Friday, May 9, 2008

Yes, we posted.

Pius, Danna, Laine and Forrest

Pius (future MD), Danna, Forrest and Laine - you can see their future career choices. Laine is already acting the part. I guess Forrest is too. Look at that milk belly!

Hey all,

We've been bad..... very, very bad. We just weren't sure if anyone was interested in us anymore due to the lack of comments. I'll just keep thinking that it was a massive computer glitch. Plus, we've been pretty busy ourselves. I know that's no excuse. Shame on us!

The babies are doing GREAT. We had the physical therapist (Pam) from Rainbows over today to evaluate their progress over the last couple of weeks. They showed off in a big way. All 4 of them are doing things that 5-7 month olds do (the Graf Quads are 5 1/2 months old), so we are just about all caught up. Not to brag or anything, but our kids are rockstars! They're rolling fools, holding themselves up and looking around, grabbing anything that moves in front of them, sitting with assistance, making all sorts of fun baby noises and are really interactive. This is such a fun stage! We try to enjoy every stage they get to because we know they'll never be this age again.

We've been slowly bustin' out of our quarantined bubble a little at a time and loving every minute of it. We have places to go and people to see, even if it is just a stroller ride around the neighborhood. We really need to pull a Tubre and get "the Beast", AKA the quad Runabout stroller so I can take them out when I'm home alone with them. Those bad boys run about $1200, so maybe when we get our tax return $. Back on the subject of getting out and about, we may even try to make it to the Riverfest this week for lunch. Billy's been craving a Bodacious Burrito for about a year now (since last year's Wichita RiverFest) and I could do for a roasted corn on the cob. Maybe we'll get the babies a fried pickle or a funnel cake....or a bottle.

Getting ready for a romp around the block. It was windy and sunny that day!

I got to get out of the house last week to FINALLY meet the Hanson Triplets. They are the cutest set of triplets I know. Crystal Hanson came out to meet the quads a while back and we're planning on getting all the kidlets together sometime for an outing (maybe to the zoo). I think the presence of our 2 families will be zoo enough!

Now on to the babies individually. They're up to all sorts of shenanigans and tomfoolery. Pius has us sweatin' bullets on how close he is to being mobile. When he's on his tummy and really mad, he digs his toes into the carpet, sticks his butt up in the air, plants his face into the floor and scoots. We have him doing some reps on the bench press so he can avoid the nasty rug burns to his face. He has also discovered daddy's irresistable cheeks. The other day when he was mad (notice a theme developing, here?), he reached out and got ahold of dad's dimpled cheeks and gave them a severe pinching. Billy probably could have let go of him and he'd have dangled from his face. After Billy stopped crying, he couldn't stop laughing.

Pius enjoying some fresh air

I could almost hear Danna saying, "Pius, get your fat face out of the way...This is MY frame!"

Our little buddy, Forrest, is quite possibly the most chill baby that the Good Lord has ever created. Don't get me wrong, he definitely has his moments and can scream with the best of them, but most of the time, he's all smiles and drool. He also can't seem to keep his tongue in his mouth. We wonder if this might have something to do with his womanizing ways. It worries us that the boy could charm a white-gloved lady into buying a ketchup popsicle.

Frosty with his tongue hangin' out

We were tired of drenched outfits, hence the Friends Falcons bib (thanks, Crissy!)

Danna has started this new thing where she foams and bubbles at the mouth when she's not getting enough attention. We've started calling her the "rabid banana". I try to reason with her and tell her that it's not lady-like to do this, but to no avail. The foaming continues. Our little peanut is keeping up with the boys. She usually takes her own sweet time and will follow suit about a week after the boys start something new. That's just the diva in her. She's really starting to fill out now and can wear 0-3 month clothes without too much extra baggage.

Danna in the great outdoors

33% Pius, 100% Danna and 50% Laine

Danna looks a little apprehensive about her Twin Tower sandwich

Our dear, sweet Laine has had a rough go the last couple of weeks. He's fallen from grace in a major in 4th place. He must've gotten tired of hearing how he was the best baby ever and yet, always last to be picked up. He's become more vocal about his needs and the whole house suffers now through his tirades. On a more positive note, he is the best on his tummy and he also has the most hair of all the babies. It's dark brown and will stick straight up with a little help from the baby lotion. His hair color and temper confirms who his daddy is, but we're still unsure about who his mom is. I'd like to make a visit to the Maury Povich show for one of those DNA tests.

Laine in one of the aforementioned tirades.

Seriously, like 2 seconds later. What a turd!

Forrest and Laine just kickin it and poppin their collars

Now for some tidbits about us that you may or may not find interesting....

1. Our 4 babies are in 3 different sizes of diapers. Pius and Forrest wear size 3, Laine size 2 and Danna bringing up the rear in size 1. We can always tell when Grampa Stubby decides to change their diapers, because in the morning, we'll find Danna in a 3 (up to her neck) and the Twin Towers bustin' outta the 1's. It's not a pretty picture. Think 1970's basketball players.

2. Forrest and Danna's umbilical hernias decided to retreat. Their belly buttons now look normal and won't jump out and poke you in the eye.

3. Pius and Forrest both have flat spots on the right sides of their heads. They look kinda like lumpy potato heads. We're working on keeping them looking left and I even got Noggin Nests for them to help with reshaping. If our endeavors are unsuccessful, they may win themselves shiny new helmets and a lifetime of jokes at their expense.

"Read the tag, buddy. Trust me....I'm a doctor!"

Surely Forrest's future is brighter than this!?

4. All the babies love bathtime. We normally bathe them 3 times a week, except for Pius whose frequent blow-outs and spit-ups earn him additional bubble time.

5. They are starting to learn their names. They think it's funny when we interject their names into the songs we sing to them. Speaking about music, the babies LOVE Johnny Cash. Whenever fussy time rolls around and nothing else seems to calm them, cranking up the Man in Black always does the trick.

6. All the boys take 6 oz with each feed. Danna eats about 4 1/2 oz. They're still getting bottles made with 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk. Yes, I'm still pumping and getting tired of it. I hope to make it another couple of months before hanging up the shields.

7. Did I mention that our babies are rockstars?

Well, that's about all for now. Again, we're sorry it took so long to post. Please keep the comments coming. We'll be as ambitious with our updates as our bloggers are with their comments ;>

Whew! And, I'm spent.


Billy, Moni, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine

Just wanted to post a picture of this because it was so cute. Aunt Renee had this as a table decoration at our baby shower. It's four peas in a pod and those baby rattles are stuck in the middle of rolled up diapers. It was almost too cute to dismantle....almost.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Great Pics. Love from Uncle Tom. Number 1

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable. I still can't imagine having 4 babies at one time but you guys look like you are doing amazing. Danna has to be a diva to keep three boys in check and her getting what she wants, especially in a few years when they want to beat her up.
Jen, a faithful reader from the Midwest

Tubre Quads said...

Speaking of turds, I have tried to comment about 4 times this morning, but my turds (Cullen & Abbey - rare but true) are well, being turds this morning.

I love the onesies, especially Danna's "I'm not a boy". Too cute. Glad to hear about all the good developmental progress. I need to call you about that, our state approved place says we don't qualify and it was $400 for me to take the girls to a private place a few weeks ago...obviously won't be doing that too often.

Anyhoo, I miss you lots girly. We need to chat soon and catch up. Call me in your "free" time.

Love yall,

The Nanny said...

Thanks for the update! I love how in the 1st pic, Danna's holding her brothers' hands :-)

The Nanny said...

Sorry. Meant 2nd pic.

Anonymous said...

its about time! Great post


Anonymous said...

Love the post! Blake and I visited the zoo last week for the first time with Janine & Bailee Heincker. It was a great time! If you are a zoo member you can get in early at 8:30 am and they are open late in the evenings (8:30) on Tuesdays starting in June.

So good to hear your kiddos are just about caught up with their development. I would agree 110% that they are rockstars, but I would tend to lean toward superstar athletes in progress! If you ever have questions on development I have tons of resources.

Don't worry about the helmets, you can just decorate them to match J.D. and A.J.'s helmets and the boys will be ready for 81 speedway this summer!

Thanks for the post!

Dianna & Blake Goebel

Amber said...

You have adorable kiddos. I love the onesies in the first pictures. God bless you for keeping up with 4 kids.

EMO said...

7 comments in less than a day, that is pretty good!

I can't believe how much they are growing and have changed since the last post. They are getting cuter, and cuter!

Maybe I will run into you guys at the food court!

Have a great, great Mother's Day Monica!!!


Anonymous said...

The new pictures are adorable. They made Grandma's day. Love you all. Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us take a look at the babies the other day. They are looking great. JZ

Anonymous said...

You posted - so I am commenting.

Now it is your turn again. :o)

Greetings from Dallas, TX.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures!!!!!!!! They are such a precious group, I couldn't believe how much they had grown when I saw them last week, after just seeing them 3 weeks ago. They sure could entertain a person all day long with their expressions and movements, what a bunch of angels. Happy Mother's Day Monica you deserve a parade!!!!. Love you all Laverna

Anonymous said...

We watch for your posts - so now we have to comment! Seriously, love seeing the pictures, and Grandma Budda is so proud. Was great seeing all of you at BC the other day!!


Anonymous said...

What a great post and update! Rachel had already given me the scoop on the Physical Therapist's report. She was so proud of the babies....said they were just perfect for them.
See you tonight!
Love ya! Budda

The Murray Crew said...

"hanging up the shields" - I'm busting a gut over that one!

Happy 1st Mother's Day from One Quad Mama to Another! =)

You guys are doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your children are definetly rock stars, but so are their parents. You two are awesome. Kuddos and Kuddos to you both. They are beautiful and doing great. You two should write a book about your experiences and why you made certain choices, like the rules that really kept these kiddos healthy. It would be interesting for people without quads to read, and an incentive to those with quads. I sure wish I had time in my schedule to come help with them, maybe next month. They are beautiful! What else can you say. Keep up the good work Moni and Billy. And Moni have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day.
Debbie and Dave

Anonymous said...

The new pics of the quads are adorable. Monica and Billy you are doing a great job considering you have 4 babies to take care of. Monica hope you have a great Mother's Day!

Andria said...

okay, before I even read (and savor) this really long post, I just wanted to say...Holy Moly, them are big babies! I had to scroll back up to the top to remind myself how old they are!!! Love the pic of Danna holding her brothers' hands. A keeper!

...okay, off I go to catch up!

sparks said...

Love the new pictures. They are getting so big!! Happy Mothers Day Monica!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and post.

Scott G.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how big they have gotten...they have to be some of the cutest kids i have ever seen...

nicole newby

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Just when you think it isn't possible... those little darlings get even cuter! I bet diaper duty is fun using three different sizes of diapers. I had to laugh at the visual you gave of quads being in the wrong size! Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend, Monica. You seem to be doing a great job (x4) and deserve a party in your honor to celebrate that! Thanks for sharing...

Ashley said...

Hello! I love the picture of Danna holding her brothers hands. I cannot believe how tiny she is compared to the rest of them. AND I cannot believe you are still pumping! Do you pump every hour?!? Just yesterday I stopped pumping because I just wasn't producing enough anymore. The kids look great and maybe I'll see you around the food court downtown...I'll be eating the funnel cake :)

Anonymous said...

Love you, Love the kiddos!!! Thank- you for the post. Happy Mother's Day Monica. Love Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart! Monica, Sam and I saw Billy at the Quick Trip yesterday. I told him how I had picked up my photos at Walgreen's and got so excited with the quad picture that I showed the ladies who were waiting in line. They were total strangers but got so excited that you would have thought they were related to the sweetie pies. I can only imagine the circus when you have them in public. Btw, Dannas mouth looks so sweet. Even without the t-shirt, she looks like the only girl of the pack. Aunt GGr and Sammy

Moni Graf said...

Thanks for all the great comments and Mothers' Day wishes so far! I added in a video to the post. You might need some Excedrin after listening to it!

Christy said...

I have been a long time lurker of your blog and a few other quad blogs. As a mother of a 2 year old and another due in 2 months I don't know how you all do it. You amaze me. Anyway, I wanted to give you kudos for pumping and giving the quads breastmilk. I think it is tough for anyone to do but can only imagine how hard it is to do with 4. I don't know that I have read of any other quad mom's attempting and as a mom who breastfed her daughter until 22 months I think it is awesome. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh good! I thought I was going crazy there for a minute bc I didn't remember seeing a video on there the first time I read the blog. They are all sooo cute. I loved all the pictures. That is VERY awesome that you are still pumping. Happy Mother's Day!! Love Andrea

Megan in Medina said...

I love your family so much! The kids are ADORABLE and their parents are fun and funny! I check each day just in case there is an update and i get so excited when there is one! Keep up the great blogging, you have a fan forever!

King Quads said...

Happy Mother's Day!! You better keep the posts coming...I will coment everyday if I have to :) I love the pictures of your little ones...keep them coming woman!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Monica! Good to see that everyone is doing great.

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness! They are too dang cute. My 3 1/2 year old niece was watching the video with me and asked if she could take him home. I asked which one and she goes, mal mal I want all of them they are cute!...the girls got taste! hope to meet the little monkeys soon!

Mallory W

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Super MOM!! I am so glad you got to come and meet the three kiddos. I am so happy to hear that all of your kids are doing so well!! I get such a kick out of your babies and how fast they are is going way to fast! I really hope your kids wait a little longer for the teething phase! It is about ready so send me over the edge. I love all your little onsies, they are too cute!! Well, we need to plan that zoo trip soon. Someone told me kids under two get in free so we would only need to buy admission for ourselves and our helpers. I think they are losing out on that deal with us. :) I hope we can talk soon.
Crystal Hanson

Quick one said...

Happy Mother's Day, Moni,
Great news. Thanks for update. They just get cuter & cuter every day.
Judy Q.

Anonymous said...

What the heck?! How do I miss these. I swear I have been checking this regularly.

The Graf kids are precious (per usual). The update is great! Forrest's tongue is adorable and hysterical all at the same time!

Moni, I COMPLETELY feel your pain about the pumping bit. I am sick of my pump. I am counting down the months until I feel like I can stop. It's always a countdown of some sort, first the pregnancy countdown, now the "stop-pumping" countdown. However, I do have to say, the time spent pumping gives me time to check blogs and such!

We will talk soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm amazed and grateful everytime I see a new post. 1st that the children are intact and 2nd that you must be if you're typing the post. I'm having a great time in NOLA and still have yet to see the Tubre's but trust me Jac, I'm coming!! Much Love and Smooches to the bebe's!!!

Stacey Faber said...

Hi Billy, Moni & Crew-
Thanks for the new pictures--adorable as usual. It's so much fun to see their personalities coming out in the pictures. I'm going to try and come over to see everyone before Lainie, Kelsey, Vicki and I head to New York because it's been too long! I'm so glad to see everyone is fine and I really appreciate your update! Take care! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

The quads are absolutely precious! There is a set of quads that get walked by my work everyday - 21 months and all boys! I think about you all everytime I see them. Hopefully we will see them soon!
Love, Amy and Brad

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear of the babies progress. I come here to look for updates on the babies and when I don't see one, I figure that they are keeping you busy to say the least. It is nice to read the update but every now and then is okay for an update. You have quads you don't exactly have tons of free time. So don't be hard on yourself at all for not updating. Many prayers for continued health and progress.

Paula Thompson

EMO said...

Thanks for adding the video, at least only 1 baby was crying, not all 4 :)

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I love the picture of danna holding her brothers hands! I miss you guys
Alyssa Roberts

Ashley said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!! Hope all is well in the Graf house.

Karen from Wichita said...

Your kids are sooo precious and cute. Wanted to 1st time post and let you know that. Sorry I didn't tell you some thing you already knew.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the "recent" posts. I had not checked the blog lately since I was getting to experience them in 3D, which by the way is still the best. But alas, my schedule has not worked with theirs, so I was excited to get an update. They are changing so quickly and I am feeling a little left out. Maybe Vanessa and I can stop by for a visit on Fri. I know, I know, that has been said before, but as of today she swears she is coming on Friday.

Tell the doodles that I am so glad THEY DECIDED to show off at the right time and for the right people. We knew they were really more advanced than the professionals thought.

Wow, I am just constantly amazed at the miracle these kids are. They are healthy, gorgeous and have such fun and dynamic personalities. Then, I guess, what else would anyone expect from you two.

If you are heading down to the river festival and need an extra hand, I am free Wed, Thur and Sat. Call me. I think the cell phone is working right again.

See you soon. If Vanessa bails again on Friday, I will call and see if you still need extra hands.


Jen Johnson said...

I had been reading your blog as linked from but they removed it some months ago due to legal stuff. I was so disappointed! Boy was I ever happy when I found you again through Tubres site. You are an amazing family and your humor does me good! Soooo....hello from Montana, the Big Sky state.