Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from Vacation

Our kids' response when we told them how long it'd been since our last post:

Laine: "I don't know which expression to use, so I'll use them all at once!"

Pius: "Are you flippin' kiddin' me?!"

Forrest: "I think that's rotten....and the stench may or may not be coming from my pants."

Danna: "That's okay, mom and dad. I still love you. I'm only sticking my tongue out because everyone expects me to do something cute. I couldn't let my loyal subjects, down. Right?"

We are back now from our 2 (almost 3) week hiatus. Sorry it has been so long. You guys all know how the holidays are so busy? Well, add four 1-year olds. We do give the prize to Jules and Jag for the most creative comments on our absence.

Our first Christmas with the kids at home went by quickly. We got our first family studio pictures taken a couple days before Christmas. The kids were tremendous during the shoot and the pictures turned out very well. As soon as Moni finds the CD we will post the pictures (Jac told you all about her absent-minded ways with her phone and things). The photo shoot took about an hour and a half and we had our pictures later that afternoon. Big-time kudos to Portrait Innovations and to Leslie for the gift card (from a baby shower in August 2007...yeah, it took that long to get them taken). Not to brag, but I think we were done with our FOUR kids in half the time that a couple families were done with ONE. Our kids were painted explicit depictions of what would happen if any temper tantrums were thrown, though. Plus, they might have been in a little culture shock because we rarely let them out of the cage house.

The kids got to finally see their Auntie Em and Uncle Andy for the first time in a half a year. They were back for the holidays from their post in Germany. It was nice having Em around because changing diapers, doing dishes, and entertaining the babies is still new to her. She was a great help for the entire week. Stubby and Ryno were happy to have their surrogate son and brother home too. Andy replaced me while I was in Phoenix last year. I think they would like to trade me for him, but keep Moni and the babies. As Moni has told them, "You can't have your cake and eat it too, so you two are just going to have to deal with Billy." It was very nice seeing them, and we can't wait until they return to the states permanently next November.

We think we did a great job of spreading the kids out to all of the families over the holidays. Moni and I have realized that we are no longer needed long as we just leave our kids. We are only required to be their taxis to and from where they go. From the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, the kids get non-stop attention and lovin'. What more could parents ask for? We are a little bit worried that the kids aren't going to realize how broke we are, because the little knuckleheads made off like bandits this Christmas. They received great presents from their Godparents, Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends. I swear, I think we are going to be able to open a new toy everyday for a month, and the kids little eyes light up every time they see a new one (usually when they wake up from naps).

I think for our next post, we will do a personality profile for each of them after their first year of life. They really are turning out to be quite the little characters and they are each so different from each other. It is so fun watching them interact (when they are in decent moods).

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Billy, is it me or does Forrest look EXACTLY like you?
Your kids are stinkin precious. I can completely relate to the holiday chaos, is it going to be this stressful every year. If so, i QUIT!

Moni Graf said...

We've been told on more than one occasion that Forrest is Billy's mini-me. Even right down to the outrageous temper and fits he throws! He's definitely going to give us a run for our money.


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! 3rd to Post!
What funny, cute pictures! Forrest's pix really cracked me up!
Love ya!

Shelia said...

Thank Goodness.... I was beginning to think you all fell of the edge of the Earth or something! Sounds like you all have been busy through the holiday. Hope you were able to keep some sanity! Love those facial expressions... Was Forrest trying to wink?!

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

I'm glad your Christmas was Merry! I can't wait to see the pictures!!! Moni, hurry up and find that CD!

Tubre Quads said...

Gee wiz Monica...first you lose the cell phone, then your mind (with all the holiday traveling around), and now the CD with all the precious Graf quad pics! I'm outraged! I hope you find it quick. Only have one picture of each surely won't last me long...I need backups!

Love ya,

P.S. The cell phone is back in business...ya baby ya!

JBR said...

PIUS? Lainie..? what crazy strange names..the poor kids will get teased mercilessly in school...why did you do that to them?????

Anonymous said...

Screw you JBR. You have no right to do that..

And plus, if you'd actually take the time to look at the blog -- you'd understand the names. You're just an ignorant a**hole.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey. Good to get a pic of each. They are so darn cute. I'm just afraid we're missing out on witnessing some awesome time in their/your lives.
Oh well, I guess that's true with the other nieces and nephews from Wes on...
Love you all and thanks for the posting efforts!

Tubre Quads said...

JBR - not that your comment deserves a response, but you're gonna get one. I think you are JJ and anonymous from my blog and are firing back at Billy and Moni for speaking up for my baby boy Tyger. I just want to make sure that you realize what a pathetic loser you are. I am biting my tongue and not calling you what I am thinking, which is that you are an ignorant, conscienceless, cowardly buffoon who spends their free time lurking around quad family blogs and making anonymous fun of their children’s names. Don’t you have anything more productive to do? And you don't even have your information correct. Their names are Pius and Laine...not Lainie. Lainie would be Billy's sister that Laine is named after...get it? Laine is a boy and Lainie is a girl...maybe that is too much for your pee sized brain to handle. Ok, so I guess I didn’t bite my tongue very well…oops. Billy and Moni did a wonderful and honorable thing by naming their miracles after their families. Not everyone wants to name their kid Sam or Billy or any other name that 4 other kids in their grade will have. It is called being unique and creative...not that you would understand that. Maybe one day if you are ever lucky enough to have a child you could consider doing the same thing.


P.S. Even though I have called you an asshole (and think you are one), I do pray for your sick soul at night. I think you need help.

Tubre Quads said...

Hey Bill - I forgot to put my parentheses saying just kidding Billy boy after your name in my comment...that was just a joke of course! I think your name is fabulous dear...just fabulous! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for update! Long overdue, but I know how the holidays are with my 2 teenagers let alone 4 1 years olds. Hope you holidays were wonderful full of love and family. The expressions and comments from the kids were sooo funny. Cant wait for the christmas pics. Find that CD! And i've gotten comments on Coy's name his whole life so dont sweat the small stuff and ignore the idiots.


Anonymous said...

FWGNFL said........

I'm glad to hear everyone survived Christmas.

Your Blog is the bomb, Your response page is beggining to scare me with all of the angry name calling and such.

I'm not sure I can be apart of this anymore.

OK I guess I can.

You Go Jac.

Someone pissed of Momma Bear.

Moni Graf said...

Ditto on Jac's comment. And one more thing....

I really laughed out loud when I read that ignorant comment. Their names have so much significance because they were named after very special people, and I know they will be as proud of them as Billy and I are. But the main reason I laughed was because I tried to picture Pius and Laine getting teased at school by some scrawny, punk-ass kid and then I pictured that same moron kid getting his butt kicked by all 3 of the Graf boys...Danna leading the way with a right hook to the jaw. Do you really think someone is gonna mess with you when you have 3 siblings the same age, in the same class? Pretty sure Forrest and Pius are gonna be giants, too.

Not that my kids will be fighters. We will raise them to be lovers, and to fight for what's right. They'll be the cool kids in class that people like JBR has never been and was jealous of. My guess is that JBR is one of those kids who DID get teased mercilessly and wants retribution for whatever reason. Taking it out on babies, though? Your schoolmates must've had a GOOD REASON to make fun of you.

Anonymous said...

The annual Graf's Christmas Eve celebration was extraordinary. The new babies, newlyweds, growing toddlers and the marriage proposal made the occasion a gift for all. Great grandma and grandpas, without a doubt, were watching with huge grins. Your baby dolls were angels. When they're older, the pictures will be a treasure. Aunt GGr

King Quads said...

Well it's about time we heard from the Graf quads...I was suffering from withdrawls. I needed my Graf fix and kept checking but NOTHING! I love your babies and their awesome names and I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Let's begin with a disclaimer, I am not trying to offend or poke fun at anyone's given name, but I thought a little contest might be in order.

Obviously, our poor JBR is fairly distraught and concerned about children's names. Could it be due to the name he/she has carried with them for life? Just an idea.

I guess I am just curious, what could cause such distress that manifests itself in this obviously repeated behavior.

So, using the information at hand, the only information provided to us by JBR. WHAT DOES JBR STAND FOR?

Jimmy Bob? Judith Bertha?

Let the games begin!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree that Pius is a rather strange name for a kid, but to each his own and I don't think anyone should make fun of other kids' names whether now as they are infants or when they are older in school.

Anonymous said...

Pius is a proud name. Pius is named after a very generous,and kind man, who exemplified the word integrity. Pius will be proud and honored to carry that name. All of the quads have been named after honorable people. I know they will have too much class to ever make fun of another person for any reason.