Saturday, May 16, 2009

What? No Mommy? Still no problems.

We have made it through a full 36 hours and we are all still alive and we all still have our hair. Day 2 of Mommy's vacation went extremely well for us. It started off like most other days, we woke up around 7:45, ate some breakfast, listened to some tunes, broke out some sweet dance moves, destroyed the front room, and they pooped almost as soon as I got new diapers on them after their know a pretty regular morning. We got up from our naps this afternoon like normal and ate lunch. Gramma Vicki and GG Bucko came over and we loaded up the squad and went to church to get holy.

After church we went to the Riverfest for the Wagonmaster's Dinner. They had some great food and the kids ate well. We were only down there for about an hour and then the kids started to run out of gas. Either that, or they were pissed off at me because I wasn't pulling the wagon AND I wouldn't let them run too far away. I was such a party-pooper. As Aunt Lainie would say (rythmically), "Every party's got a pooper, that's why we invited you, Party Pooper, (beat, beat), Billy Graf. (beat, beat)."

As for what is new: This morning the Banana Princess stood unassisted for a good 10-15 seconds by herself a few times. She still expects to be carried everywhere. We are trying to get her to understand that she isn't going to have one of those mobile platforms that will be carried by her brothers and daddy, while she sits on it eating grapes.

We also had our first 2 syllables that are different word. Does that make any sense? (They all say words like, Da-da and ba-ba). Pius James went over to the basketball, picked it up, and said, "Baa-ball". I was so happy. I would have been broken-hearted if he would have said, "Saw-ca". No offense to the soccer people out there, soccer just doesn't entertain me (or 90% of America) very much. I respect the skill it takes and all of my kids will play it when they are small if they want, but it is the MOST boring sport in the world.

On to the pictures:

Danna on Day 1 both shocked and disgusted that her brothers and I won't carry her on her platform (or maybe it was the shoes I put on her).

Forrest taking a preview of one of his senior pictures 17 years from now.

Laine is trying to hide his lower half because of the ridiculous shoes I put on him with his onesie.

"Dad. Let's go back inside, put on some freakin pants, and come back out."

"What the hell, Dad?"

Pius and Laine: "Maybe if we act drunk nobody will hold these outfits against us."

Danna: "Dad. Really?...Really?...Really?"

"I'll show him...I won't even look at the camera."

"I wonder if there is hole I can stick my head in?"

"Hey Forrest...Over here."

This is the only picture I got at the Riverfest tonight because it is a lot of work worrying about 4 toddlers. Aunt Lainie took them for a stroll so I could have a small break. I wish I would've got a closer picture so I could prove to Moni that, while the boys and I went in our Bronco gear, Danna looked ravishing in her dress. She didn't have to dress like some stinky boy. She was pissed though, and kept trying to put the boys' clothes on while we were getting dressed after our baths this morning.

As you can tell I figured out how to post the pictures. I promise new ones tomorrow. Moni took our camera so Lainie is letting me borrow her pink one. It works well but doesn't take video so all of our faithful followers are going to have to deal with still shots.

Love you all,

Billy, Pius, Forrest, Danna, and Laine


Ashley Wasser said...

Two posts in two days! You're on a roll! I'm starting to get spoiled, so Billy, you may just have to keep on posting from now on. I love the pictures and captions. Where did Moni go on vacation? Did I miss that part?

Anonymous said...

FWGNFL Said.....

Nice job Bill

Joni and Jess said...

Billy and chillins', First off I think leg warmers are coming back in style, er maybe those were socks? Danna you need to teach your daddy a lesson or two. You know what they say, when Momma is away the Quads will play! You're doing a great job bachin' it Billy!

Jac Tubre said...

Way to geaux SuperDad!

I can't imagine where Miss Moni has slipped off to, but I'm sure she is having a blast. Really, it must be intuition, but I really, really, really believe she is having one hell of a time!

Love you!

Shelia said...

Billy you are cracking us all up here:) Two posts in two days... pictures with great captions... You're doing Moni proud! Hope you survive the rest of her time away.

Anonymous said...

Danna did look pretty in her dress, and of course the boys were rocking it in their Bronco attire. Grandma Vicki