Monday, May 18, 2009

We've Made it Through Four Now!!!

Okay. Last night without bottles? I said last night that the kids went down after 20 minutes and they made it through the entire night, no problems. They even slept a little later than normal. Since the kids have been waking up at 7:30 I set my alarm for 7:00 so I could make them a special breakfast. My alarm went off and there was only heavy breathing. I got up and started on my specialty, french toast (from scratch), for the kids. (They had a rough ending to their night and I was so proud of them I had to do something special for them.) I heard the princess start in around 7:20, but nothing too crazy. I finished making their three slices of french toast and went in to their room. They were awake and so happy to see me. It relieved some of my worries because when I put them to bed without their bottles they were not very happy with me.

We got to the table and I started putting their french toast bites (with peanut butter and syrup) in front of them. THEY LOVED IT. The thing about french toast is it is a little bit chewier than the regular toast they are used to getting. I swear, Laine had about 9 little squares of french toast jammed into his mouth at one time because I was circling the table as quickly as normal, but they weren't eating as quickly as normal. They couldn't get enough, though. They were mad at me again because we ran out. Even one of their normal favories, a fruit cup, didn't make them happy. Anyways, we finished breakfast and took a bath. (How about that Mommy, three days in a row with a bath.)

We spent the rest of the morning watching our Baby Einsteins that emphasized animals. I had to get them ready for their afternoon adventure. They went down for their naps and I got their diaper bags ready, did some laundry, and got the house picked up. Lainie came over to help with our afternoon excursion, and when they woke up we ate an early lunch of veggies, some fruit, and some yogurt. We put on our shoes and they were very unhappy with my decision of putting on sunscreen. I know, though, that they have my complex with burning after 1 hour in the sun.

We got to the zoo and all started off well enough. We went through the amphibian exhibit and they really liked the turtles. When we got to the jungle I said to my self, "Self. They really enjoyed this last time. Lets do that again." I made a poor choice. It is so humid in there and I was sweating like a banana in a monkey cage. I think that my little buddy Laine got some sweat/sunscreen mixture in his eyes because he got mad about something. His eyes got really red and he was not happy. From the time we got out of the jungle on, Laine was in my arms. He wouldn't have it any other way.

Right after the jungle exhibit we did run into a friend of a friend of a friend. We met one of our local High Order Multiple buddy's sister-in-law. I didn't catch her name (Lainie did all of the talking...I am kind of a jerk), but she is the Hanson Triplets' aunt. I will say it is kind of neat being "recognized."

Probably one of their favorie sites, the geese, they came close and even squawked a couple of times.

I'm not sure what we are looking at, but the Towers are interested.

Beautiful Danna kept her hat on the entire time. She didn't want to get her head sunburned and she did not trust that I put enough screen on the top of her head.

This is the part of our trip where I am saying, "My belly is bigger than that bear's belly. I can beat him up so don't mess with me."

Finally we see an animal that we recognize off of Baby Einstein.

This is poor Laine after the Jungle.

Forrest is pointing at the turtle saying, "That turtle looks as lazy as you, Daddy."

The turtles were probably one of their favorite exhibits.

This caught all of their attention.

They really liked the exhibits that were low to the ground...for obvious reasons.
When we got home from the zoo, they were pretty worn out. They wanted Lainie or me to hold them. I was sitting on the couch and we were waiting for dinner to cool. Pius waddled up to me and tried to climb up on the couch to sit with me. Here is a replay of the conversation:
Pius: "Wah. Wah. Poor me. Daddy pick me up!"
Me: "Pius, I think you are going to live. Toughen up buddy."
Pius: "Wah. Wah. Pleeeease Daddy, pick me up."
Me: "C'mon Pius. Daddy is tired, too."
Pius then gives me the saddest, sweetest face of ALL TIME. Think: the cat in the Shrek movies when he is showing his kitten face. I am serious. Osama bin Laden could have been sitting there and he would have picked him up and loved on him. I have NEVER been suckered into anything ever like I was then. I picked him up instantly and we had a good cuddle for a couple of minutes. I think in Moni's absence I am getting soft.
As for the rest of the night...pretty normal. I set a timer to keep an actual time on how long it took the kids to calm down and go to sleep without bottles. Surprise, surprise, Danna was the last one to finally give up. 18 and 1/2 minutes without a bottle and she was the last one asleep. I am so proud of all of them giving up the bottles as easily as they are. My only worry is their dairy intake. They won't take their milk as well if they aren't left alone with it in their cribs. I have tried to make up for it by feeding them more yogurt, but I still worry a little.
That does it for day four. Thanks for everyone keeping up even though Moni isn't doing the blogging. I know she is missing the kids like crazy, and I like to think that she even misses me a little.
Until tomorrow night,
B, P, F, D, and L


Anonymous said...

First to post...great job Billy...thank you aunt Lainie for helping out...Uncle Bob

Cochran Quads said...

Awesome job Billy!!! I know Moni appreciates this vacation even more knowing things are rolling so smoothly at home!!! It's almost like I can hear her saying that! :)

Andrea said...

Billy....look at you being Mr. Mom! Is that really you talking ("I have tried to make up for it by feeding them yogurt, but I still worry a little.") How cute hehe! Well, I'm impressed. It sounds like your doing a great job. You should keep setting that timer. I bet each night it will be less and less. Love ya, Andrea

Stephanie said...

Man Billy...I think you found your calling! You are a great blogger ;)
Looks like you and the kids are having a great time!!

Crista said...

You're making it sound so careful with that! ;) It sounds like you all are having a blast. I'm really enjoying hearing about your adventures!

Ashley Wasser said...

Agreed, you have missed your calling Billy! Moni does an excellent job as well, but she isn't as frequent as you are. I think you should stick around for awhile longer! Are the kids getting at least a couple cups of milk a day? If so, I think that's all they really need (or at least that is what I was told). One in the morning and one at night. My daughter, however, prefers milk so she sips on it all day long. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your adventures. I'm so glad that losing the bottles hasn't been too much of a hassle for you. Your kids really are rockstars though. Hopefully everything else comes this easy to them for both you and them. Love you guys!!! -Ang

Anonymous said...

They won't drink the milk cold, so I was smart...I warmed it up in their sippy cup. Oh yeah Dad, soooo smart! They don't drink it unless they are contained either(their cribs). I keep trying new combinations...hopefully I will find one. They get one big bottle at nap time, so I know they are at least getting a little bit.


HansonTriplets said...

Billy - Thanks for the shout out. I assume it was my sister-in-law Jenae that you saw at the zoo. I wish we would have known and we could have joined you. We went on Sunday around 10:00. We wanted to see the new Tiger exhibit. The kids loved it. You are better than I am about the bottle thing. I just don't think I could do it yet. I just think that when I do my kids will get ZERO milk at all. Since we have been home the kids have got a bottle at each nap and bedtime. My kids only like milk warm so I also tried the warming the milk in the sippy cup. Yeah, They didn't touch it! I tried chocolate syurp, strawberry syurp, you name it! No success. I guess I will just wait and see what works for you and try to copy! :) I hope Moni is having a good time.

Anonymous said...

One way I got my son to drink more milk was to make a "smoothie" to go with breakfast in the morning. I will put the milk in the blender and add a banana, or some strawberries, or sometimes both. He loves it, and I know he is getting his milk plus a serving of fruit in the process. I also will make him a scrambled egg and add a little milk, it helps make the egg fluffy, and adds to our daily milk intake.

Suzanne said...

B! what a GREAT daddy (and blogger!) SOOO hungry for french toast now! the babies are WAAAAY cute and i LOVED the zoo pics! hope moni is having a blast while she is away. i miss her like crazy!

Miriam said...

Wow, what a great post and what a great daddy you are. I'm so impressed.

FWIW, I'm not big fan of cow's milk for dairy (we actually give goats milk) - i prefer lots of yogurt and cheese. But as with all unsolicited advice, I should disclose I am not a DR! :)

I hope Moni is having a great vacation! Are you free to take care of my twins? They will be a piece of cake after the quads.

Anonymous said...

What a great job you are doing. Great post.

Janai Rogers said...

I totally understand the the dairy intake concerns. My nurse and friend assure me it's okay. You work so hard to get them to take milk and then you have to take it away. Always changing!