthday gift ever?! Jac will fly in on Friday morning (no babies this time :( but maybe for the next trip to KS) and fly out on Sunday morning. She says she'll be here to help with the party and squeeze some cheeks. I'm gonna make sure Billy is facing her AT ALL TIMES! Those are MY sweet cheeks. Hee hee!

Lianna: We'll definitely be sending out reminders about the show when it gets closer to the air date. Thanks for the hair compliment. You're too sweet! It definitely needs some work in the back, but that can wait.

We've got TONS to do before the birthday party and Jac's arrival, but I hope to get some videos posted to celebrate the babies' FIRST YEAR of LIFE! Woop, woop....we survived!


Note: Updated with this Part One of Two Video on 11/17/08 at about a minute to midnight. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday party!

Dianna Goebel

jag said...

I'm looking forward to the b-day pics. I know you and Jac will have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Great answers; but you didn't answer the most asked question.

Here's my logic... If the Tom dude took the time to try and sing and imitate JC; then it must have been after you all were declared the winners! He only talks to the winners. Congratulations!!!!

Of course this is all speculation on my part.

Suggestions #1 When kids are trying to stand, don't get so excited for them. It freaks them out and then they fall. Play it cool, don't stimulate their other senses.

Suggestion #2 Don't encourage walking. It's a loss of your freedom. At this time you can still remove yourself from a room they're in and have some delay in your privacy before they catch up to you. If possible don't let them see you walking or they'll want to do it. So start crawling everywhere when they're in the same room.

Similiar weirdness about multiples, when people find out they're twins or multiples, they'll always ask if they're identical. Jolie and Logan still get asked that. DUH!

Love you and thanks for your posts!


Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions and post a video! I hope to see you Saturday...I'll RSVP as soon as I know if I'm going to be there! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Moni - your comments crack me up you are TOO FUNNY!!!! Bet you are super excited to have Jac coming in for the big party. Cant wait to see b-day pictures.


Shelia said...

I can't stop laughing... your mind reading is priceless! The kiddos look to be getting even more mobile. The real exercise program (chasing) for Mom & Dad will soon begin! I can't believe they are almost a year old now. Hope you have a sane and very wonderful birthday celebration this weekend.

Happy Birthday... Dana, Laine, Forrest & Pius!

Anonymous said...

Wow...haven't been on in forever and a loss for sure. Love the updates about AFV! Cute video too...I especially liked the baby blockers in the background...the chairs! What fun the past year has been seeing them grow up...they are beautiful kids. Congrats.

Happy Birthday to F, P, D & L!!!

Love ya,

cousin Jennea

Anonymous said...

Hi Moni,
This is Kami's Mom (the phoenix Kami) Oh we just can't believe your babies are about to turn 1!! They are so cute and we are all awaiting the show. Hope fun for all of you. Hey Kami hit 26wks today and also the hosptial!!! She will update tomorrow when she gets my laptop--all well so far--thx for all the nice posts for Kami

EMO said...

Yeah, I was wondering if maybe a baby gate for the kitchen would be a good b-day gift :)
Awesome job on the standing, it won't be long before he is walking.

Anonymous said...

You better watch out for Forrest when he starts dating....some girls don't like too many

Love ya!