Friday, May 15, 2009

No Mommy, No Problem....Day 1

What's happening everybody? Daddy Graf has taken over the blogging responsibilities for a couple days because Mommy Graf went on a little vacation. The kids and I hope that it is a vacation and not a big trick Mommy is playing on us. We are pretty confident she is coming home, though, because she did leave a few of her favorite pairs of shoes here.

We dropped Mommy off at the airport at around 9 a.m. and started planning all the fun we are going to have. Today was pretty laid-back. We (the kids and I) got home and watched some Baby Einstein and then they took a nice long nap. GG Bucko came over and watched the news while the squad slept, and I mowed and ran to the grocery store.

We had planned to spend the afternoon outside, but the good old Kansas weather not only pushed us inside, but also to the basement in the early evening...tornado warnings and such. Normally when we are under these warnings I go outside to the field to watch, but with no Mommy here I was responsible for getting the kids into the basement. I am so responsible I know (that was in a sarcastic voice). Grammy Vicki and Grampy Stubby stopped by during the warnings because they were on their way to the Riverfest when the warnings hit. We all played in the basement for awhile, and then they left and we ate.

I got the kids put down at the normal time and Papa Rog and Budda came over to sit with the kids while they slept because my cousin (former regular helper, but still comes over a lot) Ashley's graduation party. Ashley graduated with her masters in speech pathology. We are all so freakin proud of her because she has worked her butt off...literally, I swear her and Moni are having a contest to see who can lose the most weight. They are both down like 40 pounds. They keep losing it and me and my boys keep finding it.

Anyways, the kids and I survived the first day and I will have pictures as proof after I talk to Moni and she tells me where the memory card reader is. We did go outside for about 45 minutes this afternoon before the bad weather hit, and when we got outside I realized I HAD to take pictures because I made the kids all look INCREDIBLY goofy and didn't even realize it. We do need Mommy's fashion sense back soon.

See you all later,

Billy, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine


EMO said...

It sounds like you are doing great! I can't wait to see the outfits that you picked out. That is my favorite part when David watches the girls, to see what outfits that he comes up with. Where is Monica going and for how long? Good luck!


Monica said...

What time of day do your kids nap, and for how long? Gemma's down to one nap, but if she naps too long or too late bedtime is rough. Just curious, she's about the same age as the squad. Good luck this weekend and have fun!!

Tina said...

I did not realize you guys were in Kansas. How cool. I am in Missouri, so close.

I was so scared in that weather last night. The tornado last summer hit right across the street from my mom so I just kept picturing a tornado coming to my house!

Your kids have such neat names.

Anonymous said...

Monica, our squad goes down at 11:15 a.m. and sleeps/rests/talks until about 1:45 or 2. How well they go to sleep at 7:15 depends on how their nap goes. It usually works out pretty well. If we are going to be out later, we put them down for a second nap, but for the most part it is just one nap a day.

Tina, we have had a couple interesting nights here in KS already so the kids and I will probably be moving to the basement for bedtime shortly.

EMO said...

Thanks for answering my questions Billy. :)(that was a sarcastic tone just like your in the post)


Monica said...

THANKS! Gemma usually goes down around noon or 12:15, and she's always plenty tired. Maybe I should try for a bit earlier and then she can sleep a little longer. Thanks for the tip and the speedy reply.