Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Un-Birthdays, Babies!

The squad has made it to their 6-month birthdays and it really seems like time has flown. We attended a lot of different events over the weekend, and the babies did very well out of their normal comfort zone.

The Crew getting ready for a long night of partying

Forrest getting kicked by Danna and punched by Pius



Friday night Moni's friends Melody and Vanessa came to see the babies. We put them to work and they helped us feed them and load them into the van. Moni had to go to work so it was the kids and me on our own. We decided to hit up Katie Mohr's graduation party over at Nick and Paula Duling's house. The party started at 8, but we were there promptly at 7:30. Nobody was there and we were starting to think everyone was playing a dirty joke. We learned that only Nick and Paula can throw a party and be late for it. They weren't actually late, they just weren't the first people to arrive. The kids had a great time meeting everybody there and were very good with being held and passed around. Pius reminded us all that it was time to eat around 8:30, so our night of heavy partying came abruptly to an end. The kids and I went home, ate, and fell asleep around 10:30.

Saturday morning the kids and I woke up around 6:45. We ate our breakfast and went to Grandma Vicki and Grandpa Stubby's house so that Moni could sleep in a quiet house after a long night of work. We met some of the Tower Lakes gang and ate lunch over there, then we went home to take a nap before our evening at the Riverfest. After the babies woke up, we fed them and headed downtown. We went to the Wagonmaster's dinner and the babies got to meet a lot of the Riverfest crew. We fed them dinner, they got a beautiful serenade from a 3-year old that was passing by, and we decided we were going to spend the night with Stubby and Vicki. The sleepover went pretty well and the kids did a decent job of sleeping somewhere other than their own cribs.

The 2 princesses, Aunt Lainie and Danna

Pius being held by "the only reason Ryno gets to hang out with us" Angela (Uncle Ryan's girlfriend)

Dimpled Daddy in mid-sentence with Frosty

Laine with Grampa Stubby (did anyone wonder where the dimples came from?)

The amazing, fist-eating Pius

On Sunday, the seventh day, the squad saw it's work and saw that it was good and rested.

Pius (and 1/2 of Forrest) just kickin' it

Monday, after I got off work, we went to Moni's sister's house to celebrate our Goddaughter Madison's birthday. It is the first time that the quads got to meet their Haag first cousins without a door in between them. It was quite the house full with Nicole, Lauren, Tate, Abbi, Madison, Bailey, and Mia, the only Haag grandkid missing was Ronin. The kids did very well again with the crowd, but once again they reminded us when it was time to eat so we had to head home.

Danna, Mia and an unsure Pius

cousins Danna, Maddie, Forrest, Mia, Pius, Taten and Laine

Maddie, Danna and Mia

Forrest trying to sweet talk Mia

As you all can see we had a busy weekend. Moni and I realized that this was one of the most boring posts we have done thus far. We were halfway through when it hit us, and we didn't want to throw away all of the boring work we had done. We apologize, and hopefully with the babies' doctor appointment on Thursday we will have something more entertaining to report.

If you are still reading this post, and haven't fallen asleep yet, we would still like to hear from everybody who is planning on attending their party on the 14th of June.



Andrea said...

Oh my goodness it's so hard to believe they are already 6 months old! Where does time go? You guys have been so lucky and blessed with their health in the past six months. That is great.

That's exciting that you guys are finally getting to be more in "reality" with them taking them places now and meeting new people. It takes forever for me to just get 2 ready to go. I can only imagine how long it takes to get 4 ready to go somewhere.

The pictures are great. They are all too cute. Thanks for a new post!!! I can't wait to meet them:)Love-- Andrea

EMO said...

Dang it, I thought I was 1st to post, but see that my sister beat me...

It wasn't a boring post, it is fun to hear about everything you are doing since you are now "free". And even if it was a boring post, nobody would complain since we have been getting "lots" of posts lately...

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Love you!

Thanks, by the way!!!

Andrea said...

When I got toward the bottom of your post I saw that nobody had commented yet, I skipped over the end so I could be the first to post. lol. Anyhow I went back to read it and I just wanted to say that I didn't think it was boring at all! (the only time we are bored is when you wait 2 weeks to post a new one;) just giving you a hard time) Count Me,Darren,Caleb & Hannah in for the party. Andrea

Anonymous said...

Okay don't forget to tell people the party on the 14th starts at 4:00 at Grandpa Stubby and Grandma Vicki's house.

Alison said...

It is always a pleasure to hear about the kids. Don't worry about your posts being boring, they're not. It is just nice that you share your babies with us. Normalcy is a great thing.

The kids are growing so quickly. I always look forward to your updates! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post Billy & Moni; nothing boring about that at all. The babies are so cute and I need to see them soon! Count me in on the 14th :)

Anonymous said...

Will not be there on the 14th. But Angela might? I don't know...ask her yourself...stupidheads!


Anonymous said...

dumbbutts! butt-nuggetts! fart-for-brains!

Anonymous said...

gas bubbles, dorko's, numb-nuts!

Anonymous said...

post was boring... do doo heads!

Anonymous said...

I bet the party will be as lame as your post! losers!

Anonymous said...

White guy in Fl said..............

Nice to see Ryans alive and well.

I wouldn't say the post was boring but I exxpect more out of you two. Step it up.

Tubre Quads said...

Love the video! I knew Grandpa Stubby was good for something and it looks like its entertainment value!!

Let us know the new weights on Thursday...hopefully yours are gaining weight better than mine :(


Anonymous said...

Loved it Billy and Monica! The pics are great! Bob and I will be there on the 14th. I'm sure we will see you soon though. Love to all of you! Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

Happy un-birthday!!! Just dropping in to ask if i could just come watch the baptism. Unfortunately I have a wedding to be the 14th so I'll miss the shindig. Take care!
Mallory W.

Anonymous said...

Happy un-birthday!!! Just dropping in to ask if i could just come watch the baptism. Unfortunately I have a wedding to be the 14th so I'll miss the shindig. Take care!
Mallory W.

Anonymous said...

Ryno I can't stop laughing...you funny...Bob, Gayla, Megan, Zach, Rick, Glenda, Kid 1 and Kid 2 will be there....

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed hanging out with you guys at the River Fest this past weekend. I'm planning on being there on the 14th...with or without Ryan...lol Wouldn't miss a party with the quads!


Anonymous said...

Great post. Great comments. See you on the 14th of August.


Anonymous said...

Blake got his 6 month pictures taken today. Have you had the quads pictures taken professionally? Not that Portrait Innovations is all that professional, but you can't beat $10 for all those pictures.

Dianna Goebel

Anonymous said...

Blake got his 6 month pictures taken today. Have you had the quads pictures taken professionally? Not that Portrait Innovations is all that professional, but you can't beat $10 for all those pictures.

Dianna Goebel

Tubre Quads said...

And Another Thing!...

I don't think Pius is giving Danna kisses. I'm convinced he thinks she is food. Please protect my little banana. I don't know what I (or Tyger) would do if Pius ate her. I mean, she has to be about the same size as the 160 ounce bottles he must be drinking every 3-4 hours...what a horse!!!! Seriously, that was a cute video and I bet those boys are going to be so protective of Danna…and rightfully so!

Love you guys. I enjoyed our chat yesterday and I was dead serious about coming down here to see LSU beat the snot out of Bama in November. I would bring me great joy to see Billy cry like a little girl when the clock runs out and Bama is down by 2 touchdowns. Oh, and of course I would cry like a baby to be able to give you a big hug Moni. Bring the kiddos and grandparents, bring the kiddos w/out the grandparents (I may be able to sweet talk our wonderful crew into teaming up to handle all 8...can you imagine?), come w/out the kiddos...I don't care how you get here, just get here!

Jac & Torey

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they are 6 months old. They look so healthy and happy and I can't wait to get my hands on them. What a blessing they are to all of us. Both of you keep up the good work1 Love all the posts - keep them coming.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

sparks said...

WOW!! I Can't believe that they are 6 months old. Seems just like last week I started to follow your blog. They are getting so big. Your doing a great job with them, keep up the good work.