Friday, November 21, 2008

Swamp Thang meets the Prairie...

Can anyone guess who took this picture?

She's here! She's here! For all you Tubre Quad fans out there, you'll be happy to know that Jac made it to Wichita safe and sound this morning. I was gonna make her hitch her way to our house, but then realized she didn't have a chance of getting picked up because she was wearing her purple and gold LSU jacket. Poor girl, she stuck out like a sore thumb at the airport in those God-forsaken colors. I know she was just trying to make it easy for me to recognize her, though, since it's been almost a year since we were last together in Phoenix. What a weather was like 28 freaking degrees this morning! BRRRRRRRR. Now, Jac wants to tell you a little about her traveling experience today. So without further ado (drumroll, please)...........I present the lovely Mrs. Torey Tubre.

Thank you Monica. We are gathered here today...just kidding. I woke up and sprung out of bed this's K-Day (Kansas Day)! I made it to the airport in record time, got checked in and headed for the security checkpoint. I removed my shoes and placed all my liquids (Listerine, shampoo, hand sanitizer, Vodka, etc., etc.) in a little Ziploc bag as instructed and proceeded to walk through the metal detector. After some questions and a barefooted full body cavity search, I was on my way to the gate for my flight to Houston. Very uneventful :) After a short layover in Houston I was on my way to Wichita! When we landed I called Moni's cell and when she picked up I said, "Boy are you in for it...I'm here!" After an awkward pause, I hear "Um, Jac...hey this is Lainie, Billy's little sister...Moni forgot her phone." What's new? That girl always leaves her phone...impossible to reach. So then I stood out on the curb and the story leaves off where Moni began above. I was so happy to see her smiling face! There were big hugs and lots of chatting on the way to the house. I snuck in a shower (wash away the airport germs) and then the babies woke up from their nap...first Danna, then Laine, then Forrest, then Pius. They are SO FREAKIN ADORABLE and the pictures and video on the blog don't do them justice! Here is what we have been up today after baking cupcakes and eating the world's largest cheeseburger that Billy brought home for us...

Since she was the first to wake up, Danna got to experience a rare 2 on 1 attention. It was just the girls. She hasn't let Jac put her down yet, either.

Jac and the kids....rough-housing and destroying the living room. I seriously think Danna might be glued to Jac. I'm having a hard time prying her off!

Throwing a little daddy into the mix!

It's Moni again.....Doesn't it just sound weird to hear Jac's voice and see the Graf babies?! I LOVE IT!

Well, we've got lots of stuff to do to prepare for the babies' birthday party tomorrow. Plus, we're leaving the kids with Grammy Vicki and Grampy Stubby tonight. They graciously volunteered to quad-sit so we could go out and get Jaclyn smashed. Just kiddin'.....she'll probably be out cold by 8:30 tonight and we'll be sticking her hand in bowls of warm water and putting her bra in the freezer :)

Thanks to Lainie and Bucko for helping out this morning so I could get ready and then go to the airport! Anyone think it's funny that Pius's lion hood fit Lainie? My kids have gigantic noggins!


The Quad Squad and Cupcake Momma's


Anonymous said...


It is wonderful that Jac made it to Kansas and will be here for the b-day party. Hope you have a wonderful time here and a safe trip home Jac.


Charity Donovan said...

Yay! hope you all have a great time!!! How fun! Wish I was there! Hope the B-day party is FABULOUS!!! Huuuugggs!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you tonight Jackie. Grandma Vicki

The Murray Crew said...

You kids have a rockin' time...what happens in Kansas stays in..I mean comes out on the BLOG!!! =)

The crew

Cochran Quads said...

So glad y'all are together again!! I've been wondering why you haven't posted in a while and then I just realized, I don't have you listed on my dare me!!! You're on there now and I have a week or so of catching up to do on your sweet babes!!!

Suzanne said...

awwww! you two lovely ladies have a GRAND 'ole time!!! that is so exciting! we are thinking about you guys this weekend---hope everything goes PERFECTLY!!! ;) hugs from texas!

Andrea said...

How exciting! Jac, your babies are going to be jealous when they hear mommies voice talking to four other babies:) See you all tomorrow! Andrea

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

You look great Moni! Have a great night freezing bras! See you tomorrow.

EMO said...

How funny! I was gonna say how strange it is to hear Jacs voice with the Graf babies, and then you said it... It looks like everyone is having a great time! I guess Dana is just getting used to her since she will be her mother in law some day.

See you all tommorrow!

jag said...

Looks like you're having an awesome time. Can't wait to hear more!

Andria said...

What a pre-party you're having! What a special weekend with Jac. I loved meeting you two while Jac was in the hospital with her babies and always thought how special a relationship that would be. And you've proven it! Can't wait to hear more of her visit!

Anonymous said...

it is amazing to me how much danna is looking like billy! they kids are all growing up so fast!!! you and billy have done a wonderful job with 4 beautiful babies....although they won't be babies much longer!!!

Misty said...

Have fun! I can't wait to hear about the b-day bash!

Anonymous said...

SOunds like such an awesome time!!!
I hope SOMEDAY to get together with you girls. I would love to meet friends in person instead of just the ones living in my computer.
It would be great to talk shop with quads or just have a drink (or five) and talk about something COMPLETELY different!
But 28 degrees. That IS MISERABLE! Someday we should all meet in Texas, all the quad moms we know (i think four of us live here anyways and two more on the way).
Plus its warmer here :)
IF that happened, around the country would be a lot of men crying themselves to sleep after having a day by themselves with quads!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Ta-town Jac! I hope you guys are having a fantastic time together! Maybe you can all get out of the house, kid-free for a few adult beverages!

Give those year-old sunshines hugs and kisses from the Olsen clan!


Anonymous said...

Hope you all survived. Send some kind of signal.


Anonymous said...

I just read Jac's post on the party... So cute :)

Are you guys going to get together soon with all the babies?

The Carlsons said...

i, too, saw jac's post. what an awesome friend to come to the graf babies' 1st birthday! sounds like you two, er seven ;) , had a fun time. i agree with casey, we all need to get together sometime. can you imagine that? especially if we include babies? uff!

can't wait to hear (and see) how the big birthday bash went! happy 1st birthday again grafs!!!!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Anonymous said...

Go Raiders!! HeHe Andrea