Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's a world outside the bubble!

First off, we just wanted to announce that this is our 100th post. How exciting! Also, we wanted to commend you all for the quality and quantity of comments. They have inspired us. This post will be mostly about the quad's first real outing experience (and they didn't even have to get any shots). But before we delve into that chaotic scene, we wanted to thank the Tubres (our 2nd favorite set of quads) for the goody box. They sent us all sorts of fun things, like more sleep sacks so the babies have some fashion options for their bedtime apparel. Among the other items, including small diapers (for Danna), night gowns and awesome Aveda hand lotion, we found some LSU girl onesies. To be quite honest, we didn't know what to do with them at first. Jaclyn suggested that we put them on Danna and take a picture. After vomiting a little in our mouths, we brainstormed and came up with some better uses for them. See pictures. Sorry, Jac, but we're Bishop Carroll green and gold on Fridays, Alabama Crimson on Saturdays and Denver Broncos orange and blue on Sundays!

What LSU onesies can be used for in the Graf household:

1) Toilet paper

2) Dust rag

3) Spare diaper (see, we DID let Danna wear one!)

Now on to the kids' first Wichita River Festival experience....

I'm sure you can all imagine how lengthy a process it is to wake, feed, burp, wash, diaper, dress and load four infants into a van, and keep your sanity intact all the while. I think it probably actually took longer to get the diaper bags ready! The whole ordeal was made MUCH easier with the help of Aunt Lainie and Grampa Stubby. We made it downtown to the Riverfest on Tuesday around noon for lunch in the foodcourt. Talk about being almost famous! We got to introduce the babies to LOTS of friends and family. It was pretty busy that day and there wasn't a table to be found. We had to get creative trying to eat on our laps in the grass, appease babies and answer questions. We all had a great but exhausting time. We learned alot with this experience and will hopefully work out all the kinks for our next adventure.

Laine and Danna heading to downtown

Danna ready to take on the world...with a feather in her hair

Little man Laine thinking really hard about what he wants to eat at the Riverfest

Big boy, Pius. Upset because we told him he'd have to share his food.

Forrest couldn't wait to eat, so the monkey bore the brunt of his hunger.

Danna, Laine, Forrest and Pius posing for a picture with mom, dad and Admiral Windwagon Smith

The boys wore these shirts in blue to the Riverfest... 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, 4 of 4. Danna's was still too big for her, so she got to wear a dress. We got these from cousin Erin (EMO) when I was only 15 weeks pregnant and didn't know if baby A, B, C or D was the girl. So, of course, the princess gets to be numero uno!

Happy belated Mothers Day! This was at the end of the day and Laine and Danna were tired, hungry and grumpy (and I was a little frazzled). Just look for the red-faced babies! Despite the chaos, it was WONDEFFUL to be able to partake in the Day's celebration with my little bundles of joy. Jaclyn (Tubre) and Jen (Murray), your Mothers' Day posts reflect my sentiments as well. Beautifully stated.

Momma gave Danna her first pedicure. Little painted piggies are so cute!

In closing, we wanted to let you all know about their upcoming "official" baptisms and open house/pool party. They will get baptized on Sunday, June 8th and the party will be the next Saturday, June 14th. If you would like to come and play, please call, email or post a comment to let us know... we'll send you the details. This will also help us get somewhat of a count in mind. Thanks!


The Graf Crew


Ashley said...

Love the pedicure you gave Danna...I haven't even thought of painting Lexi's (hmm, note to self). Even though 2 of the babies are bright red the picture you got on Mother's Day looks great. You look great! Let's see...what other comments did I think of as I was reading. Darn it, I lost it, I have no idea. Have a great day!!!

EMO said...

I agree with the previous poster, you (Monica) look fabulous in your Mother's Day picture. That is awesome that you made it down to the River Fest. Even though it was probably stressful, I am sure it was worth it to get out of the house.

I would definately like more information on the upcoming events, as I am sure we will be attending at least one of the festivities.

Thanks for this post and the other 99 posts! I was hoping you would be proud of us commenters since we had so many comments last time.

Love you!


Oh, and I am glad you got to wear the onesies!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post and pics.

Scott G.

Anonymous said...

So adorable. Some good fresh Kansas air will help them grow and develop. You are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you were all able to get out and enjoy yourselves outside of the bubble... I mean home! I bet the kiddos truly enjoyed free air. Hope you didn't catch the heavy winds on Tuesday. Danna looks absolutely beautiful in her little feather headband! Treating her like a princess is only beginning! Moni, it looks like you had your hands full (literally) in your Mother's Day picture. Just one little munchkin is keeping me busy enough. You guys rock! Hope you are able to get out and about to enjoy what should be a wonderful weekend. Hopefully we can catch up sometime.

Squiggle Wiggle & Maggers Moo said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Moni!!!!! You deserve it. The babies look terrific. One of these days, maybe will "run" into your crew. Keep up the good work. You both are awesome parents. Your fairy's aren't doing to bad either. Talk to you later. The College Hill Girls.

Anonymous said...

LOVED all the pictures. The only way you could improve the Admiral Windwagon pix is to transplant their Grandpa Graf's cute face over this year's dude. According to the bylaws of the River Festival, it is ethical. Course, you'd have to shorten ... never mind. (Stubby, as your sis, I have the right ... and obligation ... to tease you.) Aunt GGr

Andy Bulger said... we weren't first to post even though you gave us a heads up on the phone, but...well, no excuse. We're so sad to be missing their baptism (especially being Pius's "fairy" as we were deemed by a blogger :) ) but i'm sure you're going to take lots of great pics and videos, like always, to post for those of us who can't make it back. And i do have to say that you guys are really an inspiration to me. From fighting in the BC parking lot in high school to becoming such a team with these babies, you and Billy have become my heroes. I'm so proud of you both and i know, when the time comes, you'll both be there for me and Andy, giving us the much needed guidance that will inevitably be asked for. AND! is it just me or does everyone else get choked up when they read the blog comments from complete strangers? I think it's so touching! Even though I know it doesn't take much to see how cute the babies are and how wonderful of parents Moni and Billy are! We love and miss you guys so much!

Emmy and Andy

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you got your little ones out and about!! I bet everyone was very interested in your little ones. Now that I have taken mine out a few times I need to make a shirt with the answers to 10 questions EVERYONE always asks. 1. Was this fertility? 2. Are they identical or fraternal? 3. What are you feeding them? 4. Do you watch Jon & Kate plus eight? 5. How old are they? 6. How long did you carry them? 7. HOW DO YOU DO IT?? 8. Do you get any sleep? 9. Did you want three kids? 10. Are you done having kids? It is funny because I always get at least one or two of these questions each time a stranger meets them.
Well, I am so happy they got their first River Fest experience. I am not that brave yet. I have only ventured places where I know most of the people. You look wonderful in your Mother's Day picture!! You are such a beautiful and wonderful mother. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and my kiddos. Talk to you soon!
Crystal Hanson

Anonymous said...

They get more adorable each post. I sure miss seeing you at work, but love the new job. I am getting my schedule down and hope to be able to get over to help out soon.

Kathy Hazell

Anonymous said...

Darn, we missed you at the River Festival by about 3 1/2 hours. Blake got his first taste of the festival, and I do mean taste. We had something called a strawberry suprise. Blake got a taste because it was his 6 month birthday. We were at the Food Court from about 3:45 to 4:30pm to listen to Kevin's grandpa. Grandpa Corky plays in a band, Dad's of Dixieland. They play at the festival every year.

Blake had his 6 month check up and shots today. He is 18 lbs 13 1/2 oz and 27 3/4 inches long. Being born at 42 weeks he had an 11 week head start on the quads.

Have a great week!

Dianna Goebel

Anonymous said...

I just re-read the post and noticed each of the kiddos had a River Festival button on their carseat- how adorable!


Tubre Quads said...


First things first - the babies are absolutely adorable and I am so glad you are getting out more. I feel your pain about it taking longer to get prepared to go than the time you actually spend out anywhere!

Now for the LSU onesie debacle…I would like to point out that Danna looks very happy wearing that onesie, even if she is using it as a diaper. I bet she didn’t tee tee or poo poo on it because deep down she LOVES LSU! As far as the toilet paper and dust rag uses go, the only time the LSU Tigerhead logo is used as toilet paper or a dust rag is when we are wiping and dusting Bama’s a&# with it! Get ready for the November showdown in Death Valley! Ok, sorry for stepping outside of the “G” rating on this blog, but I was provoked…you know how much I love my Tigers. I really got a kick out of those pictures. Thanks for the post!

Love yall (yes, even still after your deplorable behavior and dragging my sweet Banana into it),

Anonymous said...

just gorgeous! Danna looks like she has the personality to be able to handle all those brothers. I can't wait to see the evolution of her personality to top those boys! I am confident that her Mom has given her the tools to be able to deal with the testostone. Good Luck Danna!!!!

MrsTSalazar said...

I love the pedicure!! She will always be so pampered being the only girl!!

Will Daddy let you paint the boys toes blue?

I love the pictures!!


Anonymous said...

yay for riverfest! it is a graf family tradition. I am so excited the bubble has been popped! The pictures are so cute! I love Danna's feather :) Take care!
~Mallory W.

Anonymous said...

SIX MONTHS OLD!!!! Billy and Monica, you've earned a cold one ... or a shot of whiskey. Oh happy day!!! Aunt GGr and Sammy

Karen said...

I know I'm a bit late on this...and I realize I just talked with you yesterday. But your post made me laugh really really hard. I laughed so hard that my water nearly broke (damn, so close!). Looking at your pictures it made me freak out a little thinking of what's to come in the next day...then I realized I'm just having 1 and I felt a little better! Seriously, though, thanks for being such great friends and I'll talk to you soon, like tomorrow! Karen

Andria said...

Moni, you look awesome! What a great photo with your precious babes. I love Danna's feather...and it almost looks as though Billy's wearing a green one in that one photo! LOL.

You guys crack me up with the uses for the onesies. Hilarious!

Happy Blogversary! And keep on keeping on, would ya?