Monday, December 1, 2008

The 1st Birthday Post

Our first ever self-portrait together!

Welp...the birthday, the party, Jaclyn and one year has come and gone. What a flippin' whirlwind! Here's a review of the weekend. Better go to the bathroom and grab a snack before you read any further, cuz I have a feeling this one will be a doozie.

We pretty much worked hard and partied hard the entire weekend. Billy stayed at home with the chitlins Friday afternoon so I could work Jaclyn like a dog. She helped me get the place set up for the birthday party on Saturday. Lots of heavy lifting and re-arranging, but it turned out just right. I can't thank her enough for all her input and help!

Friday night before the birthday party, we were invited to get together with some other friends (one of whom was turning the big 4-0!). My good friend from nursing school and one of our weekly baby helpers, Melody, was there with us. Unfortunately, she was forced to sit at our table and endure the endless debating between the LSU/Bama FREAKS also sitting at our table.

Melody and Jaclyn at On the Border (smile, Melody....dinner's almost over!)

This is just a short example of how die-hard sports team fans can morph into irrational, loud, gremlins if provoked accordingly.....

After we left On the Border, we went across the street to Emerson Biggins (nice name....I know, right?) where Lainie was working. We PROMISE.....we only had one beer each!

Sure.....they probably weighed more than our combined 8 kids at birth, but that's irrelevant. It was only ONE beer (a red beer in my case). Good times, good times. We won't mention the Vegas Showgirl shots ;P

Jac and Lainie (pretty much the BEST waitress/college student/babysitter/sister/aunt/and everything else EVER)!

Jaclyn had a hard time finding her way out that night. As it turns out, walls (even with windows in them) don't open too easily. We pointed her to the door just to the right after making her pose for a picture to commemorate the event.

Needless to say, a GREAT time was had by all and morning came MUCH too quickly. Which brings us to..........PARTY DAY! Billy's Aunt Paula and Uncle Nick were gracious enough to let us borrow their heated, decked out barn for the event. We arrived there at about 12:30 pm after the kids woke up from their morning nap, and we fed them before any guests arrived.

We had lots of help from our families with transporting and setting up the boatloads of cupcakes, ice cream and chili that we served at the party. I know, I're thinking, "What the crap kind of combination is THAT!" It was cold and chili sounded tasty and easy (easy being the operative word here). Huge thanks to Bucko, Vicki and Budda for helping us out by making huge pots of beefy goodness to feed the masses! Another big "thank you" goes out to our frosting fairies who stayed up late icing the cupcakes so Billy, Jaclyn and I could go out partying. Aunt Laverna, Vicki, Bucko and Brenda (with Ross and Stubby to supervise) were delirious from the sugar high when we got home Friday night!

The party was crazy, chaotic, fun, and memorable. Thanks to Jaclyn (AKA quad party queen) for helping Billy and me stay organized AND have a good time. You'd think she'd done this sort of thing before, or something! We also need to thank cousin Jack for allowing us to use his inflatable bouncer. That, my friends, was the hit of the party (as evidenced by the squeals and constant motion coming from it in all the videos we took that day)! We're seriously looking in to getting one for us!

We had a great turn-out of family and friends. They were all way too generous with their gifts.....the kids made out like bandits! Many of our local blog buddies were able to make it, including: Brent and Crystal Hanson with their 1 year old BBG triplets, Ashley and Lexi Wasser, Shelia Rupp and her girls Emmalie and Bethanie. Thank you to everyone who came! It meant alot to us that you were there.

Now, on to more pictures of the babies' big day!

Jaclyn trying to get Laine ready to go. She tricked him into good behavior by telling him there'd be Cupcakes at the barn. Naturally, he was expecting to see his favorite Tubre Cupcake, Abbey. What a sad misunderstanding...Jaclyn's already getting the "bad mother-in-law" repoire.

Mama M and Pius....COLLEGE?!? Who needs COLLEGE when you've got PRESCHOOL! The parties are WAY cooler when you're a pre-schooler!

The mountain of gifts astonished me. Good thing Jac was writing it all I have high hopes of getting Thank You cards written before they turn 2 years old.

These were the "personalized to a T" onesies that Jac had made for the babies. They were PERFECT and nailed each baby's personality on the head!

PIUS: I'm the charmer...look into my EYES

Forrest: I'm the Ringleader of this Circus

Danna: I'm the Pretty, Pretty Princess

Laine: I'm the Brains of the Bunch

I perfect were those! Anyone who knows the quads would HAVE to agree. Maybe we'll take our next family portrait wearing those....that way the photographer knows what to expect from each of them. Jac, if you were to make one for Billy and me, WHAT WOULD IT SAY?! I might have to open that one up to all our blogger buddies. I'd be interested in seeing what comes out. SOOOOO all our blog readers, let us know what YOU think should go on a "Moni" shirt and a "Billy" shirt....keeping the babies' onesies style, of course. Please don't hold back (we've got a good sense of humor).

Speaking of good sense of humor.....Frank the Tank! Frosty is holding his Godfather Brad Goertz.

Laine gettin' some berf-day lovin' from his Godmother, Aunt Mollie

My co-worker and friend, Shelia, with her youngest, Bethanie. It was so cute! Bethanie gave Danna hugs and kisses when she was sitting in her Choo-Choo wagon, trying to open gifts.

Fortunately for Bethanie, the princess had already been de-iced.

Bucko trying to control her FIVE great-grandsons and ONE great-granddaughter. News flash, Bucko.....You cannot control them. You can only hope to contain them.
Front Row: Frosty, Pi-man, LaineTrain and Banana
Back Row: Jack-Jack Attack, Bucko and Mr GQ Austin

My Danna girl got worn out during the party. Good thing Brenda was there to snuggle and cuddle the little Princess.

And now for the video, which features one of my favorite songs. This song really makes me think about my life, my husband and all my babies EVERY time I hear it on the radio. Enjoy!

Hope everyone had a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with LOTS of good food! We sure did and I'm pretty sure I heard Forrest say that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday. That boy likes to eat!


P.S. I guess that wasn't as long as I was anticipating! Long overdue.....that's for sure. Thanks for being patient everyone (except Jaclyn, who continually called/texted/sent hate mail and emails until I posted this. That girl is BRUTAL! J/K! Love ya, girl and thanks again for making the trip to Oz to help us celebrate. Can't wait until I can return the favor!


Andrea said...

Great post! Still hard to believe you guys have 4 little ones!! (in case you forgot they're on there way to being 2 now....crazy isn't it!) Andrea

jag said...

Oh goodness! SO much to comment on! First of all -- Cupcakes and Chilli sound like a GREAT combo, if you ask me! Love that the party was in a barn. That's just WAY cool. About that little debate... Did they have to bring FL into it?! Geeze! No team is safe from the wrath of those two! All the shirts rocked. I MUST have the PRESCHOOL shirt for Cash. When he lays out all spread eagle on the floor we ALWAYS ALWAYS say he looks like John Belushi after the party in Animal House. Plus, the kid can drain a bottle in record time (please don't be a sign of things to come)... Now, what will your shirts say? Trust me, I know you have a sense of humor, girl. You crack me up on every post! I'm gonna' think on this one... Side note: You looked fantasic! That necklace was beautiful too! I think that's it for now. If not, I'll be back to post more. Take care!
Jenna and Fam.

Tubre Quads said...

Warning! A supersized comment for a supersized blog!

Oh dear! It must be monotone happy birthday song singing right into the camera was just horrible. Couldn't someone have shot me and put me out of my misery. Maybe that is why the kids attempted to kill themselves on a sugar overdose :)

You guys rock, your kids rock, your families rock. I really mean that.

You didn't think I would leave without further talking smack...did you? Thanks for editing out the "F" bombs that we (ok, maybe just me) dropped during our little debate. I do so love arguing with Billy. I'm pretty sure he is my long lost brother :) Anyway...Saturday is getting close...getting nervous yet? Thinking about pulling out some blue instead of Crimson for the big game? Just a thought. I’m always looking for ways to save you some embarrassment. I wore Arkansas red last week so everything worked out fine for me :) Those dang Tigers of mine are really, really sucky this year :)

Love you guys, loved getting drunk and running into the wall instead of the door, loved playing Pookeyhole until 2 am and talking more smack with Billy, loved the party (I didn't do that much, you exaggerate...well maybe you don't, my knuckles were bleeding after you worked me like a farm animal in the barn Friday afternoon :))!

Miss you guys so much and I can't wait for you to get your butts down here. Anytime girlfriend and evil Cyclops, anytime!

Now for the shirts...Mmmm

“I got a little too knocked up”
“No one told me they were having a buy 1 get 3 free special”

Just kidding! Your shirt would say…

Quadmom & ER Nurse
Completely Exhausted
Totally Worth It

I would add...”Damn good at both” just below Quadmom & ER Nurse, but you are too modest. Maybe I will have to make them and ship it to you, then you will feel obligated to wear it, at least one day. Hmmm, I might be on to something!

I’m the Daddy…I think?

Just kidding Billy. I think yours would say…
The Quadfather
Four babies, college full time, 2 jobs…
No problem!

What do you think?

Love you,

King Quads said...

Great post...too funny of Jac & Billy trash talkin' eachothers teams. You look amazing, as usual. Looks like the babies had a great 1st birthday...can't wait to see what the next year of quaddies brings the two of you.

Shelia said...

Great pictures & video guys. The way you ended the video with the four "Happy Birthdays" was my favorite. Moni... Emmalie will be rewatching that to sing with it for the next two days now!

I'm guessing you all survived the long holiday weekend. And, I must say... GO BAMA! Somebody has to beat Texas or OU for the National Title, don't you think!?

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Thanks for taking the time to post that doozie. I was able to eat my breakfast and catch up w/ the Grafs!

Jac is hilarious!!! "I got a little too knocked up!" I like it!

Chili was awesome! It was perfect on a cold day. You guys threw a great 1st birthday party! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

In this whole novel of a post there was not even a thank you to me. I am the one that saved the day by running and getting 8 bottles (which were forgotten) and an ice cream scoop (forgotten as well). Without those the party would have been a flop!

Just kidding guys, anyway, we had a great time and cant wait til the next one next year.

A.J. and Austin

The Carlsons said...

so awesome! love the pictures and video. so happy that the celebrations went well. can you believe that the babies are 1 now? crazy! you are so blessed with them, all healthy and doing great!

praying for another great year (and many more to come) for you, billy and those cute patootie kiddos of yours!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Suzanne said...

sooooooo glad you two crazy quad mamas were able to have some much needed fun together!!! (and away from babies!) you both look fan-tab-u-lous and just radiate energy when you are around each other!

"i wanna party with you!"

the onesies were perfect!!! such a great idea and so special. the kiddies are SO frackin' cute and are getting SO big! yaaaay for an awesome birthday weekend!! how is mama? are you all rested up! you guys have had a whirlwind of a time in the last month or so! sheeeeeeesh!

hugs and kisses from the steeeecies

Anonymous said...

Great video and pictures of the party. Looks like it was a fun party.

And I agree with Jac's suggestions for shirts (her first suggestions) Too funny!!!!!


Misty said...

Great post! As for the great debate....I'm with Jac!
And her idea for the shirts is perfect!
Looks like it was alot of fun! One day all of us quad moms really should get together!

HansonTriplets said...

What a great post...I have been checking to see when it might be. You did a great overview of the birthday fiesta. I do love the onsies that Jac got you guys...too cute. I will have to put some creative thought into your shirts. I do like Jac came up with. Too Funny! I hope you all had a good Turkey Day. Talk to you soon! Crystal

Anonymous said...

AJ, I agree you deserve a few props. Quads with no bottles does not make for happy babies, no happy babies, no happy parents, no happy parents, no happy birthday party, so the way I look at it you saved the day. I love the birthday cake faces. Love,Grandma Vicki

hannahbeth said...

i can't believe how big they are getting! They get cuter everyday. (:
ha, i am a die hard lsu fan, but that "debate" between Jac & Billy had me rolling!
I loved the video of the first birthday, especially the song!

Anonymous said...

That post was awesome!!! I was laughing the whole time! Ask Billy, because I'm in your basement! That post just put a smile on my face the whole way through! The birthday party was really fun once I finally made it there!! Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments, Monica, from what I would say is the best caption EVER!! Haha! Thank you guys for coming in to see me that totally made my night!! I can't believe they are already one!! But looking back...those four perfect miracles have made this the BEST year of my life!! Thank you Billy and Monica for letting them be such a big part of my life!!! I love you guys!!
Love, Auntie Lainie

Anonymous said...

Great post...I find it hard to believe that Billy is arguing about something to do with sports, that never happens!!! I do remember the John Elway argument at that restaurant in was the first and only time I ever saw Billy at a loss for words (and Ryno hounded him about it the rest of the night) Good times!!! It's hard to believe that was a year ago that I was down in Phoenix seeing those beautiful little miracles. I had a great time at the birthday party and thanks for all the great chili and cupcakes (Frank the Tank is a big guy, so he ate a lot of chili and cupcakes, and he apologizes if someone didn't get any food). Pius, Forrest, Laine, and Danna all looked great, and I'm pretty sure they are all fitting the personalities we had predicted they would have back when they were in the NICU...just ask Stubby. They are such a great joy to be around!!! I look forward to many more b-days and memories in the years to come.

Frank the Tank

EMO said...

It was a great 1st birthday party! Lainie I loved your comment. I remember when I 1st became an aunt and how wonderful it was, I can only imagine if that was times 4.(at once)


Charity Donovan said...

Yay! Looks like the party was a success! I still can't believe all these babies in cyber-space are a year old already! Crazy!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

That post made my day! It was a horrible Friday, and the 1st birthday cake faces are awesome!!! I thought Forrest looked like the incredible hulk if you ask me. I loved all Jac's shirt ideas. Take care!
Mallory Williams

EMO said...

It looks like a couple of your kids are growing out of their car seats :)