Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've Got All My Sistas With Me!

What's the first thing you did when you found out you were having 4 babies?"

After the shock wore off, each of us got online and googled "quads." One by one we found each other…THANK GOD WE DID!!

We quad moms have an incredibly special bond. We have spent countless hours chatting with each other online and on the phone. A day does not go by when our in boxes aren't full of funny, frustrating, tear jerking and loving emails addressed to the group. We have seen each other through our pregnancies, NICU stays, health scares and countless moments of triumph and hours of desperation. We have shared our stories, good and bad. We cheer each other on and pick each other up when the going gets tough. We have found strength in numbers and as a group we can solve any problem.

A few months ago Casey and Jac sent out an email that would forever change us all. They were bound and determined to organize the "first annual quad mom get away!" They were not going to take "no" for an answer and were willing to do whatever they could to help each and every one of us make it. Yes, they are that sweet and wonderful!

This past weekend our trip became a reality. We quad mommas, from all over the country, flew into Orlando, FL. We spent the weekend effortlessly bonding and enjoying each others company. Seeing our best friends for the first time in person is one of those things that words cannot describe. Each and every woman was even better in "real life!"

Not every single one of us was able to make the trip, however the turn out was AMAZING! Those of you who missed this year, we can't wait to see your smiling faces next time!

Casey and Jac, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with this idea and for not taking "no" for an answer. It was truly one of the best weekends of our lives and we can't wait for next year!

In the words of sweet Sandra, "I'm so glad I had quads…it gave me all of you!"

In true Quad Momma fashion we took tons of pictures, here are just a few...

Official First Annual QuadMommas 2009 Shirt Front

Official First Annual QuadMommas 2009 Shirt Back

Orlando will NEVER be the same...
Not pictured is Nicole Golden who is living in the ice age and does not have a blog...YET...we are working on corrupting her. She was not able to join us until later in the trip (some other ladies were already back home).

Thank you to all the husbands, family members and friends who made this trip possible. We could never have done it without you!


The McNulty Family said...

Moni!!! I miss you so dang much!!!

I can't wait for next year!
Love you!

jag said...

Girl! I miss you! I knew you were going to be fun, but I could never have imagined just how great you really were! This was the best trip ever! I am SO happy you and Jac came by. I really wasn't expecting to put you to work, but that was a perk! Love ya!

Charity Donovan said...

Girl...I miss you so much!! Love your's even BETTER in person!!!! Huggggss!!!!

Jessica said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun!!!

Jenny said...

hey mon (not mon mon the're the original Mon:) it...bump it:) haha. love you. you absolutely cracked me up and the trip wouldn't have been the same without you moni:)
love ya
jen b

HansonTriplets said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I am just amazed that so many people showed up. You all look fantastic.

Angela said...

Can't wait to hear stories about all of your adventures!! -Ang

Emily said...

Wow. First off, Billy you're an awesome Dad and Monica is lucky to have you as a husband. I agree with all others that you should be the lead blogger since everyone seems to enjoy the daily blogs more than Moni's once a month blogs. I read one and then i kept thinking about wanting another update but i was like "oh, i need to wait a few more weeks to check so i don't get so disappointed." Then, i went to your site tonight and told Andy that we missed so much. He casually replied that he's already read them all and that i really should start checking every day. Damn!
Secondly, I am so happy to hear all the comments about the girls' weekend trip and that everyone loves Moni for all the same reasons that I do. She's just an awesome person to be around and fun as heck!
Love you guys,

Stephanie said...

I think that is so great that you were all able to be there!!!
I love seeing all of your faces together..I read most of your blogs!!
You are all so beautiful!!

Misty said...

I cannot imagine the trip without you! I am so happy to meet you in person! I love you & thanks for introducing the bump it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad you were able to do this. Took me back to the Ethiopian Adoption Blog Union I went to last summer. Take 2 is happening in a couple of months- and my heart aches with the knowledge I won't be able to make it this year.

Everything that comes from getting together with women that know your journey... intense and incredible.


Courtney Jaynes

Jac Tubre said...

Hello my little spoonee love muffin. I will miss you tonight, but I'm so glad to have my hubby back. He doesn't kick me when I put my cold feet on him :)

You are the most awesome lady in the world and I am blessed to call you my best friend!!


Shelia said...

Moni, sounds like you had a great time in Florida! Billy did a great job keeping us entertained and informed while you were gone. Are the kids still doing well with the "no bottle" thing? (Wish my husband would have sent me off and broke Bethanie by himself... that can be painful:)


Looks like a great time! Loved those shirts and love reading all the comments....I'm glad you all had a fun time! :) Kami

Thomas said...

Your blogs always make me cry and this one held true as well. I guess the fact that all of you have a remarkable situation and all live it with grace turns me into a baby!! LOL!!!! Have a terrific summer.

Sarah Willits

Anonymous said...

Wow...Erin emo told me I needed to check the blog that it was friggin hilarious and yes I did laugh out loud when I saw the pictures of the kids with onesies and boots! So when you ladies all set out to have quads do you have to pass a beauty contest or something???? You are all so beautiful! How lucky you all are to be a part of such a wonderful friendship. And Billy you continue to be a fantastic writer. Your wit just keeps on giving. I'm proud to be your aunt and think God knew what He was doing when he blessed you and Monica with those four precious (although funny dressed!) kids. Love you, Mary O

Melissa said...

This was so awesome to read, along w/the other recent blogs. You guys are so blessed with your amazing family and this particular post literally brought tears to my eyes - so awesome!