Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Smile for the Birdy!

Alas! I found the Portrait Innovations CD amongst a pile of bills. I should have known not to put it there.....I'm lucky I EVER found it!

Without further ado, I present to you the Graf Family Portraits, December 2008 edition.

I couldn't resist adding that last one of Pius "making eyes" at the photographer! It's one of those cute little tricks he does on command. I'll be posting a video montage soon of all the babies' latest and greatest tricks. They're pretty dern entertaining, if you ask me. I swear, they're like a bunch of monkeys right now....Monkey see, monkey do!
I didn't crop or edit these pics at all, so some of them are a little off centered.
Happy New Year, everyone! Have fun and be safe if you're going out on the town (or staying at home)....I'm working in the ER tonight and on New Year's Eve night, so I DON'T want to see you there!


Misty said...

Those are awesome! I love the eyes! Look forward ot the videos.
Happy New year!

Amy said...

Oh my! Those are fabulous.

Ashley Dave and Lexi said...

Those are great pictures! Pius "making eyes" is stinking adorable! They did so good for their pictures. I love Billy's suspenders...nice touch!

I bet the ER is crazy on New Year's Eve. I'll just be going to an early dinner and then hanging out at home, so I hope I don't see you either.

Suzanne said...

awwww....so cute! love the pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures. I love that you dress the boys in different outfits and not alike.

Charity Donovan said...

OMGosh girl...these are too cute! You got a ton of good ones! Such cuties!!!

Tubre Quads said...

Ah yes, the bill pile...we have one as well. It has a lovely cobweb topping...nice touch if I do say so myself.

Love Pius making eyes at the photographer...too stinkin cute! I always get a kick out of Danna's headbands too :)

It must be said, Bill looks dashing in his red suspenders!

Love yall,

Lianna Knight said...

I love the one of the entire family with the white background...beautiful!!!

Shelia said...

What great pictures! I can't believe they did so well for their first outing to a photo studio. How did you get Billy to wear suspenders?! Nice touch! I have to say I'm partial to the first family picture... and Pius' "eye making" trick. (No wonder Bethanie seems to like looking at Pius' pictures... Hmmm!).

Have fun in the ED tomorrow. I'm covering Trauma on Friday and Sunday instead of the holiday itsef. Try not to work too hard!

jag said...

Holy cuteness, Batman! I love these! Favorite is the family pic and the one where Forrest is comming after the camera!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO Much!!! I love them all.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable. Glad you found the CD. Billy does look cute in the suspenders. Moni you look great also! I think Laine looks like a 3 year old in his picture. But they are all just the cutest kids.

Have a happy new year!


The Murray Crew said...

Yeah for good pictures! A Christmas miracle to be sure! =)
Hugs from the Hoosiers,

Anonymous said...

I love the third one from the bottom. Go, Forrest, go!

It was so incredible seeing you all on Christmas Eve. I only wish I could have spent more time talking with you and you (ummm... that's Moni and Billy). You have a beautiful crew and are SO loved!

xoxo, Courtney and Jason

HansonTriplets said...

These pics bring back memories of our trip to Portrait Inovations. I love the one of Forrest crawling to the camera. LOL! It just amazes me that they can just get such great pictures there. They take a ton but they end up with some great ones. I think you got some great ones for sure!! I can't wait till your video montage. I hape you had a good Christmas. Sorry you had to work on New Years. I was in bed by 10! Auh, the life of a mom of multiples. :) Evan did decide he wanted a kiss at midnight because he woke me up almost on the dot to have another bottle.

Andria said...

Hey Moni! I'm SO far behind on my favorite blogs! I have so much reading to do... it was hard scrolling along to see where I left off.. So I found this post, because..it's just too perfect!! Great photos, great family. Who was more difficult to get ready for the sitting, the kids or Billy?? Ha ha! Everyone looked fantastic! How'd you manage that without all the gawks and stares of others?