Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Quicky

Billy has been coaching his MAYB basketball team in a tournament this weekend. On Saturday, he took Laine and Pius with him to his evening game. The basketball parents, including Aunt Paula, helped watch them while the game was going on. mom and I took Forrest and Danna to Sam's Club to exchange my crappy camera (the reason why many of the pictures lately have been so blurry) and then went to visit Papa and Aunt RayRay at home. You know, no matter how long you've been out, your parents' house is still your home ;> We had a good time being out and about, and I'm lucky enough to have a momma who always has her camera ready. These pics and video are from her. Thanks, mom!

Now, I realize that we posted the previous update on Friday and this one on Sunday, so the Friday one may not get all the comments it deserves. Please don't let the Sunday post steal the Friday post's thunder. Did you understand all that? Never mind....I need to get to bed!

Moni and the Graf Crew


Anonymous said...

1st to post. Hey Uncle Ryno & I also helped with Pius & Laine at Billys ball game. We just allowed the basketball Moms and Aunt Paula to help. Besides that, Paula didn't show up until halftime. No really they were great help and the kids were excellent and in total awe of the excitement of a basketball game.
Grandpa Stubby

Anonymous said...

Forrest is so cute sticking his tongue out. And Danna's outfit is adorable! They seem to be adaptable to most everything that happens and taking little trips. Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Weekend.
A lurker from the midwest

EMO said...

Man, I just can't say it enough, you guys are spoiling us. BUT I love it. And I am proud of your for having a video and pictures and everything. How exciting all these new trips out of your house. Did the 2 boys like the basketball?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! Our Ethan is the closest to sitting up but he is not as good as this yet! I hope you have a good Memorial weekend.

Tubre Quads said...

Way to geaux Forrest. That was impressive. And of course Miss Danna is beautiful as usual. Thanks for the great video and pics!

Love yall,
Jac & Crew

Anonymous said...

Good going Forrest! It won't be long until he really gets his balance and moves on to bigger and better things (like crawling)- AND teaches his sister & brothers too! That video is great! Bethanie watched it with me and started babbling to the computer like she really thought Forrest could hear her! It made for a good laugh on our end - thanks guys! And keep up the great pics & videos! (Though I know you all are BUSY!).

Anonymous said...

Dang, got the music going on in the background; and added a few pictures with special effects. I'm impressed. You all just might have a future in the media production business. Loved it.

Another thought I had watching...
Weebles wobble; but they don't hit the floor (if the spotter's focused) :-)

Love you all and thanks,

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture additions! So, so cute!! What a great baby book you have started. Can you save all your posts on a CD?
Love ya all!! Budda