Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tooth Count and 1st Haircut

Okay, so I meant to add in how many teeth everyone has with their birthday post, but I forgot. More for my records, I want to remember how many chompers each baby had at 12 months.

Pius: My sweet, wide-eyed, snaggle-toothed wonder had his 2 bottom teeth at 12 months. And what a set of teeth they are! I didn't know it was possible for 2 teeth to go in 8 different directions. The Pi-man is currently trying to cut his top 2 now, and they're giving him (and us) a run for our money. He's miserable and cranky and drooling enough to keep Noah's Ark afloat. I let him gnaw on my pear core the other night, which seemed to help...until Forrest ganked it away.

Ding, ding, ding! Round 2 with the pear (mama had round 1)

Aargh! The dreaded finger strikes again.

Rock Chalk Jawhawk, baby!

Forrest: Frosty was the first to start sprouting teeth (several months ago) and had his 2 bottoms and 2 uppers as of their one year birthday. We're beginning to wonder if his top left tooth will ever stop growing. Billy made the joke that the tooth fairy is gonna have to pay him $9.00 for that thing! Forrest will have to loan some of that money to Pius, who will have to PAY the tooth fairy to take his! Man, sometimes I feel bad for making fun at my childrens' expense. But these are the things I want to remember! And gives them character (that's what I tell myself to justify it).

Don't you just LOVE how his hair is starting to curl up around his ears?! He had just woken up in this pic.

Danna: Miss Priss barely had her 2 bottom teeth at 12 months. They were just little nubbies at the time. They're still not all the way grown, but much more visible and just as sweet and perfect as she is. I think she has probably handled teething the best out of the 4. But what do you expect? I am woman, hear me roar. I hope she always deals with dilemmas with as much grace and poise.

Danna had round 4 with the pear, just after Forrest tossed it aside. I think we got our money's worth out of it.

Danna with her beloved horseys (okay, just 1 horsey....the other one is a unicorn). These are 2 things she WILL NOT let the boys take away from her. She'll fight tooth and nail for them. Giddy up, cowgirl!

Laine: The LaineTrain had barely 1 bottom right tooth for his birthday. I was beginning to think he was NEVER going to have teeth! As of today, his other bottom tooth is beginning to bust out. Speaking of busting out, Laine has also just taken off with walking. He's been the best cruiser on furniture for awhile, then started free-standing like it was nobody's business. He took a few steps a couple weeks ago, then lost interest in it. He stands up and walks when he wants to, now. Being the smallest boy at birth (2 lbs, 4 oz) and still the smallest boy at a year (19 lbs, 13 oz) , I guess he feels he has something to prove. What a stallion! I was able to capture a short clip of his walking, but it doesn't truly encapsulate his abilities. We'll work on getting a better video, but this will have to do for now....

Laine even amazes himself sometimes!

On to the first haircut..........Can anyone guess who got snipped? It was the shaggy wolf-boy we call Forrest. Duh! I was TOTALLY against it from the start because I love how his hair was starting to curl a little on the sides and in the back. Plus, it seems that they aren't babies anymore once you cut their hair. BUT, Billy put his foot down and said he didn't want his son lookin' like a little hippie (no offense to anyone in my family) AND he talked Aunt Donna into coming out of retirement, SO, I caved.

On Friday, Aunt Donna made a little house call. Forrest and Laine watched through the gate (which has been AWESOME, by the way! Thank you to all the "gate fairies" who were responsible for this) while she cut Billy's hair and trimmed up the back of mine in the kitchen. They really did watch and take it all in. When it was Forrest's turn, he sat on Billy's lap like a big boy and let her snip away. Donna and Forrest both did such a great job! She trimmed just enough to get the hair off his ears, but not enough to take away his baby look. Both Ma AND Pa Graf were happy....and that's not an easy task to accomplish! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Donno!

Just checkin' out the kitchen barber shop through the gate

"What?! My turn already? Who says I need a cut?"

"Please, mama! Don't let them do this to me! I'll be a good boy.....I'll even wipe my own a**!"(Big Daddy, anyone?) Okay, maybe Forrest didn't say all that. It was just my imagination. But there's no imagining that tooth! That upper left monster could poke someone's eye out.

Forrest better not get used to this profiling bidness.

"I'm not so sure about all this...It looked like more fun when mom and dad were in this chair."

"This isn't so bad!"

Forrest telling Aunt Donno how much to take off.

All done!

I'm too sexy for my onesie, too sexy for my onesie, oh baby, yeah!

And a little video footage of the event.....

That about sums up this post. We've been taking pictures like crazy, so maybe I'll try to do shorter, more frequent posts next (such grand aspirations). So much to do, so little time (insert big sigh here)!



jag said...

Hey! Do you know how many teeth an alligator has? About 80! Okay, I'm being mean. I really do hope Pius gets to feeling better. I spied this thing on the Babies R Us website that you put fruit in so they can gnaw on it. Here's the link: Let me know if you've tried these and if they suck or are a good purchase. Take care, girl!

Shelia said...

How'd you get Forrest to sit so still without making a fuss?! He did amazing for his haircut... especially for being an active 1 yr old.

HansonTriplets said...

Forrest looks so adorable with his new haircut. Ethan just got his 2nd haircut and he did not do as well as the first time. The scissor cuts aren't is when they get the scary clippers out. :) It looks like the kids like the activity table we got them. They all love that silly purple phone that comes with it. I was going to ask if you have the kids on regular milk now or are you still on formula. What are their favorite foods? Are they still mostly on Baby food? I am always looking for different things to try with the kids. It is nice when they start getting more teeth so you can try differnt things. I hope you all are doing well.

Moni Graf said...

They DO love that activity table...especially the phone (major battle over that when we first got it out). Thank you so much for it!

We're still on formula because we wanted to use up what we have (which is probably another month's worth). In a few weeks, we'll probably try to start half and half with the milk/formula, and then go from there. Their due date is Jan 21st, so I'd like for them to keep getting formula at least until then.

I have been using whole milk when I make them food (like mac-n-cheese with peas and tuna). It's a crowd favorite. I still blend it up so they don't choke.

I'll call you and we can chat!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at all the pictures. They are so sweet. Love,Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

Poor Pius, his arms must be burning from that KU jacket. Don't worry Pius, I would never put you in something that would burn your arms off. Lemme get you a K-State jacket instead!

Love the pictures and photos. Forrest really did well with his haircut. I thought he would be too curious to sit still that long and actually get a nice 'do. Love you guys and can't wait til I get to see you all next!!


Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Wow, Laine is doing a great job at walking! Thanks for the post...I was starting to miss you guys! :)

Andria said...

Moni, your post crack me up! Love it! Forrest is adorable.. as they all are!

EMO said...

I love Danna on her pony. And I can't get over how they all look so different from each other.

(Not sure if I had the right email, but I sent you both an email about Christmas, please respond :) I am sure that you are both extrememly busy, but I just want to get this name drawing thing done with.
Thanks in advance!


Shelia said...

I was waiting for someone to comment on those WONDERFUL KU outfits you had on the boys in some of the pics... Crimson really is a true fans' color (whether it's for KU or Alabama!). Purple... isn't that the color of a grape!?